Taxis can be found in any area in Hanoi, a safe, convenient, reasonable method to travel around once you put your foot in the city. There are varieties of legitimate Hanoi taxi companies, regardless, you may encounter an unscrupulous, rigged meter taxicab whilst hailing one from the street. Here are the lists of traditional, reputable taxi companies in Hanoi.

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Taxi Hanoi
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I - Traditional Hanoi Taxi Companies

1 - Mai Linh Taxi

Mai Linh Taxi Hanoi, a legitimate taxi company presents in most regions of Vietnam, eye-catching green stencil coated over the vehicles with logos and its name "Mai Linh", phone contacts, and price tag.

Mai Linh taxi Hanoi
Taxi Mai Linh (Source: Mai Linh)
- Phones: (024) 38 333333 - (024) 38 616161 - (024) 3 8222666
- Website: mailinh.vn/
- Price: starting VND11,000 - VND15,000 (US $0.5 - 0.7), succeeding kilometers set to VND12,000 (US $0.6) (prefer both cash and credit card)

2 - Taxi Group 

A reputable taxi based in Hanoi set its first business in 2010, clearance white body coated with red stripes. Taxi Group is well-known as a reliable taxi in Hanoi.  
- Phones contact: 024 38 53 53 53
- Website: taxigroup.com.vn/
- Price: starting VND10,000 - VND14,000 (US $0.4 - 0.6) (subsequent kilometers set to VND11,000 (US $0.5) (prefer both cash and credit card)

3 - Thanh Nga Taxi

Considered as a reliable taxi-based company in Hanoi, offering a reasonable rate, trustworthy quality service, Thanh Nga Taxi in Hanoi is recognized by using Korean hatchback vehicles, gray body painted, blue stripes, and phone contact. Thanh Nga Taxi is widely hailed by Hanoian.  
- Phone contact: 024 38 215 215     
- Website: cong-ty-cp-thanh-nga.business.site/
- Price: starting: VND8,000 - VND11,000 (US $0.3 - 0.5), following meters set to VND9,000 (US $0.4) (cash only) 

4 - ABC Taxi

Setting business in 2007, ABC Taxi Hanoi is a legitimate transport brand with comfortable vehicles. White body vehicles purple stripes with logos and its name, offering both in-town and airport transfer.
- Phone contact: 024 37 19 19 19 and 024 32 19 19 19
- Website: abctaxi.com.vn/
- Price: starting VND 6,000 (US $0.34) for the first km, succeeding kilometer at VND 13,000 (US $0.6) (prefer cash, credit card, QR scan pay)

5 - Hanoi airport taxi

To foreigners and travellers, taxi from Hanoi airport to Old quarter is so easy to take with local taxi brands such as Mai Linh, Taxi Group, ABC Hanoi taxi and others are some of the contributors to airport transfer service. Noi Bai Airport taxi company is dedicated to serving from and to airport transfer in Hanoi. 

Hanoi airport taxi
(Source: Internet)
- Phone contact: 024 38 868 888
- Website: noibaitaxi.com.vn/
- Price: VND 250,000 (US $11) airport drops off, and VND 300,000 (US $13) airport picks up, including airport gate fare.
Notes on rate: 
- Rate is set on per trip, 
- An additional charge applied to any pick-up/drop-off points more than 30km at VND 10,000 (US $0.5) per added kilometer. 

II - Hanoi Taxi App

How much you need to pay, identifying the driver, managing route and time, how safe is it with a stranger driver? Take a Grab, App Taxis making an exciting change in taxi services. Weary, disgruntled travelers getting fed up with traditional unscrupulous high-speed meters warmly welcome Grab and other App taxis. Along with the booming of smartphones and 3G cellular data providers, based app taxis become a popular choice than the traditional hailed ones.  
How to get a Taxi App In Hanoi? 
Grab a 3G smartphone with a based-app, pin a location and order a driver cruising the crazy traffic of Hanoi.
What to note?
- A clear, easy to reach address is recommended as most drivers cannot or barely speak English.  
- Many drivers ignore to engage during peak hours or in the short-distance running.
Here are reputable Based-App Taxis in Hanoi

1 - Grab taxi in Hanoi

Being the first guy to operate Based-App taxis in Vietnam, Grab cabs is the biggest service provider, available in cars, motorbikes, and delivery service. The Apps are available on Apple and Google Play Store here. Name, phone number, and email account are required to register to use the App Services.  

