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I - Top beautiful rivers in Vietnam 

1 - Cuu Long River (Mekong river)

The Mekong River originated in Yunnan province (China) then flows through Myanmar, Laos and Campuchia before entering into the southern part of Vietnam. In Vietnam, the main flow is divided into 2 branches creating 2 main rivers namely Tien River (to the left) and Hau River (to the right) with an average length of each river is about 240km.

The Mekong River is definitely one of the major rivers in Vietnam. The tributaries of these two rivers have created a dense system of rivers and canals and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam has been formed. The fertile alluvium from the Mekong river system has formed the richest fruit gardens and the largest rice fields in Vietnam. The typical culture in southern Vietnam is strongly associated with rivers & canals. Visiting the Mekong delta, the best thing to experience is visiting the Vietnamese floating markets, and fruit gardens. Taking some Vietnamese river cruises on the Mekong River is a top thing to experience. 

2 - Lam River

The Lam River originates in Laos, flows through Nghe An, and joins with the La River in Ha Tinh Province, then flows into the East Sea. Following the Northwest - Southeast direction, Lam River is about 513km long. The river is associated closely with the ups and downs of Nghe An Province. Covering the drifting waters are two rows of green trees and the chirping of birds which draws a wonderful picture of a poetic and peaceful countryside.

3 - Thu Bon River - top famous rivers in Vietnam

thu bon river in vietnam

Thu Bon River - Source: Kon Karampelas

Thu Bon River, a symbol of Hoi An City, was one of the most crowded rivers in the 17th & 18th century where there were lots of Japanese & Chinese merchant ships visiting for trading &  goods exchange. Originating from Ngoc Linh Mountain located on the border between Quang Nam and Kon Tum province, with a basin area of 10,350 km2, Thu Bon is one of the inland rivers with the largest basin in Vietnam.

This river in Vietnam has built up one of the most important economic and cultural centers in central Vietnam, today a must-see tourist attraction in Hoi An. Taking a boat flowing through the river and admiring the authentically ancient beauty of Hoi An ancient town is one of the best things to do. 

4 - Hoai River

Hoai River is a small branch originating from the Thu Bon river that flows through Hoi An. It has been associated strongly with the livelihoods of locals in Hoi An. Visiting this Vietnam river, you can experience a short trip on a small boat and enjoy the unique beauty of Hoi An ancient town. During the lantern festivals, people are used to releasing sparkling flower lights of all colors on the river which creates an amazing scene that you may never forget. 

5 - Han River

Han River - a romantic destination of Danang City, is about 900-1200m wide, 7.2km long, and about 4-5m in depth. 


han river in vietnam

Han River is a must-visit spot in the list of rivers in Vietnam - Source: Indochine-mekong

Danang City is well-known as a city of bridges in Vietnam, and the Han River flowing through the center of the city is home to those nice bridges. When night falls, this river is outstanding like a long trip of silk reflecting sparkly the beauty of a modern city.

The river is also the site of the Danang International Fireworks Festival which is held annually. Several brilliant firework performances from countries around the world will light up the Han river and attract a large number of tourists. 

4 - Huong River - the best river of Vietnam

huong river in vietnam

Huong River - Source: Adventurelaos

The Huong River (also known as Perfume River) is the most famous river in Hue City with a length of about 80km. Originating from the Truong Son mountain range, this river flows through many streams and waterfalls before creating an elegant round surrounding Hue City. 

The Huong River flows around the Imperial Citadel making the antique beauty of Hue even more delicate and impressive. Sitting on a boat riding along this main river in Vietnam, you can admire the amazing beauty of the most peaceful and poetic city in Vietnam. You should not miss enjoying a singing performance on a dragon boat to feel to the fullest how stunning and poetic this city is. 

5 - Serepok River

Located to the west of Truong Son mountain range, this river flows into Cambodia before joining the Mekong River, which then returns to Vietnam. The river was formed entirely on the territory of Dak Lak and was made up of two small rivers, Krong Ana river (Mother river) and Krong No river (also known as Krong Kno, Father river).


serepok river in vietnam

Serepok River is one of the biggest rivers in Vietnam - Source: Dhungcafe

Serepok River is 406 km long and has many majestic rapids that are still relatively wild such as: Trinh Nu waterfall, Dray Sap waterfall, Dray Nur waterfall, Dray H'Linh waterfall, Gia Long waterfall, Bay Nhan waterfall…

As a long river which is joined by many small rivers and streams, so this river has a very large flow of water, the river's ecosystem is also very rich and diverse, creating a great source of fishery and hydroelectricity.

7 - Ngo Dong River - one of the most charming rivers in Vietnam

ngo dong river in vietnam

Ngo Dong River - Source: Ecowaytravel

Located in Ninh Hai, Hoa Lu commune, Ninh Binh province, Ngo Dong river is a small branch of Sao Khe river that connects the Hoang Long river and Vac river. It looks like a stunning canal flowing through a vast water field and surrounding the limestone mountains creating a spectacular scene. 

