Danang Dragon Bridge - a name somehow reveals its special outlook. Not just simply assemble the sacred mascot, this bridge can even magically have it spit fire and water. Thanks to a prime location, the Dragon Bridge Vietnam is a rendezvous of the local people and tourists on every important occasion. The neighborhood is also great for dating and filling empty stomachs. 

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As the 7th bridge on Han River, the Danang Dragon Bridge with an end on Nguyen Van Linh Street and the other on Vo Van Kiet Street not only reduces the traffic traveling across the river but also is the shortest and most direct way bringing the visitors from Da Nang International Airport to many other famous tourists destinations of the city such as My Khe beach, Son Tra peninsula, Marble mountains,... The Dragon Bridge in Danang city by itself is a very beautiful highlight of this dreamy land thanks to its unique design.   

I - The impressive architecture of the Danang Dragon Bridge

The construction was launched in July 2009 with the investment of more than 1,700 billion VND ($0.74 billion) and finished and opened to traffic in March 2013, right on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of Danang city independence. The formation of the Dragon Bridge Vietnam originated in the time when Danang city known for its beautiful long beach was striving to become a tourism coastal city in Vietnam. 


vietnam dragon bridge

The Danang Dragon Bridge is an impressive work - Source: vnexpress

There was an urgent need for a road connecting the Da Nang International Airport to the East area, making it easier to reach My Khe Beach in the shortest time. Because to the West of the city are ample towering buildings having been completed and cultural heritage need respecting such as Cham Museum, An Long Pagoda,... the only solution to integrate these constructions with the city is to make it start and end at the edge of a river so that it doesn’t obstruct the vision as well as affecting ancient architectures. 

The Danang Dragon Bridge took its first steps with the arch form, the most classic structure of a river bridge. However, what makes this bridge special is the consecutiveness of arches, both above and below the road on the surface, making it look like a giant dragon on the river. Another thing worth considering is the cultural meaning of the Golden Dragon Bridge Danang. The Vietnamese nation is characterized by Eastern culture, therefore, dragon and phoenix are two mascots that the people respect and worship. There has already been a sacred bird on the Han river (Tran Thi Ly bridge), an addition of a dragon will surely enhance the pride and confidence of indigenous residents.    

Top beautiful bridges in Danang

The Danang Dragon Bridge is 666m long and 37.5m wide, boasting 6 lanes. Moreover, it is meticulously integrated with a system of 15,000 LED light bulbs. 5 layers of golden paint not only help the work corrosion-proof but also increase its majesty and sparkling. The giant golden dragon on this bridge is inspired by the dragons of the Ly Dynasty (11th century), the most sophisticated and fanciest dragon designation in the history of Vietnam. Viewed from above, it looks like the dragon is heading to the South China Sea, bringing with it the ambition of Danang city for the stronger development in the near future. With the exceptional structure, the Vietnam Dragon Bridge was included in the world's most unique bridges by the Sputnik news agency (Russia).   

II - Top 4 experiences at the Danang Dragon Bridge

At each period during the day, the Dragon Bridge in Danang has a different shade. In the daytime, people and vehicles from every corner of the city gather here, the bridge exudes a fresh and happy outlook with the bustling atmosphere. In contrast to the vibrant and teeming appearance when the sun is on, after the night falls is the best moment because the Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam can fully show off its beauty. The light system automatically operates following the themes of ongoing political, cultural events. In addition, the work can play sound with 3 music scenarios: Marble Mountains legend, miraculous Han river, and where the dragon landed to reclaim. 

1 - Contemplating firework performances from the Danang Dragon Bridge

where is dragon bridge

This is the best view of the Dragon Bridge Da Nang - Source:

Maybe you don’t know, Danang is a familiar venture for international fireworks festivals. The competition has the participation of dozens of member countries in the region and all over the world. The sky on either bank of the Han River is often chosen as the “stage” for the colorful and vivid performances lasting for hours. On these occasions, people flood to the Danang Dragon Bridge because this is the most suitable position to take an unobstructed view of the fireworks. DIFFs (Da Nang International Firework Festivals) are often held in summer, from June to July every year. 

2 - Watching the Dragon Bridge Vietnam breathing fire & water 

 dragon bridge danang fire

Fire show - Source:

The special shape like a dragon on the bridge is enough to leave a deep mark in the mind of tourists, but you can’t believe that this surreal animal is also capable of spitting flame and vapor like an animate one. Flame is spitted 2 turns, 9 times each. Vapor follows with 3 turns, 1 time each. Meanwhile, the music and light are on too, creating a magnificent scene. If you want to admire the Danang Dragon Bridge fire show, come here on Saturday and Sunday nights from 9 pm to 9:15 pm.  It is said that the 4 ideal position to take the best view of the Dragon Bridge Da Nang is on the bridge itself, on the streets of Bach Dang and Tran Hung Dao and at Top View Bar - Floor 19, Vanda Hotel, Nguyen Van Linh Street. 

3 - Tasting street foods near the Dragon Bridge Vietnam

Apart from firework competitions, a lot of international food festivals have been held in the area around the bridge. Countless special dishes have been presented to tourists both domestically and internationally. Moreover, at the east end of the Danang Dragon Bridge, there is a street named Tran Hung Dao which is often referred to as a haven of budget snacks. Visiting this destination, you shouldn’t skip grilled rice paper (Banh Trang nuong) and fruit juice at a very reasonable price. 

4 - The Love Lock Bridge 

Located on Tran Hung Dao Street, just 300m from the Dragon Bridge Danang, the Love Lock Bridge is inspired by moving love stories in the Western culture. Every night, hundreds of red heart-shaped lanterns are lit, lighting up a whole corner of the Han River. 


best view of dragon bridge danang

The Love Lock Bridge located near the Danang Dragon Bridge is worth a visit - Source:

Love couples often bring a lock carved with their name to hang on the bridge and throw the key on the river. This act is seen as a wish that their fate is tightened together and they will never be separated.  Although the idea of lock bridges has been popular for several years before being introduced in Vietnam, this romantic place is still attractive to almost every person, especially those in love. Currently the number of locks on the bridge parapet is so substantial that they are predicted to be removed like the legendary Pont des Arts (Paris) in a few years to come.   

Shopping in Danang guide

Although the Danang Dragon Bridge has existed for less than a decade, it soon becomes the symbol of the city and a should-not-miss stopover for tourists. Aside from the great Dragon Bridge Danang, remember that on the dreamy surface of the Han river, there are other bridges such as Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Spinning Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge,... They all play an important role in the development of the city as well as have high aesthetic value. 

Where is Dragon Bridge Danang? 
The Vietnam dragon bridge is on the end on Nguyen Van Linh Street and the other on Vo Van Kiet Street, in Da Nang city.
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