The shopping malls in Hanoi Vietnam are crowded and attractive places in the capital city where you can satisfy all your needs from shopping to entertainment. Do not hesitate to discover the top 7 most impressive Hanoi shopping malls in this article below to discover the scale, architecture, products as well as services there. 

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Hanoi is attractive to tourists by not only its rich history, special customs, and lifestyles but also elegant shopping centers which are also one of the distinct facets representing the modernity and rapid development of the capital city. Below is a list of the top 7 best Hanoi shopping malls that will wow you with their scale as well as diverse services. 

1 - Trang Tien Plaza - top 6 best shopping malls in Hanoi 

Located at the heart of Hanoi capital city, overlooking Hoan Kiem lake, Trang Tien plaza is the oldest and most luxurious shopping mall in Vietnam, which is home to more than 200 world-class brands of fashion, bags, cosmetics, shoes, accessories,... In addition, it is also a historical witness that has been existing along with the ups and downs of the capital. This shopping mall in Hanoi bears the mark of elegant, luxurious, delicate  French architectural style with a 20,000 display area and three floors, each of which exhibits a wide array of high-end products and items, and has different functions. 

As one of the 6 best shopping malls in Hanoi Vietnam, the 1st and 2nd floors sell the products of high-ranking brands such as Dior, Channel, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex. The 3rd floor displays a shopping paradise for jewelry, cosmetics, and fashion brands, which appeal to a large number of visitors and shopaholics. The 4th floor of this Hanoi shopping mall features middle-class business attire and lingerie brands. You can gain a pleasant dining experience on the 5th floor, where you can find both traditional Vietnamese and international restaurants such as Vietnamese summer rolls restaurant, Gogi House, Korean steak house, Wraps & Rolls, Charcoal (BBQ), Loteria, and Lion City, etc. This floor has an international-standard CGV cinema as well with modern and upgraded sounding systems and services. The top floor features offices and a play zone with many entertainment games. 

- Bus route: 08, 09, 31, 35, 36, 86

- Location: No.24 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem district

- Opening hours: 9:30am - 9:30pm from Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 10pm on Saturday and Sunday

- Email: customer@trangtienplaza.net 

- Website: https://trangtienplaza.net/ 

2 - Vincom Mega Mall Times City - a large shopping mall in Hanoi

hanoi shopping malls

Top most famous shopping malls in Hanoi - Source: onehousing.vn

Vincom Mega Mall in Times City has a total area of about 230,000m2 with 11 gates, incredibly modern infrastructure, and various functional areas including shopping zones, playground, food court, supermarket, and real estate transaction center. 

The Times City shopping center is a true paradise for a shopaholic with dozens of large and small shopping stalls, arranged symmetrically with each other, namely clothes, watches, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. from many world’s top famous brands. One of the most appealing areas in this Hanoi mall is the complex of Vinpearl Aquarium, Vinke educational amusement park, and CGV Cinema, of which the aquarium is considered attractive because this is the largest one in Hanoi with an area of 4,000m2, home to more than 30,000 marine creatures. Here you get to immerse in the deep ocean beneath the more than 90m long aquarium tunnel. 

Like other shopping malls in Hanoi Vietnam, Vincom Mega Mall in Times City has a large food court with a total area of up to 15,000m2, consisting of nearly 100 restaurants serving a wide array of food from many countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, Italia,... If you are looking for some fast food in Vietnam, the restaurants of KFC, Lotte, and Alfresco Pizza serving delectable fried chicken, hamburgers, pizza,... are ideal options. In addition, the buffet restaurants of King BBQ, King Deli, Thai Express, and Kichi Kichi,... would definitely satisfy your stomach! Vinmart supermarket has a very large area of over 11,500m2, selling more than 40,000 high-quality products. More especially, there is a center of real estate transactions in this Hanoi shopping mall where you will be consulted and helped in the procedure of selling and buying houses.  

