Ban Gioc waterfall
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A fun fact is that Ban Gioc Waterfall is the natural border between Vietnam and China. It is divided into 2 sections, one belonging to Guangxi Province, under the control and exploitation of China; the other belonging to Cao Bang Province, under the control and exploitation of the government of Vietnam. The waterfall stands out in the mountains and hills, like a ribbon crossing the sky, reminiscent of a long-haired girl washing and combing her hair by the stream. The lightness of the water pouring in the dry season brings a gentle, indescribable feeling that makes you full in their hearts and not want to leave.

I - How to get to Ban Gioc Waterfall from Hanoi?

Ban Gioc waterfall in Vietnam

 Ảnh 2: The waterfall from far away - Source: MeadowZ

Detian Waterfall is located in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam, about 360km to the north of Hanoi. From Hanoi, you can reach the waterfall by private car or sleeper bus. 

1 - Traveling by private car 

In Hanoi, you can rent a car with a local driver in the following car rental shops: 

AnhTravel Team

- Price:from $200 / 4-seater car / day

- Tel / WhatsApp : +84 913 361 979 

- Opening hours: 6am - 9pm

- Website:

Tour By Locals Vietnam

- Price: from $180 / 4-seater car / day

- Hotline: +84 973 322 309 

- WhatsApp/Viber/Line/Zalo: +84 369 283 168

- Website:

2 - Sleeper bus from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall 

Ban Gioc waterfall from Hanoi

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Traveling by bus is not really an ideal choice because there are rarely buses with the drop-off point of Ban Gioc Falls. Normally, the buses stop at Cao Bang City Center - about 80km away from the waterfall. From here, you catch a taxi to reach the waterfall of Ban Gioc.

Duc Ngoc Limousine

- Pick-up point: Hanoi Old Quarter at 6am, 00pm, 3:30pm

- Drop-off point: Cao Bang City Center

- Contact:  +84 2063 797 979

Minh Quan Limousine

- Pick-up point: Hanoi Old Quarter (as your request)

- Drop-off point: Cao Bang City Center

- Contact: +84 2439 290 999

II - Why is Ban Gioc Waterfall the most majestic waterfall in Vietnam? 

Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang

The majestic Ban Gioc - Source: Viet Hai

Ban Gioc-Detian Falls has long been an outstanding tourist destination in Northern Vietnam. It is about 70 meters high with water pouring down through many layers of limestone, forming a white water curtain. It includes two parts which are the main waterfall and the auxiliary ones. 

In the middle lies a small islet covered with trees that split the water into three streams like three white silk bands. At the foot of the waterfall is the surface of the Quay Son River which is as calm as a mirror, reflecting the mountains, forests, and clouds. The jade-blue river flows from China through rice fields and bamboo groves which are surrounded by limestone pinnacles. 

Coming to Ban Gioc Waterfall Cao Bang, you will be overwhelmed by the majesty of spectacular mountains, cool fresh air, and the beauty of an impressive waterfall which is not only a famous natural wonder but also plays a crucial role in history and culture in Vietnam in general and Nung An people (an ethnic minority) in particular. 

The waterfall of Ban Gioc has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam as a National landscape site. In recent years, due to infrastructure investment and promotion, Detian Waterfall has increasingly attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to come and enjoy.


Ban Gioc detin falls Vietnam China border

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As one of the largest and most stunning waterfalls in Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall is like a haughty girl, with a charming and wild beauty that has won many people’s hearts. It is a gift that Mother Nature has dedicated to this land. If you have the opportunity to travel to Cao Bang Province, don’t forget to visit this majestic waterfall. To admire the extraordinary beauty of the waterfall, you can hire a bamboo raft for the price of 300,000 VND / raft /10 - 12 people ($13.2) or 50,000 VND / person. ($2). You must wear a life jacket on the raft in case there are any unexpected incidents due to the powerful current of water. 

Another attractive experience in your Ban Gioc Waterfall tours is going kayaking through rapids and sightseeing the tranquil scenery of towns located along the Quay Son River. Besides, you also can register to kayak in other auxiliary waterfalls and Keo Na Village, enjoying the incredibly comfortable feeling of floating on white-capped waves. (Hiring price: 100,000 VND / person - $4.4)

Tips: Before reaching the waterfall, you go across souvenir shops where you can pick up some and hire local costumes of the Tay people or Nung people to take picturesque photos. Price: 50,000 VND / costume ($2.15) 10,000 VND/ conical hat ($0.43)

III - Other information for tourists to Ban Gioc Waterfall Vietnam

1 - When is the best time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall?

