Discover The Best Of Hanoi In March: Weather, Events, and Activities

March offers visitors the perfect weather conditions for enjoying Hanoi's many sights and attractions, with cool temperatures and occasional light rain showers creating a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere. Whether you're keen to explore the city's impressive architecture, bustling markets, or tranquil natural spaces, March in Hanoi provides the ideal backdrop.

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Hanoi in March
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Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis that offers an exciting mix of ancient culture, modern amenities, and natural beauty. March is one of the best times to visit Hanoi, as the weather is pleasant and dry, and the city is abuzz with festivities and cultural events. In this article, we will take you on a journey to visit Hanoi in March for the best, from its famous landmarks and attractions to its lesser-known gems.

I - How is the weather in Hanoi in March like?

March in Hanoi is in the mid-spring and the climate this time is still influenced by the northeastern monsoon. The weather is a bit cold and drizzly, creating the high humidity and wet feeling, nhưng cũng đã chào đón ánh mặt trời. This weather is ideal for sightseeing, however, it also favors the growth of bacteria, insects and seasonal flu.

weather of hanoi in march

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- Rainfall
The rainfall in March in Hanoi is much higher than in previous months, but still just around 19.7mm. The drizzle (mostly appears at night and early morning) is continuous and unpleasant so you should bring an umbrella or a thin raincoat when going out. In the afternoon, clouds and rain would reduce making it the best time for your outings.
- Average temperature in Hanoi in March 
The temperature in Hanoi in March is at a suitable level, not too cold to go out with long sleeves but not too hot to sweat. It increases slightly compared to February, fluctuating from 18 - 23°C with a low difference between day & night. The sunshine hours reach 6 hours per day, so the atmosphere is quite warm for a great trip in Hanoi.
- Humidity 
The humidity in March in Hanoi is measured at around 75%, due to the effect of regular and prolonged drizzling rains. This leads to various drawbacks, such as the development of bacteria and mold, hence respiratory diseases and spoiled food. But also because of that, asthma, respiratory diseases made worse by dry air will not affect you too much on your trip.

Weather in Hanoi  & ideal time for visiting

II - The beauty of March in Hanoi

hanoi in march beauty

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Traveling around Hanoi in March, you will experience the last days of spring in a romantic and poetic way, especially with blooming flowers. Just wandering in the city, you will come across rows of extremely beautiful small-leaved Terminalia catappa trees in the changing season. The trees shed yellow leaves all over the sidewalk, the fennel has turned red, lighting up a street corner, attracting many young people and tourists coming here to check-in. March in Hanoi is also characterized by the gentle scent of grapefruit flowers blowing in the wind, as gentle and simple as this city.

Hanoi in April: Awakening Your Senses

This time is also when the street corners are covered with clusters of sua flowers blooming, like clouds under the gentle rain. Not as brilliant as the red phoenix flower or the purple Lagerstroemia, nor characteristic fragrant like milk flower, the sua still stands out in its own way with a feeling of freshness and purity. In the busy pace of preparing for the summer of March in Hanoi, the white color of the flowers makes the city's scenery more peaceful and gentle. Sua flowers bloom very abruptly and fade no less quickly, so you should take the time to capture them in impressive photos.

Exploring the Allure of Vietnamese Flowers

Ban flower is considered one of the symbols of the Northwest mountains, closely associated with the people there. But coming to Hanoi in March, you can also admire this purple sky, feel the high mountains in the heart of the city. Ban flowers bloom in low branches with thin, light petals of gentle purple color, mixed with green leaves forming long continuous lines like dispelling the gloom of the drizzles. By the end of March in Hanoi, it is also the season of rice flowers blooming — the red color under the gentle sunshine signals the end of spring, making way for a bright summer.

III - What to do in Hanoi in March?

The weather in Hanoi in March is not so ideal for sunny-lovers, but it is still nice for visiting the cultural-historical attractions. Although traditional Tet holiday and exciting festivals have passed, there are still some events with cultural activities that you can participate in.

hanoi in march travel

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1 - Temple of Literature

March in Hanoi usually just ended the Lunar New Year - the month of entertainment for Vietnamese people, everything starts to go on a familiar spin. During this month, people often visit the Temple of Literature to pray for good times ahead, with desired academic achievement particularly for students. This is not only the first Vietnamese higher education center, but also a place that retains the beautiful cultural features in the heart of Hanoi. Going to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi in March, you will find that this place still has beautiful Tet decorations & lush trees, but less crowded. You can ask for letters from the calligraphy masters, or join some spring activities that are still held.
- Location: No.58 Quoc Tu Giam Street, Van Mieu Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi. 
- Ticket price: 30,000 VND / person ($1.3)

2 - Bat Trang Craft Village Festival in Hanoi in March

Visiting the Bat Trang pottery village and participating in the festival are interesting experiences that should not be missed during March in Hanoi. This is an event to preserve, reproduce and promote the quintessence of traditional art in each product in particular, and handicrafts in general. The ceremony of offering the Emperor of God with buffaloes, 6 big feast trays, and 4 sticky rice trays is the highlight of the festival. Other exciting things to see and join in are the traditional games such as human chess, worship singing,... You can also check out the pottery workshops, watch the artisans create sophisticated ceramic products and get your hands in making one yourself.
- Time: February 15th of every lunar year, corresponding to March in Hanoi
- Location: Bat Trang Commune in Gia Lam District (15km from Hanoi city center). 

3 - Huong Pagoda Festival

What to do in Hanoi in March

Huong Pagoda Festival - Source: Internet

Visiting Hanoi in March, you have the chance to take part in the Huong Pagoda Festival, which is held from February to April every year. This is a special event of the country, which attracts hundreds of Buddhists to visit and offer incense & pray for a good year. In the pleasant weather of Hanoi March, you can take a boat trip along Yen stream, then hike or take a cable car trip to visit the caves, mountains and old pagoda, light an incense and pray for good luck. The end of March in Hanoi is also when the red rice flowers bloom, but the number of visitors to Huong Pagoda decreases, so you can freely go to the ceremony, enjoy the beautiful scenery and take check-in pictures.
- Time: January 6 - March 30 in the lunar calendar
- Location: Huong Pagoda, Huong Son Commune, My Duc District
Hopefully, the above sharing from Vietnamtrips about the weather in Hanoi in March and some should-visit attractions will help you prepare your trip. With the spring rain interspersed with a few remaining cold winds, this period brings a very unique charm to this ancient city. March in Hanoi attracts people for its unique poetic and romantic beauty, giving you many wonderful experiences in the trip.

What to do in Hanoi in March?
You should visit Temple of Literature, Bat Trang Craft Village, Huong Pagoda when visiting Hanoi in March
What is the weather like in Hanoi during March?
March is generally a good time to visit Hanoi, with cool temperatures and occasional light rain showers creating a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere for sightseeing.
Are there any cultural festivals or events that take place in Hanoi during March?
Yes, March is a month filled with cultural and traditional festivals in Hanoi. Visitors can enjoy events like the Quan Ho Bac Ninh Festival, which features folk music performances and traditional costumes, or the many street festivals that take place throughout the city.
What are some popular tourist attractions to visit in Hanoi during March?
The most popular places to visit include the Old Quarter, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and the Temple of Literature.
What should I pack for a trip to Hanoi in March?
You may also want to bring an umbrella or rain jacket for occasional light rain showers, and comfortable walking shoes
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