- Ticket:

+ 170,000 VND/ adult ($7.3); 100,000 VND/ kid ($4.3) from Monday to Friday

+ 220,000 VND/ adult ($9.5); 150,000 VND/ kid ($6.5) on Saturday and Sunday 

+ Free for people under 80cm 

- Bus route: 10B, 45, 55, 19, 24, 52A, 52B, 

- Location: No.458 Minh Khai street, Vinh Tuy ward, Hai Ba Trung district

- Opening hours: 10am - 9:3pm 

- Email: v.cskh-vmmtimescity@vincom.com.vn

- Website: https://vincom.com.vn/vincom-mega-mall-times-city

3 - Top 6 shopping malls in Hanoi: Aeon Mall Long Bien 

This is the third-largest shopping center in Vietnam and the very first center in Hanoi capital, owned by AEON Japan corporation. With an area of more than 130,334.14m2, the grand shopping mall consists of 150 stores and supermarket sub-anchor stores, typically the stores of Tran Anh, Renaissance, TiniWorld, and CGV. Besides, there are approximately 150 specialty stores served by a huge number of employees to provide the best experience for customers. 

This shopping mall in Hanoi also has a trading zone with nearly 280,000 households. It consists of three floors with different functions. Particularly, the first and second floors feature many luxury restaurants, fashionable items, accessories, specialty stores, and entertainment areas such as Kitchmate, dream games, Funzone, and Tini World,... As one of the best shopping malls in Hanoi, Aeon Mall Long Bien has a large food court on the third floor where you can find a myriad of scrumptious dishes from many countries and regions. Some of the most favorite restaurants at this best mall in Hanoi are Gyu-Kaku, Le Monde Steak, King BBQ, Kichi-Kichi, Dookki, Hong Kong Cuisine, and Sushi Kei, Hotto, and the list goes on. There is a huge free parking lot on this floor with a capacity of around 1,000 cars and 9,000 motorbikes. 

- Bus route: 47A, 47B, 52A, 52B, 

- Location: No.27 Co Linh street, Long Bien ward, Long Bien district

- Opening hours: 7am - 10pm 

- Email: longbien.cs@aeonmall-vn.com

- Website: https://aeonmall-long-bien.com.vn

A detailed guide for shopping in Hanoi

4 - Lotte Shopping Center - the tallest shopping mall in Hanoi

Being one of the best shopping malls in Hanoi Vietnam, Lotte Center, well-known as the 3rd skyscraper in Vietnam and the 2nd in Hanoi, preceded by Keangnam Hanoi, is the most high-class shopping center and entertainment place in Hanoi. Lotte has 65 floors, 267m high, outstanding with extremely unique architecture inspired by traditional Ao dai of Vietnamese women. This Hanoi mall includes a shopping area, offices, entertainment area, and convention center. The most impressive is the top floor where you can have an entire view of the city and gain many other interesting experiences. 

Lotte Mart is loved by many fashionistas of Hanoians with fashionable items and products from prestigious brands such as Kelly Bui, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Elise, Off-white, Celine, and Fendi,... The playground, divided into different zones suitable for a range of ages, is a place that grabs the attraction of many families with kids. The food court in this Hanoi shopping mall is diverse with several famous restaurants, charming with airy space, and modern facilities, suitable for family-friend gatherings or weekend dining, year-end parties, etc. The restaurants serve a wide array of dishes like Vietnamese specialties, Japanese dishes, Korean cuisine or Thai food, etc. 

- Bus route: 09, 12, 25, 35, 38, 55

- Location: No.54 Lieu Giai street, Ngoc Khanh ward, Ba Dinh district

- Opening hours: 9:30am - 10pm

- Website: https://lotteshopping.com.vn/ 

5 - Vincom Center Royal City - top shopping malls in Hanoi 

best shopping mall in hanoi

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Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is a complex of entertainment places and shopping centers, impressive with the deluxe European architecture. You will be overwhelmed by a large square with an area of nearly 30,000m2, decorated with artistic sculpture works made of white marble. In this shopping mall in Hanoi, there are many areas for you to gain the most wonderful experience such as a shopping zone with a myriad of products from furniture, electronics, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, etc. from the world’s famous brands like Zara, Converse, Lacoste, H&M, etc.  

