My Khe beach
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In the following parts, we are going to have the most general information about My Khe’s location, beauty, weather conditions, and nearby hotels. 

I - Why is My Khe Beach Da Nang so famous? 

Where is My Khe beach

Endless sand shore - Source: Joschko Hammermann

My Khe - top 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet by Forbes, is famous for its white smooth sand, mild waves, warm water all year round, and a poetic coconut line surrounding it. Due to the gentle coast, guests can feel free to swim while relaxingly viewing the majestic Marble Mountains and Cu Lao Cham Island to the far distance of Hoi An City. When the sun is down, My Khe Beach puts itself on a more tranquil, sorrowful coat. The transfer moment between day and night seems so condensed that it makes visitors feel a bit down.   

My Khe is always clean. The regulation about littering is strict, trash bins are positioned at every easy-to-approach place. Food stalls sold here must have cleaning staff to make sure the scenery and environment surrounding are always out of waste. With a salinity of approximately 60%, the unpolluted seawater of My Khe beach Vietnam is considered as highly safe. The ocean has a diversity of coral, a plentiful coastal and marine ecosystem. Particularly, there are some precious types of seaweed with a high export value found in this area. 

Walking along the white sand beach, you easily find luxurious resorts, hotels, international-standard villas, and amazing entertainment services. Like other beaches in Da Nang, My Khe beach strongly develops entertainment tourism such as fishing, surfing, snorkeling, cruises, parasailing, and many other vibrant night activities. The sea has a network of safety guards including watchtowers, lifebuoys, warning flags, and a security force present throughout the day, ready to timely support when accidents happen.

II - Top resorts, villas, and hotels in My Khe Beach Da Nang

1 - Top hotels 

Hotels in My Khe beach

 Sea Castle Hotel - Source: Agoda

Sea Castle Hotel

Serves 4 main types of rooms with the four-star qualification 

- Address: No.171 Ho Nghinh Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

- Room rate: 270,000 - 1,400,000 VND/room/night ($12.3 - 63.6)

- Website:

- Phone: 0905 903 988

HAMA Boutique Home

This My Khe beach hotel is one of the most attractive addresses because of its luxurious, comfortable space and prime location. 

- Address: K52, Lam Hoang Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

- Room rate: 300,000 - 500,000 VND/room/night ($13.6 - 22.7)

- Phone: 0937 934 343

- Fanpage:

2 - Apartments 

My Khe Beach apartment

This is one of the best destinations chosen by many tourists for its clear view and prime location. 

- Address: No.270 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

- Room rate: 1,100,000 VND/room/night ($50)

Bella Apartment My Khe Beach Da Nang

It has all the amenities needed for an enjoyable stay. You only spend about 15 minutes walking from the apartment to the beach.

- Address: No.387 An Thuong 29 & 60 Phan Ton, Phuoc My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

- Room rate: 400,000 VND/room/night ($18.2)

- Phone: 0933 057 607

3 - My Khe beach resorts

My Khe beach resorts

Furama Resort Danang - Source: Booking

Furama Resort Da Nang 

This is a luxurious five-star resort owning a separate beach and several attractive services such as restaurants, bars, reading areas, and so on

- Address: No.103-105 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

- Room rate: 3,000,000 - 10,000,000 VND/room/night ($136 - 454.5)

- Phone: 0236.3847.333

Risemount Premier Resort Danang 

It has an open space, especially a large outdoor swimming pool that is extremely suitable for you.

- Address: No.120 Nguyen Van Thoai Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

- Room rate: 2,000,000 - 6,000,000 VND/room/night ($91 - 272.7)

- Phone: 0236.3899.9999

4 - Villas

Vivian Villa & Apartment by My Khe beach

Vivian Villa & Apartment - Source: Agoda

Vivian villa & apartment by My Khe beach

With a minimalist, comfortable space with a suitable location that is right next to My Khe, the resort will help you have the best trip.

- Address: No.7 Le Manh Trinh Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Danang City

- Room rate: 300,000 - 1,100,000 VND/room/night ($13.6 - 50)

- Phone: 090.350.4605

The Green Heaven Villa by My Khe Beach

The villa is designed with luxurious style and a large space to give you the high-class experiences

- Address: No.23 Le Thuoc Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

- Room rate: 13,000,000 VND/room/night ($590.9)

- Phone: 090 350 26 03

III - Top 9 experiences at My Khe Beach Da Nang 

There are many activities especially water sport on in there that bring you the most interesting experiences: 

1 - Snorkeling 

If you would like to fully contemplate the colorful and vibrant “aquarium world”, scuba diving is the sport that you should not miss when setting foot in My Khe. Not only known for its clear, blue water, stretching sand coast, light yellow sunshine, My Khe beach snorkeling activity also appeals to tourists with a range of coral reefs which is regarded as the most diverse in Southeast Asia. With the support of professional equipment, you have a chance to enjoy the beauty under the seabed as well as experience the interesting feel of seeing several fish swimming around you. 

