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Tam Giang lagoon is a large brackish water area with an average depth of 2-4m, the deepest part can reach 7m. The immense water surface is home to a diversity of plants and species of animals. Besides, the wild, idyllic and incredibly poetic beauty of the lagoon has made an indelible impression on tourists’ minds. 

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tam giang lagoon
Source: Phạm Hoàng Cương

Little do you know the dreamland of Hue has a spectacular lagoon named Tam Giang, where the landscapes remain untouched and the slow pace of life surely allures you from the first sight. Don’t hesitate to follow us in the virtual tour below to get closer to this breath-taking lagoon that has attracted a number of local and international tourists over years. 

I - Where is Tam Giang lagoon?

tam giang lagoon hue

Sunrise on the lagoon - Source: Hoàng Phước

Tam Giang lagoon belongs to the system of the Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoons. With an area of around 52km2, stretching about 24km in the Northwest - Southeast direction from the mouth of the O Lau river to that of the Perfume river, the lagoon Hue covers the territory of four districts and towns of Thua Thien Hue province: Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, and Phu Vang. Around 30km away from Hue city center, 

This is the largest lagoon in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, accounting for about 11% area of lagoons nationwide. It is free of charge to visit the lagoon of Tam Giang.

II - Is it worth a visit to Tam Giang lagoon Vietnam?

The entire area is covered with a calm, limitless water surface and the neat fields in different colors of green, yellow rice plants. From afar, the lagoon is like a huge mirror reflecting the images of blue sky and seas of magically white clouds. The fields are dotted with a couple of small boats and rustic shacks, which contributes to making the scenery incredibly peaceful and poetic. Not far from the vast fields are charming sand dunes surrounded by lush green trees where you can find many large, well-embellished graves - the typical feature of Thua Thien Hue province. 

Tam Giang lagoon in Hue is popularly well-known as one of the most ideal places in the city to watch the sunset. The dawn on the lagoon is an unbelievable masterpiece of nature that can not be found anywhere else. The whole area seems to be “dyed” in red, yellow, and purplish colors, the scatter clouds also turn into various colors, mirroring on extremely calm water surfaces, which easily makes visitors overwhelmed and stand in awe in front of the amazingly rustic yet “romantic” natural landscapes of the Hue city.  

III - What is attractive in Tam Giang lagoon?

1 - Ru Cha mangrove forest 

tam giang lagoon vietnam

Ru Cha primeval mangrove forest - Source: thuathienhue

Ru Cha primeval mangrove forest is the only remaining one on the lagoon. It has risen to prominence thanks to the magical and mysterious beauty, which is predominantly created by thousands of “chá” - a typical species of trees majority of which grows in the brackish water. More than 90% of the forest is cloaked with the intertwined “chá”, forming an arc like a “solid wall” to protect the mainland. 

Following the path through the forest, you will gradually feel the true beauty of the nature of Tam Giang lagoon. The path lined with “chá” trees featuring huge roots in various strange shapes clinging to the ground welcomes you at the very first step in the tour discovering the forest. Strolling under the canopy of the trees can help you release all pressure and depression of the hectic life. When going further, it is not difficult for you to find thousands of fiddler crabs’ small caves and watch giant mudskippers gently swimming around, which surely makes you really excited. It would be a wonderful idea to take a boat ride across the mangrove forest so as to weave through the deepest parts of the forest to discover the extremely rich ecosystem of the Ru Cha Hue primeval forest.  

2 - Ngu My Thanh mural village - highlight of Tam Giang lagoon for photographers

tam giang lagoon travel guide

Ngu My Thanh mural village - Source: truyenhinhdulich

If you are passionate about photography and enjoy the slow pace of life, the mural village of Ngu My Thanh is absolutely a must-visit place in Hue city, where there are beautiful frescoed streets with lively pictures of daily life of local fishermen and the stunning lagoon.

The old, monotonous walls appear to be put on new clothes with the vivid images of rustic boats, fishing nets, or lotus swamps, etc., which brings about the entire new and “energetic” atmosphere for the village. These fresoaed streets are not only the highlight of Hue tourism but also contribute to raise the awareness of locals in protecting sea creatures & honoring the good-natured people in the Hue dreamland with their daily fishing work. 

Top fascinating things to do when visiting the village: 

- Visiting Tam Giang lagoon biological gallery displaying aquatic species and fishing gear of fishermen in the lagoon, discovering the diverse ecosystem of the lagoon and approaching the farming area on the lagoon, and catching fish with the locals. 

- Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the floating market starting from around 4:30am till 5am. The boats filled up with fish, shrimp and many different kinds of fruits together with other necessities float on the water surface. The sounds of locals exchanging foods and products echoe in the subtle quiet space, which seems to break the quietness and peace of the area. 

- Sitting on a boat and observing the pace of life of the locals in the special market in the early morning will bring you closer to the true life of the locals. In addition, you can purchase fresh seafood here or enjoy seafood right in the boat or shack at a very reasonable price. 

3 - Thuan An beach 

tam giang lagoon best time to visit

Sunset on Thuan An beach - Source: bestprice

Thuan An beach is about 15km to the West of Hue city, where the Perfume River flows into Tam Giang lagoon and then into the sea. This is well-known as one of the most attractive beaches in Hue with stretching soft white sand embracing the clear turquoise water. The beach of Thuan An consists of three auxiliary beaches named: Beach 1, Beach 2 and Phu Thuan beach, which are not crowded and touristy like others, therefore, they are ideal off-the-beaten tracks for relaxation. 

