How Is The Weather In Sapa Vietnam All Year Round?

The weather in Sapa is nice in all seasons. Spring with cold wind & little rain, summer is time for sunshine and pouring, great weather in fall without rain and pleasant temperature, and dry wind & little white snow and frozen in winter.

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Weather in Sapa
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 Sapa is located in the northern mountainous region and is a top-visit destination in Vietnam. The majestic beauty of the mountains and the rich culture of about 18 tribes are the highlights to experience.

The nice weather in Sapa makes it an outstanding destination to visit all year round. Sapa in dry months (Oct to Dec) is the best time for trekking and conquering the Fansipan mount at a height of 3143m. Spring (Feb To April) is the time of blooming flowers and festivals. A summer escape in mountainous regions surrounded by majestic sceneries is all you need. 

Traveling to Sapa each month is a different and distinctive experience, however, checking out for good weather before going is the first thing to do. Sapa weather forecasts for 14 days or one week are available on Accuweather App. You can check anytime to have a well-preparation. For more details of weather by month, read the post below from Vietnamtrips.

I - A brief of climate & weather in Sapa

Although Sapa is located in the North, because this place is high and close to the tropical climate, it possesses a humid, temperate subtropical climate with a cool atmosphere all year round. The annual average temperature of Sapa is around 15˚C. There is not much difference during the day and night. The average rainfall in this place ranges from 1,800mm to 2,200mm.

II - Sapa weather by month

The climate in Sapa is divided into 4 seasons. Each season and month, due to the effects of the monsoon, the weather witnesses changes in temperature and rainfall. In general, the temperature never exceeds 30˚C and has extremely cold weather in Sapa Vietnam winter (especially in late December & January).

1 - The weather of Sapa in Spring (from March to May)

Sapa climate in Spring has the following characteristics:

- The average temperature in Sapa Vietnam: 15˚C - 18˚C.

- Average rainfall in Sapa: over 300mm

- Rain and wind: scattered rain, but from March onwards, it almost stops. However, it should be noted that there are still hails in February, March, and April.

- Fog: At this time of the year, Sapa appears dense fog in the early morning, covering most of the hills, valleys, and villages. However, by noon, the clouds gradually dissolve because of the sun, and at night it is extremely cold.

Sapa weather

Spring in Sapa - Source: Aamyr

Detailed Sapa Vietnam weather in spring:

- In February: 

+ Temperature: 7˚C - 15˚C

+ Rainfall: 81mm

- In March:

+ Temperature: 10˚C - 18˚C

+ Rainfall: 106mm 

- In April: The weather in Sapa Vietnam in April is at the end of the dry season. In late April, there is more rain and the temperature gets a slight increase. 

+ Temperature: 14˚C - 22˚C

+ Rainfall: 213mm

Best things to do in Sapa in spring: 

- Admiring the hundreds of flowers blooming on the hills, valleys, and villages.

- Enjoying a variety of sweet and fragrant fruits, such as peaches, plums, apple cats, pears.

- Conquering Fansipan Mount - the roof of Indochina by cable car. The Sapa weather Vietnam in spring is cold and wet, not suitable for hiking, so taking a cable car is highly recommended. The feeling of standing from the roof of Indochina and gazing at the whole city covered in thick fog is amazing.

- Taking part in traditional festivals here. For example the Spring Festival of the Dao and Tay people, the New Year dance ceremony of the Dao in Ta Van, the village sweeping ceremony of the Xa Pho people,...

2 - Summer weather in Sapa (June to August)

Characteristics of the weather in Summer:

Average temperature: 17˚C - 24˚C

Average rainfall: over 400mm

Rain and wind: in summer, there are often hails or whirlwinds in Sapa. In the villages, there may be landslides, flash floods. It can be said that this time is the rain and flood season.

Fog: scattered throughout the day, but denser in the afternoon.

Detailed Vietnam Sapa weather in the summer months

- In May:

+ Temperature: 16˚C - 22.4˚C

+ Rainfall: 346mm

- In June: 

+ Temperature: 17.6˚C - 22.8˚C

+ Rainfall: 410mm

- In July: The weather in Sapa Vietnam in July features pouring rains and high humidity. However, compared to other destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Sapa is cool and pleasant for a summer vacation. 

+ Temperature: 17.7˚C - 23˚C

+ Rainfall: 465mm

- In August:

+ Temperature: 17.4˚C - 23.1˚C

+ Rainfall: 449mm

Temprerature in Sapa

Sapa in summer - Source: Trieu Van

Best activities for a summer trip in Sapa:

- Summer weather in Sapa is full of sunshine, this time is also the season of sowing rice. The stunning terraced fields are covered with a green color & under the glitter, sun rays create breathtaking scenery. 

- Experiencing climbing to the top of Ham Rong mountain. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa town immersed in vibrant colors of the plants and flowers.

- Visit Sapa stone church, Silver waterfall, and Love waterfall. 

3 - Sapa weather in Fall (September to November)

Characteristics of weather in fall:

- Average temperature: 14˚C - 22˚C

- Average rainfall: 264mm

- Rain: only scattered rains and low-volume rainfall

- Fog: no longer dense, only a thin layer in the early morning and at night.

Detailed information about Sapa weather in the fall months

- In September:

+ Temperature: 15.9˚C - 21.6˚C

+ Rainfall: 313mm

- In October:

+ Temperature: 13.5˚C - 19˚C

+ Rainfall: 215mm

Sapa climate

Sapa in fall - Source: Trieu Van

Beautiful sceneries for sightseeing: Fall in Sapa is extremely impressive by the yellow color of ripe rice, stretching across the hills and mountains. At this time, Sapa welcomes lots of tourists and photographers coming for sightseeing and taking photos.

4 - Sapa in Winter (December to February)

Characteristics of the weather in Winter:

- Rain and wind: There is often drizzle rain and the weather is cold

- Fog: so dense it is easy to limit the vision of visitors

- Average temperature: below 10˚C

- Average rainfall: over 300mm

Detailed information about Sapa weather in the winter months

- In November: start the winter days with cold and dry weather

+ Temperature: 10˚C - 15.9˚C

+ Rainfall: 112mm

- In December: The weather in Sapa in December is strongly affected by the northeast monsoon. The climate is characterized by cold and dry, with less rain

+ Temperature:  6.9˚C - 13.4˚C

+ Rainfall: 64mm

- In January: Dry air and deep cold at night, more frost and foggy

+ Temperature: 6.2˚C - 12.5˚C

+ Rainfall: 63mm

Sapa weather by month

Sapa in winter - Source: Vietravel

Best experience in Sapa Vietnam winter:

- Visiting Muong Hoa valley: Especially in a few years when the temperature drops to about 0 - 1˚C, you can see the scenery of Sapa sunk in the white snow. Vietnam sapa snow is very short, it lasts for only a few days and usually happens in December or January.

- Climbing Mount Fansipan: Conquering the "roof of Indochina" will be more difficult in winter. However, for travelers who love the challenge, this is the worth-trying challenge.

Winter in Sapa is very suitable to enjoy hot Sapa dishes such as grilled fish and salmon hotpot. 

Some information about the weather in Sapa. Hopefully, it can help visitors get the most thoughtful preparation when coming to this amazing land. 

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