Grab taxi in Hanoi
(Source: Techbike)
How to order a grab driver?
Instant Grab App from Android or IOS devices, create an account, pop-up the app, and set your location to a destination. 
How about Hanoi Taxi fare?
The rate is set per trip depending on the time of using the service, the flagged price at peak time. Be rest assured, the rate is more reasonable than catching a traditional cab.  

2 - Go-jek

Hanoi taxi fare
(Source: Behance)
Recently hyped in Vietnam, Go-jek is recognized by moto and food delivery. The Based-App is available on google and Android store, a registered account is required. Like any App Taxis, full name, phone number to verify are required.  

3 - Be - Taxi App From Vietnam

Taxi app in Hanoi
(Source: Theverge)
Proud of a local developed Taxis App, professional ride-hailing and fast delivery, Be is contributing both cars and motorbike taxis, offering additional options for travelers. Like any based-apps, registering an account is needed, requiring a full name, phone number and email account to verify. The Apps are available on both Apple and Google Play Store. Apple devices installing at ‎be - Vietnamese ride-hailing on the App Store and available for Android devices at be - Vietnamese ride-hailing app 

III - How To Avoid Hanoi Taxi Scam 

Taxi scam happens everywhere, crooked taxi drivers hanging around airports, bus stations, and tourist attractions early in the morning and late at night. Foreign travelers are the ideal prey of the unscrupulous imposters that aim to charge exorbitant rates. 

1 - Following are tips to avoid taxi scam 

Reliable taxi in Hanoi
(Source: Taxicabamritsar)
- Ignore the drivers hailing "Taxi" at airports, bus stations, and tourist attractions. There is information and many Hanoi airport taxi booths at the airport right at the Baggage Claim area, pick-up one of them. Otherwise, the airport-link bus line is available, Bus no. 86, orange paint coated. Routing Hanoi airport - Hanoi center (Hoan Kiem Lake) - Hanoi station every 30 minutes, taking about 60 minutes’ drive, a reasonable price at VND 35.000/trip (USD 1,5). The first trip set on the day at 05.10 am and the last one at 10.30 pm, stopping by both Terminals. Seats may not be enough for all passengers during peak time, standing whole the trip should be aware. 
- Being yourself at the train and bus station?  Once you set your foot out of the train or bus station, grab a reputable taxi company (Mai Linh, Hanoi Group, and Thanh Nga). Be rest assured, the drivers must be in uniform, wearing a tie with the name tag. In case you cannot find one, Grab cabs is a smart choice.
- Getting assistance from your hotel concierge, shopkeepers, and a travel agent to order a reputable one.
- Prepare a card and paper that has the address written on it. 
- Don't pay in USD, expecting the exchange rate is always bad. Getting some change, small bills to pay the change.   
- Use Google map to navigate the route, make sure the driver is on track.
- Keep your eyes in the meter, be assured it works and with a fresh start, without high-speed meters.
- Hire a private vehicle with a driver for long-distance traveling, it is safe and comfortable.

2 - How to deal when you are scammed

Once you recognize to encounter a scam taxi in Hanoi, here are tips to deal with: 
- Refuse to pay the excess amount, threaten the driver with police.
- Make noise and get the attention of hotel staff to assist. 
- Take photos of the vehicle, plate, phone number, the driver, and the driver's identification to threaten him to police. 
Hoping you can find the best mode to explore and avoid scam taxis in Hanoi. Don't make illegal taxis ruin your holiday.
It is quite convenient to get the best taxi in Hanoi from a variety of choices from traditional taxi companies to tech-based taxi apps with a reasonable and reliable cost. Taxi services from Hanoi to Noi Bai airport or to some big cities such as Hai Phong, Ha Long bay or even to Sapa are available for your quest. 
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