Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk which requires meticulousness and delicacy in the processing method is among the most ubiquitous Vietnamese street drinks and can be found on almost every corner and area. Vietnamese milk coffee is not simply a favorite drink but also a culture that showcases the uniqueness of the lifestyles of the Vietnamese. 

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vietnamese coffee with condensed milk
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More than a jolt of energy throughout a long day, coffee culture is also a crucial part of the everyday life of Vietnamese people. It is the strong, deeply sweet, flavorful, and aromatic coffee that makes Vietnamese condensed milk coffee rise to global prominence. Let’s get closer to the favorite Vietnamese iced milk coffee in the article below.

I - What makes Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk famous?

Coffee is more than just a popular drink in Vietnam. The quintessence of Vietnamese coffee is reflected through culture and the unique way to enjoy the coffee of the Vietnamese. The locals take time to taste strong and sweet coffee while reading the newspaper, listening to music, chatting with friends, or even working. 


vietnamese milk coffee

Vietnamese milk coffee captivates the hearts of thousands of tourists - Source: asianinspirations

Coffee is considered not only a quick energy boost for the new day but also an “excuse” for people to relax and get together with friends or colleagues. Coffee shops can be found in almost every alley and corner, from stylist shops to simple roadside stands in Vietnam. 

Vietnamese people enjoy coffee in two different “versions”: black coffee and Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk (Ca phe sua). Slowly sipping the rich and sweet taste of Ca phe sua is like awakening the appetite and the mind of people. 

The “wow” flavors of sweet condensed, greasy milk combined with bitter yet aromatic and acidic are the bold features of condensed milk coffee of Vietnam. One of the reasons for the popularity of coffee in Vietnam is the affordable price ranging from just 25,000 - 50,000 VND/cup ($1.1 -  2.4).

II - Main ingredients of Vietnamese condensed milk coffee

1 - Coffee powder

best condensed milk for vietnamese coffee

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The original, pure robusta coffee powder or the combination of Robusta and Arabica to make the cup of Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk more aromatic and ease the bitterness of Robusta. It is highly recommended for the Robusta - Arabica ratio of 8:2. In Vietnam, nowadays, the top 5 most famous coffee brands are Arabica, Robusta, Culi, Chery and Moka. 

2 - The best condensed milk for Vietnamese coffee

Condensed milk will soften the bitterness of the drink and coffee becomes higher in calories. The most popular condensed milk brands in Vietnam can be named Ong Tho, Dutch Lady, Phuong Nam star, Truong Sinh, Hoan Hao, and Carnation. For those who would love the cold drink, just add a couple of ice cubes and shake or stir evenly.

III - How to make Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk?  

1 - Ingredient preparation

how to make vietnamese coffee with condensed milk

Vietnamese milk coffee is extremely easy to be made - Source: Internet

- Coffee powder: 2 - 3 tablespoons of Vietnamese ground coffee (around 25g)

- Condensed milk: 1 - 3 tablespoons of condensed milk (depending on your preference)

- Hot water: 170 - 230ml boiling water (around 90°C) 

- Ice cubes (if any)

- Coffee maker: Phin or Vietnamese metal coffee filter

2 - Steps to brew Vietnamese condensed milk coffee

In general, there are 5 steps to brew a cup a milk coffee bold Vietnamese style:

- Step 1: rinse the Phin (Vietnamese coffee filter) with hot water 

Rinsing the Phin and the cup with hot water is an important step to decide the flavor of the whole coffee cup. 

- Step 2: Pour coffee powder into the filter to make Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk

Pour coffee powder into the Phin, gently shake the filter to distribute it evenly into the filter. 

- Step 3: Add boiling water 

Measure about 170-230ml of near boiling water. Wait for 5 seconds to “bloom” the coffee so that the water releases CO2 from the coffee and the grounds expand. 

- Step 4: Let coffee drip well

Press on the filter to compress the coffee to slow down the drip rate, which makes the cup of coffee more flavorful. Then, just wait for the coffee to finish drip brewing!

- Step 5: Pour condensed milk 

Remove the filter, add the condensed milk depending on your personal preference, then stir evenly. You can enjoy an instant Vietnamese hot coffee cup or make an iced coffee by pouring your coffee over a glass of ice. 

The intensely strong and sweet Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk surely dissolves your morning daze and boosts your energy for the long day. Don’t forget to take a slow sip of Vietnamese milk coffee in a corner of a coffee shop in the early morning and read a page of the newspaper to feel the Vietnamese ambience that is absolutely different from the experience in any other countries.

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