Take a boat trip along the Ngo Dong River, you can visit many famous tourist attractions in Ninh Binh such as Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourist site, Thai Vi temple,... The best time to take a boat trip on this Vietnamese river is from September to November, or from March to May. The late of May is rice harvesting season, when you can immerse in a vast golden rice field under the blue sky. 

9 - Nho Que River

The Nho Que River originated from China, then flows through Ha Giang Province and Cao Bang Province in Vietnam. From Ma Pi Leng Pass - Vietnam's top natural wonder, you can admire the jade-green river winding along the foot of the mountain. The part of this Vietnam river which flows from Seo Lung Village, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province to Tu San Abyss Alley in Xin Cai Commune, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang Province is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful sceneries. 

Visiting Ha Giang, taking a river boat tour in Nho Que river is the best thing to do, at which you can admire the towering rocky mountains on both sides with the majestic Tu San abyss alley - the deepest abyss alley in Southeast Asia. 

II - Top historical rivers in Vietnam war

1 - Bach Dang River

Located on the border of Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province, and Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong province which is about 40km from HaLong Bay and Luc estuary, Bach Dang river belongs to the Thai Binh river system. 

In the past, this place used to be the battlefield where the great victories of the Vietnamese people against the northern invaders was witnessed. The victories all involved creative tactics - using bamboo poles and using the tides to pierce the invaders' boats


bach dang river in vietnam

Bach Dang River is a famous river of Vietnam - Source: Mapio

- The naval battle of Bach Dang River in 938: Ngo Quyen defeated the invaders of Southern Han. This glorious victory ended more than 1000 years of domination and ushered in the independence of Vietnam. 

- The naval battle of Bach Dang River in 981: Emperor Le Dai Hanh destroyed the invading Song army

- The naval battle of Bach Dang river in 1288: General Tran Quoc Tuan defeated the Mongol invaders - known as the most powerful army in the world at that time (in the third resistance war against the Nguyen army). 

2 - Cua Luc River - top historical rivers in Vietnam

This is a small river connecting the two banks of Hon Gai and Bai Chay of Ha Long city in Quang Ninh province. In 1287, a Mongolian army with 600 ships and 100 boats entered Vietnam by sea and invaded Dai Viet (an old name of Vietnam) for the third time. Foreseeing the situation and the enemy's plan to advance, King Tran sent general Tran Khanh Du and an army to intercept the attack path, marking Van Don territory as the headquarters. On February 2, 1288, the enemy troops and boats were defeated quickly right after entering Van Don at Cua Luc beach, which is also Tran's ambush battlefield.

In April 1955 this Vietnamese river witnessed the withdrawal of the last French soldiers, marking the victory of the revolutionary government and the working class.

On May 18, 2003, Bai Chay bridge was erected, connecting Hon Gai and Bai Chay. This cable-stayed bridge achieved the world record for main span length.

3 - Thach Han River

thach han river in vietnam

Thach Han River - Source: Ho Cau

Being the largest river in Quang Tri Province, the Thach Han River originates in the Truong Son Mountain Range then flows into the East Sea through the Viet river estuary. It has a length of 155km, a total drainage area of 2660km2, and 37 tributaries. This Vietnam river has played an important role in water transport and water supply for the main rice fields of Quang Tri province.

During the Second Battle of Quang Tri in 1972, thousands of elite youths had left behind their own dreams and ambitions to fight for the Quang Tri ancient citadel in response to the "three ready" movement. In that bloody battle, the Thach Han River was the major transport route to supply food and human resources for the battle in Quang Tri. 

4 - Nhu Nguyet River (Cau River)

Nhu Nguyet River, also known as Cau River, Nguyet Duc River, Thi Cau River, is an important river of Thai Binh province. Nhu Nguyet River with a length of about 290km, a basin area of about 6030km2, is one of the main rivers in Vietnam as well as longest rivers in the North, with a diversity and richness in resources. Back in the past, in 1077 on Nhu Nguyet River, the Ly army commanded by Ly Thuong Kiet defeated an invading army of 100,000 troops in the Song Dynasty's 2nd invasion of Dai Viet.

5 - Hien Luong River

Hien Luong River, also known as Ben Hai River, in Quang Tri province, is a river with a length of about 100km, originating from the Truong Son mountain range, flowing along the 17th parallel and then emptying into the Tung estuary sea.


hien luong river in vietnam

Hien Luong River in Vietnam - Source: Phongnhaexplore

In 1954, after the defeat at Dien Bien Phu battlefield, the French army agreed to sit at the negotiating table with the Vietnamese government. The Gionevo Agreement was signed, and Vietnam was temporarily divided into North and South Vietnam, with the 17th parallel as the boundary. The Hien Luong River and Hien Luong Bridge were the site of many fierce battles in the war against the Vietnamese invaders.

That is a list of the most famous rivers in Vietnam that you should visit when coming to Vietnam

What is the longest river in Vietnam? 
Dong Nai is the longest river originating in Vietnam (586 km) while The Mekong is the longest river flowing through Vietnam
How many rivers in Vietnam?
According to statistics of the Vietnam River Administration, there are 392 rivers flowing in and through Vietnam.
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