- Service provider: Dana Beach Club Da Nang 

- Tour price: 250.000 - 500.000 VND / person / 15 minutes ($10 - 22)

- Website:

2 - My Khe beach parasailing

My Khe beach parasailing

Parasailing - Source: Wyndhamhalong

Parasailing is a form of beach sport that has been allowed since 2014 in this Da Nang’s beach. This activity has been carefully studied by the organizers with the safety of flying of no more than 50m. Besides, on the canoe are security staff who always keep an eye on players to take timely reactions when necessary, so you don’t have to worry much.   

Floating in the air is a wonderful chance to see the whole view of My Khe beach Vietnam as well as the beauty of Da Nang City. Moreover, you can enjoy the exciting feeling of flying in the sky, breathing the cool fresh atmosphere, and playing with albatrosses spreading their wings nearby. 

- Price: 500,000 VND / person / time ($21.55)

- Service provider: Dana Beach Club Da Nang

3 - Flyboarding

Flyingboard is a new sport at Da Nang, which originates from the UK, France, and Thailand. If you want to be able to jump from the ocean like dolphins, this My Khe beach water sport is surely the thing you are looking for. When playing, you are blown up about 6 - 10m in the sky.

However, this is a difficult and risky game. Thanks to the effective rescue team and the quite mild sea face, My Khe is now the second place in Vietnam (the first place is Nha Trang) where you can experience this amazing game. 

- Price: 600,000 - 1,000,000 VND / person / 5 - 15 minutes ($25 - 43)

- Service provider: Dana Beach Club Da Nang 

4 - My Khe beach surfing - unforgettable experience 

Without huge waves like Hawaii, Bali, My Son beach, on the other hand, has stability with medium height waves which is very suitable for newbies in surfing.  If you have enough courage and want to step out of your comfort zone, enroll in a training course and see how you control the board to reach the middle of the sea.

- Price: 230,000 VND / tour ($10)

- Address for board rental: An Thuong 4 Street, My An Ward - right near My Khe beach Da Nang 

5 - Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most favorite sea sports in My Khe. However, to play this demanding and risky game, you need to be under a short training course. The fruitful result afterward is that you can drive your small kayak to the middle of the sea on your own, experiencing the sense of floating on the water with the rhythm of the oars, feeling the breeze brushing through your face, your hair, being a part of My Khe nature. 

- Price: 200,000 - 300,000 VND / hour / 2 people ($8.6 - 13)

- Service provider: Dana Beach Club Da Nang

6 - Watching My Khe beach sunrise 

5am maybe the time when a lot of people are still in their sweet dreams. However, let's put these dreams aside to wake up and jog along the coastline, sitting on the sand, singing a beautiful song, and waiting for the sun to rise, chasing away the last darkness of the night. 


My Khe beach sunsire

Sunrise on My Khe beach - Source: Jeremy Ricketts

Bright shiny light from the dawn adds thousands of silver lines to the sea surface. Don’t forget to pick up your camera and catch this magical moment when seagulls tap their wings on the water, making a pure noise. It is such a lively nature picture that gives you more energy to recharge for a new day. 

7 - Enjoying My Khe beach nightlife

Nightlife here is so vibrant that you should not stay in your room but go out to be immersed in it. You should consider the night sea tour to experience the feeling of going night fishing, night squid fishing, and so on. These activities are very suitable for travelers with good health conditions and an interest in exploring.

Tour provider: Danafi fishing tour

- Price: Night squid fishing tour: 350,000 VND / person ($7 - 14)

- Contact: 0905 522 374

- Website:

Besides that, there are several popular bars to explore in the evening around My Khe beach Da Nang, and opportunities to meet new people, enjoy great views, and have some delicious drinks!

The Dawn Beach bar

- Address: Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra District, Da nang City

- Phone: 0986 279 325

- Website:

Sky 21 Bar

- Address: No.216 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

- Phone: 02363 928 688

- Website:

Apocalypse Beach Club

- Address: No.51 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

- Phone: 0984 818 880

- Website:

8 - My Khe beach massage service 

Lotus massage My Khe

Massage service - Source: Oking

To have your body relax after an adventurous journey, massage is surely a brilliant choice. There are some addresses being located closely to My Khe Vietnam that you can take a look at:

TRE Boutique Massage My Khe

- Address: No 21 Nguyen Cao Luyen Street, Son Tra District

- Price: 225,000 VND / person ($10.2)

- Phone: 0888 606 884

By The Sea Spa & Massage

- Address: No.226 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District - right near My Khe beach. 

