Weather in Hanoi in August is much more comfortable than the summer’s months. The temperature is lower than June & July, the rainfall is much higher. August is the first month of Autumn in Hanoi and it is undeniable that Hanoi in the Autumn months has a unique and romantic beauty.

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weather in hanoi in august
Source: Minh Luu

I - How is the weather in Hanoi in August like?

1 - Rainfall in August

The rainfall in Hanoi this time is about 200mm and there are about 18 days of rain. The short-lasting showers make the air much fresh & clean. You should take a raincoat or umbrella when going out. 

3 - The average temperature in Hanoi in August

Compared to July’s temperature, the average temperature in August experiences a slight decrease and fluctuates from 26°C - 32°C. The average temperature is about 29°C and the sunshine hours are nearly 7 hours/day. 
So what to wear in Hanoi in August? A pair of canvas shoes, a T-shirt, shorts are highly recommended. Hat, scarf, sunglasses or coach are unnecessary.

2 - Humidity in August

hanoi weather in august

One Pillar Pagoda - Source: Kenh14

Humidity in Hanoi this time comprises a high level of 85.9% compared to the annual average measure being only 82%. The high humidity is caused by long rainy days.

II - Ideal things to do when visiting Hanoi in August

August is the month of cultural spiritual activities & events such as the Vu Lan Festival, Ghost Festival, Qixi Festival,... 

Fact: August also known as July in the lunar calendar is regarded as the most unlucky month of the year, therefore, to Vietnamese, the important tasks must be avoided during this month.

hanoi temperature in august

Hang Ma Street - Source: Danviet

1 - Visiting Tran Quoc Pagoda & Quan Su Pagoda on the Vu Lan Festival

Ghost festival or Vu Lan Festival, a Buddist festival held on the 15th of July (lunar calendar), is one of the most important festivals in Vietnamese culture. Visiting Hanoi in August, you can see lots of Vietnamese people visit the old pagodas such as Tran Quoc pagoda, Quan Su pagoda… to pray and offer incense for peace. On this occasion, Vietnamese people often gather and express their love to parents, ancestors; and take part in some activities to pray for the dead's homeless souls to rest in peace. 

- Vu Lan festival in 2021: 22/08/2021 (solar calendar) 

- Vu Lan festival in 2022: 12/08/2021 (solar calendar) 

Weather in Hanoi in August is very suitable for you to visit Hang Ma Street where you can see and admire sophisticated and beautiful paper-made products that are used to burn to offer ancestors in another world. 

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2 - Praying for love in Ha Pagoda at the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day).

On the 7th of July (inspired by the Qixi festival in the belief of Chinese), young Vietnamese who are still alone and want to find their true love, often visit Ha pagoda - a famous & sacred in love old pagoda in Hanoi - to offer incense and pray for finding love.

Ha Pagoda address: No. 86, Chua Ha Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District. 

what to do in hanoi in august

Ha Pagoda - Source: Kenh14

The weather in Hanoi in August is very comfortable. This is considered as an ideal time to go sightseeing, enjoy the beauty of Hanoi on some festival days. 

What to wear in Hanoi in August?
A pair of canvas shoes, T-shirt, shorts are highly recommended
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