Staying in homestays is a great choice for those who want to experience living like locals, while the modern & luxurious resorts in Sapa Vietnam are highly recommended for a leisure trip or a relaxing vacation. A list of the top 4 best resorts mentioned below are some good recommendations for considering.

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Source: Topasecolodge

1 - Topas Ecolodge - top 4 resorts in Sapa 

best resorts in sapa vietnam

Topas Ecolodge - Source: Topasecolodge

Situated on the top of a hill in the middle of Hoang Lien National Reserve, Topas Ecolodge contains 41 novel and unique white granite bungalows, from one of which you can contemplate the panoramic beautiful views of green mountains, valleys and glimmering a few little pretty houses. 

Besides the prime location connecting fully to nature, this resort in Sapa Vietnam is highly rated for its modern facilities, convenient services and the enthusiasm, and hard-working resort staff. Staying here, you can have a chance to fully experience the services of the resort including a high-quality spa & bars, a local food restaurant, and enjoy the mountain & forest view from the infinity pool.

- Location: Thanh Kim village, Sapa town

- Room rate: 5.150.000 - 9.200.000 VND/night ($222 - $396,6)

- rate: 9,2/10

2 - Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa 

silk path grand resort & spa sapa

Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa - one of the best resorts in Sapa Vietnam - Source: Booking

Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa is located on a private hill covered by picturesque Hoang Lien Son mountain scenery. The resort is intensively designed according to the aristocracy and sophistication of European style mixed with classic and rustic features of local culture. 

This best resort in Sapa Vietnam has a spacious & airy campus covered by plentiful kinds of Vietnam's pretty flowers and green plants creating an extremely poetic and fresh atmosphere. A unique oval-shaped swimming pool surrounded by transparent glass windows overlooking the view of foggy mountains with hot water all year round is one of the best ways of relaxing. Staying here, you could also experience high-end spa services, enjoy delicious dishes and beverages at the luxurious restaurant.

- Location: Doi Quan 6, Sapa town

- Room rate: 1.850.000 - 29.400.000 VND/night ($79,7 - $1267,2)

- rate: 9,4/10

3 - Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa - top resorts in Sapa

victoria sapa resort & spa

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa - Source: Victoriahotels

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is inspired by mountainous local house architecture which is built by nature-closed materials such as wood, stone,... The highlight of this resort is the heat built inside, wooden tables & chairs, classic ceiling fan, and other ancient-looking amenities in order to create a cozy atmosphere. 

The Ta Van restaurant with Fansipan mountain view specializes in both Vietnamese and Western cuisine. Enjoying meals outside on campus while seeing the breathtaking mountain view is an amazing experience on a sunny day. Watching traditional dance performed by Hmong or Thai people every Saturday night from 8pm to 9pm is also an impressive thing that this Sapa resort offers to guests. 

Another experience when staying here, you can take the opportunity to know more about Hmong’s culture and lifestyles while being with the locals preparing breakfast and having a traditional foot bath with herbs in the afternoon.

- Location: Xuan Vien street, Sapa town

- Room rate: 1.470.000 - 3.380.000 VND/room/night ($63,4$ - $145,7)

- rate: 9,2/10

4 - Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa

sapa jade hill resort and spa

Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa - Source: Agoda

Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa is one of the must-stay resorts in Sapa which belongs to first Vietnam’s mountain resort property complex including luxurious villas, tourist service areas, and ethnic markets. 

This resort is designed in a sophisticated contemporary style, mixed with rustic local architecture, providing an impressive experience like a fairy village appearing in the misty sky of Sa Pa.

The highlight of this Sapa Vietnam resort is the infinity swimming pool overlooking the spectacular Muong Hoa Valley. Four-seasoned hot water in the pool which makes it quite relaxing... In addition, the resort also supplies many entertaining services including bars and pubs, restaurants, spa & gymnastics services, mountain cycling, horse riding. 

- Location: Ly village, Lao Chai commune, Sapa town

- Room rate: 1.680.000 - 3.930.000 VND/room/night  ($72,4 - $169,4)

- rate: 8,0/10

Located in an almost all-year-round cool-climate area, covered with wonderful natural scenery, Sapa deserves to be the top resort paradise in the north of Vietnam. Therefore, it is hoped that the information about the top 4 best resorts in Sapa Vietnam above will help you have some ideas of convenient & elegant accommodation.

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