Homestays in Sapa
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Not only there are many beautiful sights and places, but Sapa also develops many types of accommodation to meet the needs of tourists. In particular, this place also converges many beautiful and unique homestays to make tourists' trips even more enjoyable.

I - An overview about homestay in Sapa

Winter in Sapa homestays

Sapa winter figure - Source: Ins @fodyne

Most of the homestays here are designed in the style of a chalet. The structure of the house is divided into two floors: the upper floor for rent and the lower floor for host family living. These designs all have the characteristics of the people here, creating a strange feeling, a very interesting experience for visitors. There are many homestays in Sapa with full facilities for visitors both in the town and in the villages no matter how difficult the road condition is.
The dishes - regional specialties that you will never forget inspired by cozy family meals. Tourists from all over the world have been attracted by these meals and come here with the desire to feel the typical family meal of the highland people.
Moreover, the services with full facilities will meet all visitors’ needs from hot water bottles, mosquito nets, clean pillows, hairdryers, towels,... and other services when you request. For example, tours, English-speaking local tour guides, information about geography, history, culture, ethnic groups.

II - Best homestays in Sapa center town

1 - Sapa jungle homestay

There is a large beautiful, airy garden, and many nice angles to take pictures with friends and relatives, as well as a terrace and a shared kitchen. Each room has a courtyard overlooking the garden. The homestay also serves a breakfast buffet with many Asian and European foods ... There are also famous nearby attractions such as Sapa Lake, the center commercial Plaza, Sapa Stone Church, Ham Rong mountain, Cat Cat village, ...
- Address: No. 534 Dien Bien Phu Street - Sapa 
- Phone number for booking: 0977633734
- Double room price: 400,000 VND / room / night ($17)

Jungle Homestay in sapa

Sapa Jungle Homestay - Source: Fb Jungle Homestay

2 - Sapa charming homestay

This Sapa homestay has a beautiful, airy, clean garden with free wifi, free private parking, and a terrace for sunbathing. Additionally, room services, lobby and currency exchange are also available for foreign visitors. The room is full of air conditioning, fridge, artificial satellite TV, free toiletries with nearby tourist areas such as Sapa central square, Sapa Lake, ...
- Address: No.39 So Than zone, Sapa town
- Phone number for booking: 0869796668
- Double room price 700,000VND / room / night ($30.2).

Charming homestay in Sapa

Sapa Charming Homestay - Source: Fb Charming Homestay

3 - Sapa kolor homestay

It can be said that this is an ideal place and worth renting because of its scenery as well as the location on the main transport road of Sapa town. With a full range of vehicles, and full amenities and services, it’s close to Sapa coach station, Ham Rong flower garden, Ham Rong Mountain, ...
- Address: 06 Thu Dau Mot - Sapa
- Phone number for booking: 0905986226
- Double room price 400,000 VND / room / night ($17).

Kolor homestay in SapaSapa kolor homestay - Source: Fb  Sapa Kolor Homestay

III - Sapa Homestays in Lao Chai village

Here are some famous homestays in this village:

1 - Sapa bamboo homestay

This place has full amenities and services, the accommodation also has views overlooking the gardens, right next to the Sun Plaza commercial center, Phanxipang Mount, ..
- Address:  TL152, Lao Chai, Sapa
- Phone number: 0915074588
- Room price: 400,000 VND / room / night ($17).

Bamboo homestay in Sapa

Sapa Bamboo Homestay - Source: Fb  Sapa Bamboo Homestay

2 - Floating Sapa homestay

On the way to Muong Hoa valley, located in the middle of heaven and earth, the homestay has enough cookers, toilets, and necessary utensils according to each person's needs with an easy-going and friendly host family.
- Address: Lao Cai - Sapa 
- Phone number: 0983655319
- Room price 350,000VND/person/night ($15)


Floating Sapa HomestayFloating Sapa Homestay - Source: Fb  Floating Sapa Homestay

3 - Victoria Sapa homestay

This is a traditional wooden house in the mountain area with direct views of the rivers and springs and valley, bringing you the feeling of being in harmony with nature. It also has full amenities; however, the road to the village is quite bumpy.
- Address: Lao Chai - Sapa 
- Phone number: 08347694641
- Double room price 330,000VND / room / night ($14).

List of best food in Sapa

Victoria Sapa Homestay

Victoria Sapa Homestay - Source: Victoriahotels

IV - Homestay in Ta Van village area

1 - Sapa volunteer homestay

It offers free parking, full services, fun shared areas, rooms overlooking large, airy spaces.
- Address: Ta Ngan Day 1 - Ta Van - Sapa
- Phone number: 0985171522
- Room price: 250.000 VND/room/night ($10.5)

volunteer homestay in sapa

Sapa Volunteer Homestay - Source: Dulich24

2 - Sapa eco garden homestay

This homestay in Sapa Vietnam is located near the Fansipan Legend 11km cable car and offers accommodations, a restaurant, a bar, a shared lobby, a children's playground and a full range of services and facilities.
- Address: Ta Van - Sapa 
- Phone number: 0888100234
- Double room price 400.000 VND/room/night ($17).

Eco garden homestay in Sapa

Sapa Eco Garden Homestay - Source: Traveloka

Top Recommended Hotels in Sapa

3 - Ta Van family homestay 

With Open space, beautiful sceneries overlooking the garden, it also has motels, a restaurant, a bar, a shared lobby,... with full amenities and necessary services, breakfast served American style.
- Address: located at Ta Van Giay - Sapa
- Phone number: 0965591768
- Room price 350,000VND / room / night ($15).


Ta Va family homestay in Sapa

Ta Van family Homestay - Source: Dulich24

IV - Sapa homestays in Ta Phin village area

1 - Sapa heavenly homestay

This place is suitable for families, groups of friends or one person. It offers services, fully-equipped, beautiful and airy rooms, and close to famous attractions such as Muong Hoa valley.
- Address: No.07 Ta Phin - Sapa 
- Phone number: 0975565308
- Room price: 330,000/room/night ($14)


Heavenly homestay in Sapa

Sapa Heavenly Homestay - Source: Agoda

2 - Tà Phìn homestay

Provide a full range of services, equipment in the room and living utensils for customers with safe, clean, airy and modern.
- Address: No.4 - Ta Phin - Sapa 
- Room price: 350,000VND / room / night ($15).


Ta Phin homestay in Sapa

Ta Phin Homestay - Source: Booking

3 - May Kim Ta Phin homestay

The room has full amenities, necessary utensils and equipment, the view overlooking the garden is very beautiful and romantic.
- Address: May Kim - Ta Phin - Sapa 
- Phone number: 0886252448
- Room price: 350.000VND / room / night ($15).

May Kim homestay at Sapa

 May Kim Ta Phin Homestay - Source: Fb May Kim Tả Phìn Homestay

The above is information about good-quality homestay in Sapa with affordable prices. Hopefully, this article will help you to have more choices in your journey, good luck. 

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