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Sapa is the leading attractive destination in Vietnam with diverse natural landscapes, ethnic minority villages scattered in valleys or deep in the same mountain ranges. To experience a unique Sapa rich in identity, you should spend at least 2 to 3 days on this land. In particular, staying at a local-style hostel is the ideal choice when visiting this landmark.

I - How are the hostels in Sapa?

Sapa has a beautiful natural landscape with many unique sceneries such as rice terraced fields, Fansipan peak, O Quy Ho pass,... and a number of indigenous cultural activities: love market, fair market. 

1 - Highlights of hostels in Sapa

In Vietnam, the hostels in big cities, mainly located in the city center, are built in a small space with a simple design style, while Sapa hostels have a completely different look with the combination of wooden interiors and local materials from brocade fabrics. The majority of hostels here are located on the hillsides or at the local villages where you can immerse in nature and culture. Some hostels have a hammock area on the veranda which is the best place to relax and enjoy the most peaceful atmosphere.

best hostel in sapa

Local people in Sapa - Source: Van Thy

Staying at the best hostels in Sapa is a way to deepen your travel experience to this land. 

- Sapa is well-known as the home to many ​​ethnic minorities such as Hmong, Xa Pho, Giay, Dzao, Tay,... Each ethnic group has its own cultural beauty (local cuisine, costume, lifestyle,...) waiting for you to discover.

- Hostels are always the top choice for cheap and convenient accommodation in Sapa for budget-minded travelers. 

- Hostels have a common living room, a social and entertaining area where you can meet and be together with many other tourists for fun activities to connect and make friends. 

2 - Traveling tips when staying at the hostels in Sapa

In order to have a great vacation to this beautiful mountainous land, bear in mind some tips  as follows: 

- There are lots of hostels in the town and surrounding local villages. Some great places to find and book hostels are Ta Van village, Giang Ta Chai village, and Sapa Town. 

- In addition to the design of rooms, beds, and furniture, visitors should also pay attention to the security system to store personal belongings and luggage safely.

sapa hostels

Source: Pham Ngoc Trien

- Spending time researching carefully a bit about the style design of the hostel by reading more about information of service providers and review of other customers are really important in choosing a suitable staying place.  
- Select a reputable booking channel or book directly through the hotel's owner are all popular and convenient in Sapa Vietnam. Some hostels will require guests to pay in advance or a deposit. 
- The hostel is mainly used and transacted in cash. Therefore, before the trip, visitors should prepare a certain amount of cash to limit inconveniences that may arise due to errors of online payment.

- Sapa hostels are mainly used and transacted in cash

- Spending time researching carefully a bit about the style design of the hostel by reading more about information of service providers and reviews of other customers are really important in choosing a suitable staying place.  

- Select a reputable booking channel or book directly through the hostel's owner are all popular and convenient in Sapa Vietnam. Some hostels will require you to pay in advance or a deposit. 

II - Top best hostels in Sapa Town Center

Here are some suggestions for a number of hostels with beautiful space design, great service quality, and ones that have received good feedback from visitors 

1 - Lustig Hostel - a nice 3-star hostel in Sapa

This is one of the most popular hostels located in the center of Sapa town which has a modern design, comfortable space, and good quality of service. From here, you can easily visit the famous tourist destinations of Sapa such as Mount Fansipan (2.8km); Cat Cat village (3.7km); Ham Rong mountain (1.4km); Muong Hoa valley (2km); ...

check in sapa hostel

Lustig Hostel - top-rated hostels in Sapa Vietnam - Source: Booking

Open-concept space design with large glass windows, luxurious wooden furniture, private balconies overlooking the surreal mountains. The common utility area is modern and always kept clean making a good impression on visitors. Most visitors are very fond of the hostel space and breakfast here.

- Location: No. 762 Dien Bien Phu Street, Sapa Town

- Room rate: 250,000 - 1,200,000 VND/room/night ($10.77 - 51.72)

- Contact: +84 (0)214 6 288 899.

2 - Go Sapa Hostel -  among top best budget Sapa hostels

Go Sapa Hostel is designed with a main red tone color, bringing a warm and comfortable homely feeling. Also, there are some private rooms to meet the requirements of visitors, in which the balcony area is very suitable for viewing the surroundings. 

In particular, the resting space is filled with colorful blankets; a shared area includes the dining area, bar counter, and grand balcony. From this hostel in Sapa, you can visit some popular places in Sapa such as Sapa stone church (600m); Truc Lam Dai Giac Monastery (1,6km); Fansipan Legend cable car station (450m); Tien Sa waterfall (2.5km).

go sapa hostel

Go Sapa Hostel - Source: Booking

- Location: No.25, Thac Bac Street, Sapa Town 

- Room rate: 90,000 - 250,000 VND/room/night ($3.87 - 5.17)

- Contact: +84 (0)815 524 546.

3 - Sapa Odyssey Hostel - a cheap hostel in Sapa

This is a great choice for travelers who love modern and comfortable design. This Sapa hostel has a private balcony system and an outdoor cafe where guests can have a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains. Some services such as money exchange; car rental; entertainment with darts are available. Several tourist attractions nearby are Fansipan cable car (3.5km); Sapa Lake (1.5km); Ham Rong mountain (1,7km);...

sapa odyssey hostel

Source: Booking

- Location: No.38 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town
- Room rate: 100,000 - 250,000 VND/room/night ($4.31 - 10.77)
- Contact: +84 (0)945 183 001.

III - Top hostels in Sapa Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village is a small village located about 10km far away from the center of Sapa town. This beautiful remote village which is surrounded mainly by hills and valleys is home to mainly Hmong people. Thanks to the rustic beauty, simplicity, and life full of "love" of the Sapa people here have attracted thousands of visitors each year. In order to explore and experience Ta Van Village to the fullest, taking a trekking tour by staying at a local hostel is highly recommended. Some suggestions for visitors are as follows:

1 - Tavan Dragon House - one of the best Sapa hostels

The hostel interior is simply designed with two main materials: wood and glass. You have a panoramic view of Ta Van village or green terraced rice fields. Ta Van Dragon house offers guests a boutique room, filled with all necessary amenities. Breakfast and popular kinds of drinks are also available at this beautiful hostel with a big kitchen room and bar counter. Some specialties of  Sapa that you can try in this hostel in Sapa are grilled pork, grilled chicken, salmon hotpot,... You can also admire the scene of local people plowing the fields, transplanting rice, or weaving. 

top hostels in sapa

Tavan Dragon House - Source: Tavan

- Location: Ta Van commune, Sapa Town

- Room rate: 105,000 - 175,000 VND/room/night ($4.52 - 7.54)

- Contact: 0904 10 10 26.

2 - Tavan Hostel 2

With a small but elegant design, Tavan Hostel 2 attracts and "captivates" many tourists when coming here. Stepping into the hostel, visitors can feel a cozy and warm atmosphere. The highlights of this Sapa hostel come from the beautiful and indigenous images of a cute dog or a local-style kitchen... The eating area is especially high and open, so you can enjoy the delicious local food while seeing the surroundings. 

ta van sapa hostel

Tavan hostel 2 - Source: Booking

- Location: TL152, Ta Van commune, Sapa Town

- Room rate: 100,000 VND / person / night ($4.31)

- Contact: 0983 048 166.

With the provided information, we do hope that you can get some useful tips and information about the best hostels in Sapa Vietnam. Staying at a nice and suitable hostel in this foggy town is a good way of experiencing culture when traveling to Sapa.

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