Well-known as “the land of Ancient Citadel”, Ninh Binh has now become a real tourist magnet not only for the Vietnamese but also international visitors all over the world. Eco-tourism and cultural-spiritual tourism, especially Trang An landscape complex, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Tam Coc - Bich Dong, Cuc Phuong National Park, etc. have been strongly developed in this province. 

I - Where is Ninh Binh Vietnam & how to get there?

This province is located in the Red River Delta of Northern Vietnam - about 94km from Hanoi to the South.

- Total area: 1,400 km²

- Population: 982,487 people (latest statistics in 2019)

- Postal code: 430000

- Administrative units: Ninh Binh City, Tam Diep City, Yen Khanh District, Nho Quan District, Gia Vien District, Kim Son District, Yen Mo District. 


festival in ninh binh

Bai Dinh Pagoda - Source: Nguyen Dung

Traveling to this province is fairly easy. Trains, planes and buses to this province are available all day and night. 

By train 

You can get off at Ninh Binh Train Station. There are many trains from Hanoi, Hue City, Danang City, Saigon, this railway station daily. 

- Address: No.01 Alley 41, Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Thanh Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City Centre 

By plane

There is no airport in this province and you can take a flight to Noi Bai International Airport - the nearest airport, about 110km. From Noi Bai International Airport, you can get on a limousine or hire a motorbike to continue your journey. 

By bus

There are 2 bus stations in this province and you can take a bus from many other destinations in Vietnam to there:

- Ninh Binh Bus Station: No.207 Le Dai Hanh Street, Van Gia Commune, Ninh Binh City Center - 9km from Trang An, 10km from Tam Coc, 8km from Mua Cave,...

- Nho Quan bus station: Nho Quan Town, Nho Quan District - 18km from Van Long Nature Reserve, 25km from Cuc Phuong National Park,...


burned rice in ninh binh

Burned rice - a local speciality - Source: Internet

II - Ninh Binh tourist information

1 - Getting around

On the tour discovering this province, you can take a couple of commuter modes into consideration such as: motorbike, bike, taxi, and boat.


ninh binh city in vietnam

Cuc Phuong National Park - Source: Ninhbinhretreat

By bike 

A bike tour is an ideal option for you to admire the beauty of every corner here with an affordable rental fare of about  50,000 to 80,000 VND / day ($2.1 - 3.5). There are several destinations you can reach on the tour such as: Tam Coc, Thai Vi Temple, Mua Cave, Thung Nham Bird Garden, Trang An Landscape Complex, Cuc Phuong National Park,... 

You can rent a bike from a couple of resorts and hotels providing free bicycle rental service (Aravinda Resort for an example). Otherwise, you can hire a bicycle/ a scooter in some homestays and resort/ bungalows (Ninh Binh Central Hotel, Tam Coc-Bich Dong Resort, Thuy Anh Hotel, Tam Coc Happy Home scooter & bicycle rental,...)


pagoda in ninh binh

Bich Dong Pagoda - Source: Ins @hoangnhatanh

Motorbike rental in Ninh Binh Vietnam 

Motorcycle is one of the favourite means of transport here because it is very convenient and it also helps you to touch the “utmost beauty of nature, life and locals on every path you go”. There are ample of motorbike agencies for rent you can take into consideration:

Dung Manh motorbike rental shop:

- Address: 49/16 Ngo Gia Tu Street, Nam Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City

- Website:

Phuong Tien motorbike rental shop: 

- Address: No.48 Alley 104, Le Thai To Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City 

- Contact: +84 942 862 099 or +84 779 266 808 

Khanh Chi motorbike rental shop:   

- Address: No.80, Luong Van Tuy Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City 

- Contact: +84 942 862 099 


- Address: No.42, Street 27/7, Nam Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City 

- Contact: +84 338 023 344 

- Website:

By taxi 

Taxi price is from 10,000 VND / km ($0.44). Here are some taxi brands you can refer to:

- Mai Linh taxi: +84 229 625 2525 or +84 229 625 1888

- Hoa Lu taxi: +84 229 321 1444

- Xuan Thanh taxi: +84 229 368 6868


ninh binh boat rice tour

A boat tour in Trang An - Source: Ins @hoangnhatanh

Ninh Binh boat 

Traveling by boat is quite special when visiting this province, which facilitates you to discover many interesting places such as Trang An Landscape Complex, Tam Coc, Van Long Nature Reserve, Thung Nang Tourist Area, Thung Nham Bird Garden,... In particular, to explore the utmost beauty of Trang An complex, you follow three routes below which lead you to glorious caves and stunning sceneries: 

- Route 1: 3.5 hours' rowing, 9 caves (Dark Cave, Bright Cave, Moonshine Cave, Ba Giọt Cave, Seo Cave, Sơn Dương Cave, Khống Cave, Trần Cave, and Quy Hậu Cave) and 3 temples (Trình, Khống and Báo Hiếu Pagoda), several hop-on, hop-off spots. 

- Route 2:  2.5 hours' rowing, 4 caves (Lấm Cave, Vạng Cave, and Thánh Trượt Cave, Đại Cave), 3 temples visiting (Thánh Cao Sơn temple, Hanh Cung Vũ Lâm temple, and Suối Tiên temple).