In this mall in Hanoi, the food court is home to hundreds of eating options from Vietnam street food or specialties of Korea, China, Japan, and European countries. Some of the most typical ones can be listed as Paris Baguette, Royal Food Court, Sumo BBQ, Thai Express, Alfresco, etc. The appeal of Royal City is the variety of entertaining services, typically Vinpearlland Water Park with an area of 24,000m2, offering 14 various fascinating games and activities such as slides, jungle gyms, wave pools, whirlpools. This extraordinary shopping mall is also home to the biggest indoor ice rink in Vietnam, which meets the global standard. Being one of the best shopping malls in Hanoi, the Platinum Cineplex here contains over 1000 seats, equipped with 10 high-tech cinemas featuring 2D to 4D modern technologies for you to freely enjoy your time. 

- Bus route: 01, 02, 19, 21A, 21B, 104, 09B, 09BCT, 16, 24

- Location: No.72A Nguyen Trai street, Thuong Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan district

- Opening hours: 10am - 9:30pm 

- Email: v.cskh-vmmroyalcity@vincom.com.vn

- Hotline: +84 246 664 9999

- Website: https://vincom.com.vn/vincom-mega-mall-royal-city

6 - Vincom Center Ba Trieu

Vincom Center Ba Trieu, is one of the first high-end commercial centers in the heart of the capital, featuring three towers A, B, and C, of which the luxury office blocks are located in towers A and B, and high-quality apartments are situated in tower C. 

best shopping malls in hanoi vietnam

Top most luxurious shopping malls in Hanoi - Source: nld.com.vn

This Hanoi shopping mall gathers both domestic and international brands of all products ranging from fashion, health care products, cosmetics, furniture, houseware, electronic products, etc. 

There are 7 floors in total, of which the very first floor is home to two large transaction offices of BIDV and Techcombank. The most highlighted is on the 2nd and 3rd floor where you can find a heaven of classy products from prestigious brands of clothes, accessories, and shoes such as Timberland, Adidas, Nine West, Tommy, Calvin Klein jeans,... as well as many famous sportswear brands, namely Bata, Vans, Nike, Havaianas, etc. 

The 4th floor of this shopping mall in Hanoi features a variety of products like healthcare products, bookstores, electronics devices,... and a Vinmart supermarket with an area of nearly 800m2. Compared to other shopping malls in Hanoi, Vincom Center Ba Trieu’s 7th floor catches the attraction of many young people thanks to the wonderful check-in background of the shopping mall of “The New Playground”, the paradise of prominent brands.

Floors 5 and 6 are where you get to immerse in countless entertainment services, especially modern CGV with 10 cinemas equipped with upgraded 3-4D and 1,300 seats. Besides, there is a playground featuring diverse international-standardized games that suits all ages. For a gourmand, the food court here is definitely a true paradise where there are many elegant, luxurious Western-style restaurants serving a wide array of food imbued with Asian culture (including Vietnam), typically Kichi-Kichi, King BBQ, Tokyo Yukai Buffet, Highland, and Tocotoco,... 

- Bus routes: 23, 35, 52A, 01, 02, 03

- Location: No.191 Ba Trieu street, Le Dai Hanh ward, Hai Ba Trung district

- Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

- Email: v.cskh-vccbatrieu@vincom.com.vn

- Website: https://vincom.com.vn/vincom-center-ba-trieu

With modern, upgraded infrastructure, luxurious designs, a wealth of high-quality products, and a myriad of amazing entertainment services, the best shopping malls in Hanoi Vietnam mentioned above will make you impressed, even overwhelmed on the first visit. 

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