Just within a day at the beach, you have a chance to admire the “colorful” natural landscape that constantly changes in different time ranges from dusk till dawn. In the early morning, the light sunbeams shine the entire beach to awaken the quiet beach to start a new day. In contrast, the scenery turns magical and poetic at the splendid sunset with the pinkish and yellowish color of the sun cloaking the vast space. Don’t forget to shoot cool photos to “catch” the incredibly charming moments here, then!

4 - Hai Duong beach - stunning neighbor of Tam Giang lagoon

beach near tam giang lagoon

Source: digiticket

Hai Duong beach is loved by a number of tourists by its pristine, untouched beauty of enchanting, limitless white sand crystal clear seawater, showing the vivid life under water of sea creatures. Hai Duong beach in Hue comprises two beaches: the low beach and the high one. 

The low beach is characterized by concrete rock blocks shaped like honeycombs that stretch around 1km long. The “route” of rock blocks leads you to the lighthouse, the favorite check-in and sightseeing place of the young. 

The high rock beach is also called Ba Chan rock beach, formed by huge cement blocks in the shape of three-sided stars that randomly overlap one another to create an interesting scene. This beach is ideal for swimming, check-in, camping, or simply watching the glorious sunset to “bathe” in the serene atmosphere and breath-taking natural scenery. 

Top charming beaches in Hue that you should not miss

IV - Things to know before visiting Tam Giang lagoon Hue  

tam giang lagoon sup rowing

SUP rowing - Source: Trần Đăng Chấp

1 - When is the best time to visit?

Tourists are highly recommended to visit the lagoon of Tam Giang anytime in a year, except for the flood season lasting from September to December. The best time in a day to admire the utmost beauty of the lagoon is at sunrise (5am - 7am) and sunset (5:30pm - 6:30pm) as mentioned before. 

2 - What is the best way to get there?

If you have a limited time, it is better to get on a motorbike to follow the route around the lagoon, then pass Tam Giang bridge. On the way, the poetic nature is clearly boasted with immense paddy fields from afar and rapids scattered near the foot of the bridge. 

Another way is rowing a SUP through all corners of the Tam Giang lagoon and a farming area, where you can freely catch clams and enjoy home-cooked dishes by the locals. In addition, the SUP tour also takes you to Ngu My Thanh mural village, Con Toc restaurant and infinity ladder, which promises to give an amazing experience. 

- Duration: 1 hour 

- Price: 250,000 VND/ pax ($11)

- Contact: 09911 344 585 

- Website: tamgianglagoon.com

Embarking on a boat is also another interesting way to discover the lagoon that is highly recommended for you. The slow speed of the boat seems to make you thoroughly feel the gentility and subtle charm of the lagoon.  

3 - Tam Giang lagoon tours

You can refer to some tour operators: 

Explore Vietnam 

- Duration: 3 hours from 4:30am - 7:30am 

- Highlight: enjoy the sunrise, experience how fishermen use fishing nets, catch fish with local fishermen, see the daily activities of the local people and enjoy specialties. 

- Price: from $33/ pax 

- Contact: 08468 30490 

For more details, please visit: explorevietnam.com.vn

Pioneer Travel 

- Duration: half day 

- Highlight: see the changes of life and time on the lagoon, visit “Cho house”, participate in games “be a fisherman on the lagoon”, taste seafood, music exchange with the song “sunset on the lagoon”. 

- Price: from $39/ pax

- Contact: 0937 775 838 

4 - Where to eat in Tam Giang lagoon Hue?

restaurants near tam giang lagoon

Source: divui

The richness and abundance of nature in the area has brought to this land a diversity of attractive and mouth-watering dishes from fresh seafood like shrimp, fish, crab to clam, frog, red snapper, grouper, and snout, etc.; and ciganus porridge,… The floating market on the lagoon is perfect to “fill up your stomach”. 

Besides, two restaurants below are also wonderful suggestions for your food tour: 

Dam Chuon Hoi Quan restaurant

You can admire the stunning view of the immense swamp with sampans floating on the water surface. The menu here is extensive with fresh seafood, you also have an opportunity to get on a boat for fishing and sightseeing. 

- Opening hours: 24 hours

- Address: Hamlet 19, Dinh Cu, Phu An, Phu Vang, Thua Thien Hue 

- Hotline: 0986 408 403 

Con Toc restaurant - nice place to eat and view Tam Giang lagoon

The restaurant consists of a complex of restaurants, karaoke rooms and a playground. From Con Toc restaurant, you have a panoramic view of the lagoon and observe the fishing activities of the locals. It serves a variety of specialities of the brackish water such as mullet, bream, brown fish, and gourd fish, etc. In addition, the attentive and friendly local staff is a plus point of the restaurant to create the satisfaction of the guests.   

- Opening hours: 8am - 12pm

- Address: Con Toc boat wharf, Quang Loi commune, Quang Dien district, Hue city

- Hotline: 0234 6277 677

5 - Map 

The splendid sunset on Tam Giang lagoon in Hue Vietnam has naturally become the iconic image of the lagoon that has stolen the heart of anyone who has been to this area. Just getting a boat ride and discovering the simple daily life of local people, let your mind wander around the picturesque natural landscapes to kick off all pressure and stress of the bustling life. For more details about traveling in Vietnam, please follow Vietnamtrips to get on our amazing virtual tours along the country!

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