Best time to visit Ban Gioc waterfall

The waterfall welcome thousands of tourists every year - Source: Pinterest

The weather in Detian Waterfall as well as Cao Bang Province is divided into 4 seasons. The summer from June to September is when the waterfall pours water strongly with white foam. At this time, the waterfall shows a peaceful and mellow outfit with a romantic scene of the golden rice fields at its foot.  

The beginning of October is when the waterfall is at its most beautiful, majestic, and powerful. The water flows massively, launching white foam which seemingly covers the whole sky. The rainy season in the Cao Bang (April - August) often brings along quite dangerous flash floods, you should choose the time after the end of the rainy period for your safety.

2 - How much is the Ban Gioc Waterfall entrance fee?

The entrance fee in 2022 is 40,000 VND / person ($1.72) 

If you travel here by private vehicle, you can park at the parking lot for fees of 10,000 VND / motor ($0.43) and 30,000 VND/ car ($1.3).

3 - Where to visit near the Ban Gioc-Detian Falls?

Phat Tich Truc Lam Pagoda 

Located 500m from the waterfall, Phat Tich Truc Lam Pagoda is the first pagoda built at the border position between Vietnam and China with a total area of three hectares, leaning against Phia Nham Mountain. 

From the pagoda, you can overlook the majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall and picturesque scenery. The pagoda is designed following Vietnamese traditional architectural culture with the main material of ironwood. The most noticeable one in the pagoda is the 1.5 - ton Dai Hong Chung Thien Bao bronze bell. 

Entrance fee: free

Nguom Ngao Cave


Ban Gioc waterfall location

Source: Vietnamresponsibletourism

Known as the most famous limestone grotto in the north of Cao Bang Province, the 2.100m long Nguom Ngao Cave amazes you with its stalactites of various shapes, uniqueness, and large size. Stepping into the cave, you will feel the fresh, cool air and admire various stone formations shaped like human beings, mythical animals, plants,...

- Entrance fee: 45,000 VND / adult ($2); 25,000 VND / kid ($1.07)

- Tel: +84 942 196 116 or +84 206 382 8048

- Location: Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province - about 2km from Detian Waterfall. 

4 - Top-rated Ban Gioc Waterfall accommodations? 

Near the waterfall, there are dozen of homestays and hotels of good quality that you can refer to. Some of the outstanding ones are: 

Yen Nhi Homestay

- Address: Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District - 2 km from the waterfall 

- Contact: +84 942 241 760

- Price:  about 200,000 VND / night ($8.8)

Nguom Ngao Ban Gioc Homestay 

- Location: Khuoi Ky Village, Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District - 2.8km from the waterfall

- Contact: +84 912 510 563 

- Price: from 88,000 VND / night ($3.8)

Hoang Cong Homestay 

- Location: Khuoi Ky Village, Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District 

- Contact: +84 359 873 112

- Price: about 180,000 VND / night ($8)

Ha Vuong Hotel 

- Location: Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province - 600m Ban Gioc Waterfall 

- Contact: +84 962 811 311

- Price: 360,000 VND / night ($16)

Minh Khang Homestay 

- Address: Khuoi Ky Village, Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District

- Contact: +84 977 211 083 

Truong Giang Homestay Ban Gioc 

- Location: Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province - 2.8km from the waterfall 

- Contact: +84 833 467 285 

- Price: from 180,000 VND / night ($8)

Sai Gon Ban Gioc Resort 4*

- Location: Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province - 350m from the waterfall 

- Contact:  +84 915 424 228

- Price: 730,000 VND / night ($32) 

6 - Ban Gioc Waterfall map

With long-standing tradition, rich culture, and ancient history together with breathtaking natural scenery, Ban Gioc Waterfall Vietnam absolutely “conquers” any wanderlust and leaves them with a tremendous impression of the top picturesque tourist spots in this S-shaped country. Traveling to Vietnam, it must be a great pity if you miss this majestic waterfall. 

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How far is Ban Gioc Waterfall from Hanoi
The distance from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall is about 360km
Where is Ban Gioc Waterfall?
Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province - about 80km from Cao Bang City Center
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