- Price: 750,000 VND / person ($32.3)

- Phone number: 0768 446 446

Luxury Babylon Spa Massage

- Address: No.30 Ha Bong street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District

- Price: 330,000 VND / person  ($14.2)

- Phone number: 0935 436 243 

9 - The best food near My Khe beach 

Best food My Khe beach

Top food to try - Source: Moshimoshi

Coming here, not only do you have a chance to observe the beauty of its nature but you also taste mouth-watering dishes. The following are special foods that you must try:

My Khe Seaweed

Seaweed is a famous specialty in this area. My Khe Seaweed grows in a clean sea, so its quality is guaranteed. At the same time, its flavor is highly remarked by tourists because of its freshness and toughness. Visitors to My Khe beach Da Nang normally choose dry seaweed as a gift for friends and family since it is easier to transport but the nutrition is still preserved. Seaweed products are well packaged and popularly sold at local markets or supermarkets. 

“Banh nam” My Khe

This is a type of cake that is associated with Hue. However, you can still enjoy its taste in My Khe. Each area has its own recipe and “banh nam” in My Khe beach is very heavy on the spice, apparently distinctive from that of Hue. “Banh nam” My Khe is made from rice powder so it seems to fit all appetites. 

Seafood dishes

Talking about My Son is to talk about seafood. With a rich ocean, this place has a variety of marine animals which are all fresh and healthy, and being cooked right after caught preserves the toughness of their meat and high nutrition. 

Top best restaurants near My Khe beach that are worth a try: 


My Khe beach restaurants

My Hanh seafood restaurant - Source: Internet

Da Nang My Hanh Seafood restaurant

- Address:  No.18 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Man Thai, Son Tra District, Danang city

- Opening hours: 8am - 10:30pm

- Phone number: 0905 313 999

Be Man Seafood restaurant

- Address: Block 14, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Danang city

- Opening hours: 9am - 11pm

- Price: 50,000 - 1,500,000 VND/dish ($2.3- 68)

- Website:

San Ho Seafood restaurant - one of the best My Khe beach seafood restaurants

- Address: Block 12 – 13 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Danang city

- Opening hours: 7am - 10pm

- Price: 150,000đ – 500,000 VND/dish ($6.8 - 22,7)

- Website:

Hai San Pho Da Nang restaurant

- Address: No.51 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang city

- Opening hours: 8am - 10pm 

- Price: 200.000 - 1.650.000 VND/dish ($9 - 75)

- Website:

IV - Essential information about My Khe beach Da Nang

1 - Emergency contacts

In urgent cases that you need assistance from the Vietnamese authorities, you can contact the following phone numbers:

- Police: 113

- Search and rescue nationwide: 112

- Ambulance fire: 114

- Ambulance: 115

- Directory Assistance: 116

2 - Where is My Khe beach Da Nang? 

This gorgeous beach lies along Vo Nguyen Giap street, Da Nang city which is a prime location because it is just 5km from Da Nang city center, 5.6 km from Da Nang airport, and 25km from Hoi An ancient town. 

From Da Nang international airport, you can get here by taxi with the price of about 80,000 to 120,000 VND / 4-seater car ($3.4 - 5.2) 

There are some taxi companies in Da Nang city such as:

- Mai Linh Taxi: 02363 566 656

- Tien Sa Taxi: 1900 252 500

- Vinasun Taxi: 0766 518 787

From My Khe to some other famous tourist spots: 


My Khe beach to Ba Na Hill

Ba Na Hills - Source: Sandip Roy

Ba Na Hills

- Distance from My Khe beach to Ba Na Hills: 30km  

- Taxi cost: 320,000 - 450,000 VND / 4-seat car ($14.5- 20.5)

Hoi An Ancient Town 

- Distance from My Khe to Hoi An: 25km 

- Taxi cost: 350,000 - 450,000 VND / 4-seat car ($15.9 - 20.5)

Marble Mountains

- Location: 8.5km from My Khe  

- Taxi cost: 50,000 VND / 4-seat car ($2.3)

Dragon Bridge 

- Location: 2km from My Khe   

- Taxi cost: 25,000 VND / 4-seat car ($1.1)

3 - Weather in My Khe beach Vietnam and the best time to visit

My Khe beach Danang

Stunning beach scenery - Source: Vietnam-guide

The weather of My Khe as well as Danang which is nearly sunny all year round with an average temperature of about 25.8oC and annual precipitation of approximately 2.500mm is exceptionally favorable for sea and marine tourism activities. Heavy rain and storms often come in October and November. 

However, Danang is one of the few cities which experience the least frequent natural disasters especially floods within Vietnam. Therefore, the most favorable time to visit My Khe Beach Danang Vietnam falls in 6 months from April to September. On those days, the sea is tranquil and clear, the sun and sand are beautiful, which is very suitable for beach sports, diving, snorkeling, and other kinds of outdoor activities at the beach.

4 - My Khe Beach map 

With the provided information, we hope that you will have the most wonderful holiday when coming to My Khe Beach Danang Vietnam. Hope that the beautiful landscape, great customer service associated with friendly local people here will bring you interesting experiences. 

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