- Route 3: 3 hours rowing, 3 caves (Đột Cave, Địa Linh Cave, and Mây Cave), and 3 temples visiting (Trình temple, Hành Cung Vũ Lâm temple, and Suối Tiên temple)


ninh binh cave

Thien Ha Cave - Source: Vietnam Journey

2 - Ninh Binh travel agency

To gain an amazing experience when coming to this ancient capital, it is advisable for you to take a tour from a travel operator who brings you to the most outstanding attractions and provides you with the best services for your tour. Below are some suggestions for you to consider:

Ninh Binh Tourist Center 

You can choose any given tour taking place between 7am and 7pm. 

- Price: 900,000 VND / pax

- Contact: +84 777 248 022

- Website:

Ninh Binh Tours

- Pick-up point: your hotel in Hanoi

- Duration: 1 day

- Price: 933,000 - 1,092,000 VND / pax ($41-48) 

- Contact:+84 385 385 808 

- Website:


- Price: 682,000 - 3,665,000 VND / pax ($30 - 161)

- Online booking only 

- Hotline: +84 702 648 5873

- Website: 


ninh binh province

Tuyet Tinh Coc Valley - Source: Internet

3 - Ninh Binh or Halong Bay? 

Both of the 2 destinations have their own unique beauty, which makes it impossible to decide which one is better. However, to get more insight into these tourist magnets, you can take a look at this table below: 

  Visit Ninh Binh Province Visit HaLong Bay
Attractions Rice paddies; temples, pagodas; river system, caves; limestone mountains; ancient countryside

Beaches; Caves; Limestone mountains; Fishing villages 

Activities Cycling; river boat tour; sightseeing Swimming; diving; kayak; take a cruise; night squid fishing

Ninh Binh Vietnam is a famous tourist attraction with the increasing number of visitors who would like to admire the magnificent beauty of scenic landscapes of Tam Coc - Bich Dong, Trang An landscape Complex, and the unique architectures of Bai Dinh Pagoda and many other stunning should-visit places. 

cuc phuong national park


Cuc Phuong National Park was officially recognized by the Vietnam Records Organization as “the first nature reserve in Vietnam'' in 2005 and “the largest tortoises and freshwater turtles conservation and rescue center” in the year 2010. Cuc Phuong is also recognized as another National Record as “The Center for Rescue and Breeding in Captivity with the Largest Number of Endangered Primates” in 2012, currently a famous and attractive ecotourism destination in Ninh Binh province. ...Read more
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bai dinh pagoda


Bai Dinh pagoda lies within the scenic complex of Trang An in Ninh Binh province, including the original pagoda and the newly built one. The temple complex is located in Gia Sinh commune, Gia Vien district, about 18km from Ninh Binh city center and about 100km from Hanoi. ...Read more
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tam coc vietnam
Riccardo Mucelli


Tam Coc Vietnam in Ninh Binh – one of the most beautiful and easy places to visit from Hanoi. After exploring the vibrant life of Hanoi, travelers are used to looking for a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle capital city. A short trip to this ancient capital of Vietnam can give you a bunch of wonderful experiences that are beyond what you could have ever imagined ...Read more
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thung nham bird park


Thung Nham Bird Park, a part of the same name tourist site is a complex of lively landscape and diverse fauna in Ninh Binh Province. Coming to Thung Nham Ninh Binh, you can experience folk activities such  as fishing, climbing, exploring orchards and especially sailing around lakes to sight see fabulous caves and observing the wildlife of the birds.  ...Read more
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phat diem cathedral
@Fb Như Quỳnh

NINH BINH “Phat Diem Cathedral”

Phat Diem Cathedral is a complex of Catholic churches in Ninh Binh, attracting visitors not only for its religious value, but also long history and unique architecture. You can find out more about other tourist information in the post below, such as location and exact address, opening hours, festivals or other famous attractions nearby. ...Read more
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van long nature reserve


Van Long Nature Reserve (Van Long Wetland) has a huge potential for ecotourism and humanistic tourism, which plays a critical role in the socio-economic development of the province. In Vietnamese, “Van” means cloud and “Long” means dragon, therefore Van Long implies the area where dragon and clouds converge. The name also expresses the dream, and inspiration of locals about the peaceful life and favorable weather.  ...Read more
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Mua cave


Mua Cave Ninh Binh (Hang Mua or Dancing Cave) is a popular tourist site in Trang An scenic complex which is considered as the Vietnamese’ Great Wall. ...Read more
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Trang An

NINH BINH “Trang An Complex”

Visiting Trang An Vietnam - a Landscape Complex recognized as a World Culture and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2014, you have the chance to experience numerous activities as well as admire spectacular scenery. Jumping on a rowing boat, snaking through the incredible emerald submerged water and interconnected waterways, immersing yourself in the stunning evergreen forest and limestone mass are the most amazing things to do here. ...Read more
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Bich Dong Pagoda

NINH BINH “Bich Dong Pagoda”

Bich Dong Pagoda is a historical and cultural relic belonging to Trang An - Tam Coc scenic complex of Ninh Binh province. It was built with an overall temple complex consisting of 3 pagodas and 3 caves, in which 2 of them are dry caves and 1 water cave. This is an attractive spiritual tourist destination with traditional ancient architecture, showing the majesty of Buddhism and mountainous area.  ...Read more
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ngo dong river

NINH BINH “Ngo Dong River”

The Ngo Dong river is an absolutely fabulous river that leads you through the contiguous ridge of karst mountains and the amazingly incredible Tam Coc (Three Grottoes) in Ninh Binh. Admiring the poetic river and surrounding natural landscape in the harvest season on a boat tour is a worthy experience that you should try once in your lifetime.  ...Read more
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