Tan Dinh church or the Pink church is one of the oldest and largest cathedral churches in Ho Chi Minh city. Not only is it a familiar religious place for the Catholic community in Southwest Vietnam but also a fantastic tourist destination thanks to its unique color.

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tan dinh church
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Located at No.289 Hai Ba Trung street, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, a vibrant and bustling area, Tan Dinh church with an outstanding look makes people can’t help but catch a glimpse of it once. In this writing, Localtravelidea is going to bring you to the insight of this structure to see how beautiful it is. 

I - The architecture of Tan Dinh church Saigon  

1 - The long-standing history of the Pink church Saigon 

pink church saigon

Old photo of the church - Source: giaoxutandinh

The church was founded in 1861 by Tan Dinh Parish. At that time, Tan Dinh ward was a bustling trading area; therefore, the living standard here was considered relatively high. The parish was wealthy enough to build a church and other facilities in a large ground. Since the number of followers significantly increased, the capacity of the old wooden chapel couldn’t meet the demand, so the parish asked the city government for land to expand the property and add houses for the followers. In 1874, the construction of the current Tan Dinh church was commenced by Eveilard Priest. It was officially put into service in 1874 and became one of the earliest ones to be located in Saigon. 

In 887, an orphanage and a boarding school named Sainte Enfance Tan Dinh were established right next to the church. After 3 years, the school was home to about 300 miserable children. A part of this school is still used by the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint-Paul de Chartres and a majority of it is now the Hai Ba Trung Junior High school. Currently, besides a place for religious practice, the church of Tan Dinh is where charity works are done and community events take place. 

2 - The unique architecture of Tan Dinh church 

This Pink church in Ho Chi Minh city is dominated by Gothic architecture. However, Roman and Baroques styles can still be realized in ornamental details. What makes it outstanding and eye-catching is the salmon pink paint which sharply contrasts but stays harmonious with the blue sky, especially on shiny days. Therefore, the church is always referred to as the most beautiful in Ho Chi Minh city, along with the Notre Dame church in District 1. 


tan dinh church mass schedule

Inside architecture - Source: historicvietnam

From the frontage, you can realize that Tan Dinh church Ho Chi Minh city is divided into 3 parts: The main tower in the middle and 2 smaller ones on both sides. The main tower is 52.6 m high, having a bronze cross on the top. The two towers flanking the main one feature fish scale roof and dual patterns contributing a lot in the attractiveness of the design. 

From the outside, the church looks nothing different from a giant castle in the Barbie world. When entering the gate, you will immediately find a white statue of Jesus opening his arm like he is welcoming parish and visitors to this church. The campus of Tan Dinh church is wrapped by a garden filled with other statues of Jesus in order to retell stories about his life. On the left side of the church is the statue of Mother Maria. Taking a walk down the path to the back of the church, you will reach the gate of a church clinic. 

Stepping into the chancel, you are sure to be impressed by its splendor which is no less beautiful than the outlook at all. The inside is classified by two lines of rows and arches. The rows on the left are the platforms of statues of female saints while the ones on the right side are that of male saints. 

The center of the large hall in Tan Dinh church is the altar made of marble shipped from Italy. In addition, 5 bells weighing up to 5 tons and a half found in the inner church fulfill the architectural picture which can make visitors think as if they are getting lost somewhere in a city of the poetic and classic Italy, a place almost everyone dreams of stepping once.   

Wandering around the Pink church in Saigon, listening to the sound of the ringing bells, you will feel how peaceful it is. The distinctive structure of the church results in its inscription in this list of “Top 10 most beautiful pink destinations in the world” by the US magazine CNTraveler. 

II - Helpful information for visitors to Tan Dinh Church Saigon

1 - Entrance fee & opening hours

pink church in ho chi minh city

Outside of the church - Source: @Sherman Guo

The pink church is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city that is open free for the public to sightsee and the parish to come and praise. And you can come here both on weekdays and at weekends. Remember that the opening hour coincides with the mass time.  


- Phone number of the church: 028 3829 0093

- There is a parking lot on the campus, fee: 5,000 VND ($0.2)/vehicle (bike & motorbike)

- Don’t take picture during the mass

- Don’t wear too revealing dress

2 - Tan Dinh church mass schedule 

- Weekdays: 5:00; 6:15; 17:30; 19:00

- Sunday: 5:00; 6:15; 7:30; 9:00; 16:00; 17:30; 19:00

Note that all the masses at the church are in Vietnamese. The schedule can be changed on special occasions. 

3 - Other tourist attractions nearby Pink church Saigon

tan dinh church opening hours

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral - Source: mytour

After wandering around the church of Tan Dinh, you can set foot to some of the famous tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city such as

- Notre Dame Cathedral - 1.4km away  

- Tao Dan park  - 2.6km away

- Saigon Independence Palace  - 1.6km away

- Nguyen Hue walking street  - 2.4km away

- Ho Chi Minh city book street  - 1.3km away

- Ben Thanh market  - 2.4 km away

- War Remnants Museum  - 1.4km away

- Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens  - 2km away

- Tan Dinh market  - 160m

Tan Dinh church with its fantastic appearance is a promising stopover for your journey to explore Saigon. Its central location makes it easy and convenient for you to approach dozens of tourist attractions in the city. You can also combine them into an itinerary to have a tireless tour. What an appealing idea, isn’t it?  

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