Vietnam Visa is a visa for Vietnam for people with foreign nationality. Any foreign citizen who enters Vietnam must apply for a full visa prior to entry (citizens from countries exempt from visas to Vietnam are eligible for less than 15-day visa exemption) ...Read more

I - Vietnam Visa policy 

Visa policy in Vietnam applies to citizens of foreign nationalities who want to enter Vietnam for various purposes such as study, business, travel, diplomacy, or visit, etc. Depending on the purpose of entry, duration of stay and number of entries/exit to Vietnam, citizens of foreign countries need to prepare documents following the instructions and receive the result after about 1-15 business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).
Citizens can apply for an online visa (E-visa); at the Vietnamese Consulate/Embassy abroad or ask a partner or a service company to apply for a visa at the Immigration Department of the province/city.

1 - Map of Vietnam visa 

vietnam visa policy

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2 - Vietnam visa categories (only names are listed)

There are three ways to classify visas in Vietnam for foreign citizens as follows:
- Purpose of entry:
Vietnam Tourist visa - DL: Applicable to citizens entering Vietnam for the purpose of travelling and discovering the nature and people in Vietnam.
Vietnam Diplomatic visa - NG: Only applicable to citizens of the countries entering the country for diplomatic purposes or implementing treaties between the host country and Vietnam.
Vietnam Business Visa - DN: Issued to foreign citizens who enter Vietnam for the purpose of working and signing commercial contracts with Vietnamese enterprises.
Vietnam Working Visa - LV/LĐ : Issued to foreign citizens entering Vietnam for the purpose of working.
Vietnam Investor Visa -  DT: Issued to foreign investors entering Vietnam to start a business, or to foreign lawyers working in Vietnam.
Vietnam Journalist Visa - PV: Issued to foreign citizens entering Vietnam for the purpose of collecting news, writing articles or other media activities.
Vietnam Visitor visa -  TT: Issued to foreign citizens with Vietnamese spouses or relatives, or relatives of Vietnamese citizens entering Vietnam for the purpose of work, diplomacy, study, business, etc.
Vietnam visa for other purposes - VR: Issued to foreign citizens entering Vietnam for other purposes.

vietnam visa official website

Source: Vietnamembassy

Duration of stay:
15-day visa: maximum stay of 15 days
30-day visa: maximum stay of 30 days
90-day visa: maximum stay of 3 months
180-day visa: maximum stay of 6 months
360-day visa: maximum stay of 360 days
Number of entries: 
Single-entry visa
Multiple entry visa (from 2 entries) 

3 - Some other special Vietnam visas

types of vietnam visa

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Some other special visas for foreign citizens entering Vietnam are:
Vietnam loose leaf visa: a visa for a foreign citizen entering Vietnam, accompanied by a passport, under Form NC2 of the Immigration Department of Vietnam.
Vietnam dependent visa: granted under another person's main visa, usually applicable to foreign citizens entering Vietnam with their relatives.
Partner visa (K1 visa vietnam): also known as a marriage visa, issued to foreign citizens whose spouse is Vietnamese (with Vietnamese nationality - in the case of dual nationality or multiple citizenship).

II - Other rules & regulations for overstaying visa in vietnam

These are some visa regulations in Vietnam that foreign citizens should be aware of. In case a foreign citizen entered Vietnam but his/her visa was overdue, he/she would have to pay fines according to the following frame:
- Overstaying for 1-10 days: 1,250,000đ (~53,88$)
- Overstaying for 30 days: 4,000,000đ (~172,5$)
- Overstaying for 30 - 90 days:10,000,000 VND (~ $ 431)
- Overstaying for 90 days: 16,000,000 VND (~ 690 $)
- Overstaying from 8 months or more, the fine is from tens of million dong.
However, for some force majeure causes such as health, natural disasters,.. causing a delay in exit or visa extension, you can provide relevant documents for the support of the Department of Vietnam Immigration.
To get more information, tourist can visit Vietnam visa official website here
Hopefully, with the information we have provided, foreign citizens will have better knowledge about Vietnam's visa policy and choose the proper form of entry, duration of stay and visa type that suit their needs. 

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