Silver Waterfall Sapa (Thac Bac in Vietnamese) is like a masterpiece of nature, boasting the majestic beauty that allures a large number of visitors to come. Let’s accompany us in this virtual tour in the article below to get closer to this charming waterfall.

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silver waterfall sapa
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Besides poetic Muong Hoa Valley, stunning vast terraced rice fields, rustic Cat Cat Village,... Sapa makes a profound impression on visitors’ minds by a magnificent waterfall named Silver Waterfall, nicknamed as the violon of the Northwest region with an admirable height and spectacular natural scenery. 

I - The breathtaking beauty of the Silver Waterfall Sapa

silver waterfall sapa

Water flow waterfall sapa - Source:

Located at the foot of O Quy Ho Mountain Pass, Thac Bac Waterfall in Sapa is upstream of Muong Hoa Stream. As one of the most popular attractions in Sapa, the water falling from a height of more than 200m creates incredibly white foams which look like seas of floating clouds. It is shimmering and glittering under the glorious sunshine, which may be the origin of its name. Surrounding the Silver Waterfall in Sapa is lush unspoiled jungle with green trees and moss covering the surface of craggy blocks of rocks, which makes majestic and extraordinary natural scenery.

Especially, from the peak of Ham Rong mountain, you can admire the pristine and wild beauty of this spectacular waterfall which combines with the surrounding landscape to create a stunning picture. This is absolutely an ideal destination for you to keep away from the bustling city and unwind your mind among the clean atmosphere and the quiet, calming vibe of nature. 

To get to the peak of the Silver Waterfall Sapa, you have to go up cement stairs (on the right side of the waterfall) with one side of a high cliff and the other with the constantly flowing waterfall. There is a bridge that crosses Thac Bac Waterfall, connecting with the route down the fall on the left side. On the way from the foot to the top of the waterfall, you may feel overwhelmed by the breathtaking view of the fall itself and the echoing sounds of the water in the vast space. You can stop at some points to admire the fall, breathe in the cool, fresh air and take photos with a wonderful background. The way down the Silver Waterfall Vietnam is winding sloppy cement stairs, so you should be very careful.  

The best time to travel to Thac Bac Sapa is from February to June every year, when the fall flows more heavily, the plants thrive strongly and the atmosphere is cooler and fresher. During winter, there is no water in the waterfall, so you can not admire the utmost beauty of the waterfall. However, during this season, the whole area including routes leading to the Silver Waterfall Sapa, terraced rice fields, and mountains is covered with a thick layer of white snow, making a breath-taking view like in a fairy tale. 


- Ticket: 20,000 VND/ adult ($0.88); 10,000 VND/ kid ($0.44)

- The ticket counter is right at the foot of the waterfall

- Opening hours: 7am - 7pm 

II - How to travel to the Silver Waterfall?

silver waterfall in sapa

Taxi in Sapa - Source:

Thac Bac Waterfall is a part of a tourist site with the same name in San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, about 12km from Sapa Town Center. There are two main means of transportation to get to the waterfall: by taxi and motorbike.

Here are some taxi brands in Sapa you can refer to:

- Mai Linh Lao Cai taxi: +84 214 376 7676 

- Fansipan Taxi: +84 203 626 262 

- Ban Ho Taxi: +84 389 111 119 

If you are an adventure lover who wants to conquer the meandering routes and admire the stunning natural landscapes on the way to the Silver Waterfall Sapa, a motorbike is a great choice for you to take into consideration. It takes you about 30 minutes to reach the foot of the waterfall. In different seasons, the scenery here boasts its unique beauty, which may be immense lush green chayote gardens, majestic pine forests, gorgeous highland flower fields and typical vast terraced rice fields. The beautiful natural scenery combined with fresh air make the visitors extremely exhilarated. 

There is a parking lot right at the entrance of the tourist site, so you can park your motorbike here with a price of 10,000 - 20,000 VND/ motorbike ($0.44 - 0.88).


III - What else to discover at the Silver Waterfall tourist site?

1 - The local market 

silver waterfall sapa travel guide

Specialties & souvenirs at the local market - Source: @ducquy

The vibrant small market, located at the foot of the waterfall, about 200m from the ticket counter, sells a wide array of local items such as colorful indigenous costumes, glittering jewelry, spices, and local Sapa food, typically grilled marinated eggs and dried buffalo meat. You can enjoy these delicacies right at the stalls and purchase a couple of items as a souvenir to bring back home. 

2 - Restaurants in the Silver Waterfall tourist site

silver waterfall sapa vietnam

Local restaurant - Source: @NhahanghaisanThacBacTheGioiHaiSanVaCa

There are a couple of restaurants in the campus of the site for you to easily and conveniently go around and discover the surroundings. 

Silver Waterfall Salmon restaurant

The restaurant with valley view and airy space impresses tourists with the professional and courteous staff and the fresh, delicious dishes from fish, typically salmon-made dishes. There are a wide array of dishes in the menu but the most outstanding ones can be mentioned as salmon salad - the highlight of the restaurant, grilled salmon, salmon hotpot, sturgeon dishes (fried sturgeon, sturgeon hot pot), and many other scrumptious desserts such as fruit salad and fried corn, etc. 

- Location: Km12 the Silver Waterfall Sapa tourist site

- Opening hours: 10am - 10pm 

- Price: 200,000 - 550,000 VND/ dish ($8.76 - 24)

- Contact: +84 919 663 263 

Song Nhi Sapa Salmon Restaurant 

Located right at the foot of Silver Fall, Song Nhi restaurant is famous for its spacious indoor-outdoor space and fresh, delectable fish dishes. The restaurant, overlooking the lush green valley and wild forest, features a lake on the campus, so you can catch fish by yourself and take it to the skilled cooks of the restaurant who are always willing to serve the most wonderful dishes. The most typical dishes here are salmon salad, salmon roe, smoked salmon, and dried minced salmon.  

- Opening hours: 6am - 11pm 

- Price: 70,000 - 500,000 VND/ dish ($3 - 22)

- Contact: +84 976 373 366 

Thac Bac Waterfall is undoubtedly the highlight of Sapa town, where visitors get to immerse in the wild nature and gain memorable experiences. In addition, near the Silver Waterfall Sapa are many other attractive places that you should not miss such as O Quy Ho Pass - the longest and most majestic pass of Vietnam, Tram Ton Station, Love Waterfall, Muong Hoa Valley, and Heaven Gate, all of which are waiting for you to discover on the coming trip to Sapa - an amazing land in North Vietnam. 

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