Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi is now more than 120 years old. It is not only a busy trade but also a cultural symbol of Hanoi.

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Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi
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Dong Xuan Market Hanoi was built in 1889 under the Nguyen Dynasty. In 1890, it was rebuilt with iron frames and zinc-iron roofs and became the largest market in Hanoi at that time. From 1890 to 1994, the market witnessed several ups and downs in the history of Hanoi. After being severely destroyed by a great fire in 1995, the market was renovated and maintained its architecture till today. 

I - What is the Dong Xuan Market address?

The market is located in Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District, to the north of Hanoi Old Quarter - 1.1km from Hoan Kiem Lake. The main gate of the market is located on Dong Xuan Street.


Dong Xuan Market Hanoi

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There are several means of transportation that can be used to reach this market, including:

Bus: You can catch bus 01 or 36. You can check the schedule, drop off point via

Motorbike: You can park your motorbike at the parking lot of the market with the ticket price of 10,000 VND/motorbike ($0.43)

II - What are the Dong Xuan Market Hanoi opening hours?

This market is a perfect destination not only for sightseeing but also shopping in Hanoi. It opens daily from 5am to 6pm. Normally, it is crowded almost all day with hundreds of people including the locals coming for shopping  and tourists coming to experience the life and culture of this Vietnamese traditional market and buy some interesting souvenirs.


Dong Xuan Night Market

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Besides the fair during the day, Dong Xuan Night Market held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm with abundant goods and food is also a very popular tourist spot. Coming to this night market, you might gain a number of interesting nightlife experiences in Hanoi.

III - What to buy in Dong Xuan Market?

Dong Xuan is one of the major wholesale markets of Hanoi with a great quantity of products and goods. Nevertheless, it also serves for retail trading. The market consists of 3 floors with a full range of household items, clothes, dry and fresh food.

The first floor

This place is used for selling small stuff such as clothes, glasses, hats, shoes, suitcases, charge cables, rechargeable batteries, flashlights, loudspeakers,...

The second floor

The second floor of Dong Xuan Market Hanoi served as a subdivision for retailers trading adult clothing and fabrics, brocade, or silk.


Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Vietnam

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The third floor

Stalls on this floor specializing in selling baby products.

There are also several shops selling pet birds and food items behind the market. If you want to buy something, then you can make some bargains. 

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IV - Which is the best Dong Xuan Market food to try?

The market is very famous for its delicious and typical dishes such as grilled pork and noodle (Bun cha), shrimp cake, glass noodle soup with fried eel, Che which can be considered as specialties of Hanoi. While wandering around the market, you can participate in several activities on the walking street, do some shopping as well as enjoy delicious food. Some suggested eating places in Dong Xuan Market:

Pho Tiu Mrs.Phuong

- Address: No.17 Dong Xuan Lane, Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District

- Price: 30,000 VND/bowl ($1.29).

- Opening time: 8 am - 5 pm 

Dried beef salad (Nom bo kho)

- Address: Dong Xuan Lane, Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District

- Price: 25,000 VND/dish ($1.08)

- Opening time: 8 am - 5 pm


Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Vietnam

Dong Xuan Market introduction - Source: Internet

Bun cha on bamboo skewers (Bun Cha kep que tre)

- Address: Dong Xuan Lane, Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District

- Price: 30,000 VND/dish ($1.29)

- Opening time: 8 am - 5 pm

Shrimp cake Ms. Am (Banh tom co Am)

- Address: Dong Xuan Market Lane, Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District

- Price: 10,000 - 55,000 VND/person ($0.43 - 2.37)

- Opening time: 10 am - 5 pm

Crab rice noodles

- Address: Dong Xuan Lane, Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District

- Price: 30,000 VND ($1.29)

- Opening time: 8 am - 5 pm

V - Dong Xuan Market map

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi with its delicious food and impressive history is really worth a visit for tourists coming for shopping and food exploring.

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