Since ancient times, soaking ingredients with salt water, vinegar, wine, and vegetable oil or pickling, has been one of the typical ways of preserving food in the cuisine of the East in general and of Vietnam in particular. Similar to most of the typical pickled dishes of this country, Vietnamese pickled carrots have a sweet and sour taste that is extremely attractive, stimulating digestion and making meals more appetizing.

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vietnamese pickled carrots
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I - What are actually Vietnamese pickled carrots?

As a very popular dish in Tet Lunar New Year meals in Vietnam, pickled carrots have the main ingredients of carrots mixed with salt and some spices, all soaked to infuse and gradually ferment for 2-3 days. Pickled carrots Vietnamese style have a fresh, sweet, and sour taste that blends with the extremely attractive crunchiness of pieces of carrot, making the meal more appetizing after the greasy dishes on the Tet holiday. In addition, you can also consider Vietnamese pickled carrots as a delicious side dish in the daily menu with braised meat, broken rice, vermicelli, bread, sausages,... Meanwhile, some people like to combine carrots with white radish or kohlrabi to create delicious pickled dishes.


vietnamese pickled carrot

Pickled carrots are extremely popular in Vietnam - Source: Internet

Pickled dishes, in general, contain abundant natural antioxidants, which are useful for anemia, helping to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Pickled carrots provide a lot of beneficial probiotic bacteria for the gut, essential minerals, and vitamins that protect eyesight, helping increase immunity and other body functions.

However, you should also pay attention to avoid or eat less Vietnamese pickled carrots if you are in the following groups:

- People with stomach pain: Pickled carrots are acidic, which can make the stomach growl and painful, affecting the taste of the dishes after it.

- People with cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, liver disease: The seasonings of pickled carrots include a lot of salt, which can increase the risk of harm to health.

- Pregnant women: The digestive tract of pregnant women is more sensitive while pickled foods can cause bloating and nausea.

- People with digestive tract diseases: Vietnamese pickled carrots may not guarantee to completely eliminate all microorganisms found in foods that could make you susceptible to gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, stomach ulcers, ...

- Children: The digestive system of children is not yet complete, so you can add beneficial bacteria for your baby from yogurt, digestive enzymes... instead of pickled carrots or other pickled dishes.

II - The best Vietnamese pickled carrots recipe

1 - Necessary ingredients

vietnamese pickled carrots recipe

Ingredients for making pickled carrots - Source: Internet

Ingredients for making carrot pickles for 5 people include: 

- 500g carrots

- 250ml of rice vinegar

- 250ml of water

- 125g sugar

- 20g salt

- Glass jar

2 - How to make Vietnamese pickled carrots?  

- Carrots are washed, peeled, and cut into bite-sized long sticks, each edge is 0.5cm thick or trimmed in waves.

- Put the carrots and 15g of salt in a large bowl, gently mix with your hands and leave for about 30 minutes for the ingredients to soften and the salt to penetrate thoroughly.

- Meanwhile, use another bowl to dissolve the prepared sugar, vinegar, and warm water in the ratio of 125g sugar: 250ml vinegar: 5g salt.

- After that, wash the carrots in a bowl of cold water about 4-5 times, which will help the sour taste less pungent and less salty, making the carrots more crispy. Let it drain before proceeding to the next step.

- Put carrots in clean glass jars and pour in the sugar vinegar mixture, cover tightly. This can be eaten after about 8 - 10 hours, but the carrots will taste best after 1 - 2 days.

3 - How to preserve Vietnamese pickled carrots? 

Pickled carrots can be stored well and used for about 4-6 weeks, however, the 1st week is the best time to eat. You can store pickled carrots in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place. You should use clean and dry glass jars to preserve them for a long time while still keeping them safe and delicious, as well as avoiding mold. When taking pickled carrots Vietnamese style out from the jar to enjoy, you should use clean chopsticks or spoons to avoid bacteria entering.

Pickled carrots are a popular side dish in Vietnam, especially delicious when served with fried and grilled foods, or greasy meals during Tet holidays. Easy to make at home, they also provide various beneficial bacteria and essential minerals, which are extremely beneficial to health. With the sweet and sour taste of crunchy carrots, Vietnamese pickled carrots are a delicious dish that stimulates the taste buds, making you want to eat non-stop.

People also asked:
1 - How long do Vietnamese pickled carrots last? 

→ Pickled carrots Vietnamese style can be used for about 4-6 weeks, however, the 1st week is the best time to eat

2 - Are pickled carrots good for you?

→ Some groups of people should not eat Vietnamese pickled carrots:

- People with stomach pain:

- People with cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, liver disease

- Pregnant women

- People with digestive tract diseases

- Children

3 - What to serve with Vietnamese pickled carrots?

→ Some Vietnamese dishes as Banh mi, savory crepes (bánh xèo), grilled pork and noodles, egg rolls,...are the best served with pickled carrots

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