Monsoon season in Vietnam is marked by the northeast monsoon season affecting mainly the northern region in winter time (November - April) & the southwest monsoon causing heavy rain in the southern region from May to October. So, Is the monsoon season a nice time to travel to Vietnam?

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Vietnam is located in the tropical northern hemisphere with Tin Phong wind that operates year-round and is also influenced by continental weather and sea weather, Vietnam's climate is strongly influenced by monsoons. The monsoons in Vietnam include 2 types: winter and summer monsoons. Each type of monsoon will have its own characteristics and affect different regions in Vietnam.  

I - When is the monsoon season in Vietnam? 

1 - Winter monsoon season

The winter monsoon or northeast monsoon originates from the center of high atmospheric pressure Siberia, which moves horizontally to an area with warm air masses in Vietnam, forming the northeast monsoon. The winter monsoon time in Vietnam starts from November to April, affecting areas from the Bach Ma mountains back to the north, including the North and North Central regions.

The influence of the northeast monsoon has a great impact on Vietnam's climate, especially in the North and Northeast. From November to February, which means in early winter, the northeast monsoon is dry and causes cold winters in the North. But around the end of winter, from February to April, the northeast monsoon season in Vietnam causes cold and humid weather due to drizzle rain. The time of the most active winter monsoon causes severe and damaging cold spells, affecting cultivation and husbandry activities in the northern high mountains such as the provinces of Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Ha Giang,... Also, the northeast monsoon overflows into the Gulf of Tonkin causing strong winds of up to 6-7, and inland winds of 4-5. It can sometimes cause hail, thunderstorms,...

2 - Summer monsoon season in Vietnam

The southwest monsoon is formed from the center of the Indo-Myanmar low atmospheric pressure that draws wind from the North Indian Ocean through the Bay of Bengal into Vietnam and the operating time is usually from May to October each year. Two types of winds also direct the southwest wind blowing into Vietnam, but in the North, it is in the Southeast direction.

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The southwest monsoon affects the whole country from the South and Central regions to the Central highland and the Northwest.

Summer monsoon months in Vietnam are from May to October and it causes rain in the Central Highland and the Southern region. Not only that, but it also causes dry and hot foehn (southwest foehn) for the coastal plain of the Central and the South of the Northwest.

From June to October, the southwest monsoon in Vietnam causes rain in both the South and the North due to the combination with the tropical convergence. In the Central region, the monsoon causes rain around September. Due to the low atmospheric pressure in the North, when it moves in the direction of the Southeast to the North, it will cause the Southeast monsoon in the summer of the North.

II - What to note when traveling in the monsoon season in Vietnam? 

From November to April is the time when the northeast monsoon operates in the North while the South enters the dry season. Most of the time, the weather of Vietnam is generally dry, suitable for most travel and sightseeing activities. Moreover, this is the time of spring, the time when the landscape and trees grow best together with the pleasant cold air in the North to help you have a great experience when traveling and sightseeing with your family and friends. Besides, the dry weather will also be more convenient to get around and enjoy street food in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the southwest monsoon in Vietnam - from May to October, often causes a lot of rain, hot and humid in all 3 regions, so it will affect more tourism activities. If you like to travel and experience special activities in Vietnam, this time may not be suitable.

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In general, the most appropriate time to travel to Vietnam is from November to April next year. This time many activities are organized, the weather is stable and does not affect the health of visitors. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, it will be most reasonable to go at this time.

With such a harsh climate, the monsoon season in Vietnam changes regularly. Hopefully that you have a nice trip to Vietnam with the above information.  

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