The weather in Hue Vietnam is affected by the tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons: hot season from March to August & cold season from September to February. There are some features and notes about the weather that you should know before travelling to Hue City.

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Hue weather
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Located in the tropical monsoon climate zone, the weather in Hue is influenced by the transitional climate between the North and the South. 

- The annual average temperature in Hue: 24°C - 25°C

- The annual rainfall: 2500mm. The rainy season starts from September to February. November is the most rainfall month, the amount of rain accounting for 30% of the annual rainfall.

- The average humidity is 85-86% 


Weather in Hue

    Huong River in Hue - Source: Internet

I - Weather in Hue in the hot season

1 - Characteristics of the hot season in Hue

The hot season lasts from March to August due to the influence of the southwest monsoon. The weather in these months is dry and hot. 

- The average temperature is from 27°C - 29°C. In the hottest month (May, June), the temperature can be up to 38°C - 40°C.

- The humidity: 75 - 86%

Hue weather in the hot season by month:

- In March: the temperature is around from 21oC to 28oC

- From April to June: the hottest months with temperature fluctuate from 37oC to 39oC 

- From June to August: the temperature experiences a slight decrease to 32 - 34oC

2 - What to note about the weather in Hue Vietnam in the hot season? 

In the hot season, you can have a chance to enjoy Festival Hue in April. This is the first large international cultural art festival in Vietnam. The festival takes place for days and nights with special arts and entertainment shows not only from Vietnam but also from many other countries. For detailed information on time and program, you can check at the website: http://www.huefestival.com

Hue weather in the hot season is ideal for sightseeing and beach tourism activities. The top places to visit are Hue Imperial City, Tomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Minh Mang, Thien Mu Pagoda, or Trang Tien Bridge on the banks of the Perfume River, the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, bustling Dong Ba market with a variety of goods, some souvenirs, ...


Weather in Hue Vietnam

Lang Co Beach - Source: Internet

Weather in Hue in the hot season is extremely suitable for a beach vacation. The most stunning beaches in Hue are Lang Co beach & Thuan An beach at which you can enjoy a nice beach vacation and visit the Lang Co fishing village to discover more about the local people's lifestyle. Other great things to see are Lap An Lagoon, Tam Giang lagoon, Truoi lagoon.


Weather in Hue in april

Source: Huesmiletravel

In Hue city, aside from visiting the famous historical sites, there are many other interesting things to experience such as taking a boat tour on Huong river to listen to the Hue songs and admire the romantic beauty of Hue sceneries on the banks of the river.       

Traveling tips

- Prepare the necessary equipment such as hats, sunscreen, long sleeves, sunglasses, paper bags.           

- The hot season is the best time to visit Hue of Vietnam with many holidays and celebrations. Be well-prepared and make early reservations for important services.       

II - Weather in Hue in the cold season 

1 - What is the cold season in Hue like?

The cold season usually lasts from September to February. In this season, due to the influence of the Northeast monsoon, it rains a lot and the weather is quite cold and wet. 

- The average temperature: 20 - 22°C.

- The average humidity: 87.3%

- The average rainfall: 379mm/month

Hue weather in the cold season by month:

- From September to November: The peak rainy season in Hue with average rainfall is about 590mm. The average temperature is 25.2°C.

- From December to February: The rainfall and temperature both slightly go down to 167mm on average and 20.4°C respectively. 

2 - Notes about the weather in Hue in the cold season?

weather in hue in december

Source: Upin

The cold season in Hue with a bit of a cold and fresh atmosphere is the most ideal time for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of a quiet & ancient city like Hue. Here are some nice recommended experiences: 

- Sipping a cup of tea, coffee and watching the rain: 

In Hue, there are many places that are said to be ideal for watching the rain such as Vong Canh Hill, Ngu Phung Pavilion, and the hotels along the Huong river. 

- Enjoying the Hue food - delicacies from royal cuisine: Hue cuisine is extremely diverse and unique with reasonable prices. There is a variety of great dishes to try such as Hue beef noodles, mussel rice, and countless kinds of cakes and desserts.           

- The weather in Hue this time is suitable for taking a cyclo tour to explore the city streets and tourist attractions: You can take a cyclo tour to see the streets, explore the daily life and people and visit the most interesting points of interest here.  

Traveling tips

- For budget-minded travelers, this is a great time to travel to Hue. And Hue will be less touristy in the rainy season, so you can comfortably enjoy the most authentic beauty of the ancient Hue. 

- You should prepare a raincoat, umbrella and light jacket when going out


Weather in Hue in January

Hue Imperial City - Source: Huehomestay

Regardless of the weather in Hue Vietnam, this destination always has many attractions to explore and enjoy. 

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