Exploring the Majestic Beauty of Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Bach Ma National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in Vietnam, known for long as a must-see place in every Hue travel itinerary. It is famous for its rich ecosystem and impressive natural landscape, with many unique attractions ideal for nature lovers and explorers. 

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Source: Tran Thien

Hue ancient capital not only has cultural - historical relics along with scenic spots in the city center, but also has destinations for you to immerse yourself in the fresh nature. Traveling to Thua Thien - Hue province will become a lot more interesting when you try to conquer the Bach Ma National Park and mountains with many exciting adventure activities. This is the right destination for your day trip in Hue.

I - Where is Bach Ma National Park in Vietnam?

hue to bach ma national park

Road to Bach Ma national park - Source: Tran Thien

Bach Ma National Park is located at an altitude of 1450m above sea level, part of Truong Son range, only about 40km from Hue city and 65km from Danang city. This is an eco-tourism site stretching over three districts: Dong Giang district in Quang Nam province, Phu Loc district and Nam Dong district in Thua Thien Hue province. The idea of a conservation like Bach Ma National Park actually first appeared in 1925 during the French colonial period, with a 50,000ha project to protect the white-crested Pheasant, but later built as a resort in 1942. During the war, this became a military stronghold, with the Tunnel System classified as a National Monument in 2009.

In 1986, the Vietnamese government had a policy of nature conservation with a system of forbidden forests, including the Bach Ma - Hai Van area. On July 15 in 1991, Bach Ma National Park was officially established under the Ministry of Forestry, with a total area of 22,031 ha. In the process of management, protection and development, the boundary of this place was expainded to 37,487ha in 2008, to better conserve biodiversity resources. Up to now, the park has a total natural area of 37,423.10ha, down 63.9ha that was acquired by the Ho Chi Minh road project.

Bach Ma National Park has an extremely rich and attractive ecosystem, in which many rare animals and plants are listed in the Vietnam Red Book. Plants and fungi here include 2,421 species, accounting for nearly 17% of the total number of plant species in the country, including 204 endemic species and 10 newly discovered ones named after the national park. Animals recorded in Bach Ma National Park are 1,728 species belonging to 54 orders and 266 families, including 70 species in the 2007 Vietnam Red Book, 52 species in the 2016 IUCN List and 15 endemic species.

II - Experience of discovering Bach Ma National Park

1 - Entrance ticket price

- Adults: 60,000 VND / ticket ($2.46)
- Children: 20,000 VND / ticket ($0.82)
From the gate of Bach Ma National Park to the top of the mountain is quite far, about 19km so it’ll be quite tiring to walk, but in return you can discover the biodiversity here in more detail. In addition, there is another option that is to use car rental service, with prices from 500,000 - 850,000 VND / car ($20.52 - 34.9), depending on the size of your group (1 - 4 or 5 - 8 people), and type (one-way or round-trip).

2 - Sightseeing places should not be missed

do quyen waterfall

 Source: Hachi8media

Do Quyen Waterfall

This is a landscape that you cannot ignore when coming to Bach Ma National Park, so named because the two sides grow a lot of Azalea flowers. Looking from afar, Do Quyen waterfall looks like a silk strip, with white foam splashes from water pouring straight along steep cliffs from a height of about 300m. Passing about 2km - 700 steps, to reach the top of the waterfall, you will have a view of Truoi Lake and the majestic natural beauty from above. If you visit this place during the Azalea season, you can immerse yourself in the scene of a beautiful pink and purple blooming.

Five Lakes

Thanks to the topography of 5 small lakes pouring together to form a large stream, the name Ngu Ho of this place was born. Each lake has a unique and different beauty, creating a poetic scene like the ink painting, famous in Bach Ma National Park. The water here is cool all year round and surrounded by many trees, ideal for swimming and soaking, helping you forget the daily fatigue and problems.

Sea observatory

Located at the majestic Bach Ma peak with an altitude of about 1,430m above sea level, as its name suggests, this is the place where you can see the entire Lang Co bay and the beautiful Canh Duong beach. Standing from the sea observatory, you can feel and immerse yourself in the majestic natural scenery of Bach Ma National Park, surrounded by lush green mountains and clouds floating around.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery
truc lam zen monastery

Source: Khoa Nguyen

Coming here but skipping to visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery is a huge omission, making your Bach Ma National Park day trip incomplete. The site is located in the heart of Truoi lake on Linh Son mountain, covered by clouds with the sound of bells ringing all year round like a fairyland. Coming here, you can relax in the Buddha land, explore the harmonious architectural works and admire the 24m high stone statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. Do not miss the opportunity to see the beautiful natural scenery at Truoi Lake, enjoy many attractive dishes such as wet cake, tea, strawberry,...

3 - Bach Ma National Park trekking day tour operators

Simply Vietnam Travel

- Tour price: $125 / person

- Contact: (+84) 793 553 385

Culture Pham Travel

- Tour price: $33 - 114 / person

- Contact: (+84) 349 825 119

VM travel

- Tour price: $35 - 123 / person

- Contact: (+84) 917 126 661

4 - Accommodation

bach ma national park accommodation

Source: Bachmavillage


Thong Nang campsite is located at Km17, on the way to the top of the mountain in Bach Ma National Park, with a capacity of 40 - 50 people with the following costs:

- Cleaning, electricity and water (mandatory):

+ Adults: 60,000 VND / person ($2.46)

+ Children: 30,000 VND / person ($1.23)

- Monitoring fee (mandatory): 300,000 VND / group ($12.3)

- Tent rental: 250,000 VND / tent / 3 - 4 people ($10.26)

- Charcoal grill rental: 100,000 VND / stove and 2kg of coal ($4.1)

+ Extra: 30,000 VND / kg coal ($1.23)

Staying at ancient villas

Located deep in Bach Ma National Park, the villas here have an ancient look with French design, immersed in the green forest. Rooms and living spaces are arranged reasonably, simply but fully equipped, promising to bring the most wonderful and relaxing experiences. Here, you can easily admire the beautiful and majestic scenery of the national park, conveniently enjoy many delicious dishes typical of the region.

- Kim Giao Villa: 750,000 - 950,000 VND / room / night ($30.78 - 39)

- Phong Lan Villa: 1,050,000 VND / room / night ($43.1)

- Do Quyen Villa: 750,000 - 1,000,000 VND / room / night ($30.78 - 41.04)

- Surcharge: 150,000 VND / person ($6.16)

5 - Get to Bach Ma National Park

bach ma national park day trip

Source: @travelconnect

From Hue city

The main gate of Bach Ma National Park is located in Phu Loc district, about 40km from the city center of Hue. You have 2 options as follow:

- Taxi:

+ Traveling in about 50 minutes.

+ Cost: 11,500 - 17,000 VND / km ($0.47 - 0.7)

+ Mai Linh Hue Taxi: 03 89 89 89 - 03 82 47 47

+ Thanh Cong Taxi: 03 57 57 57 - 06 57 57 57

- Motorcycle:

+ Traveling in about 1 hour 10 minutes.

+ Hidibike: 120,000 VND / day ($4.93) - 0945 418 111

+ Green field: 120,000 - 150,000 VND / day ($4.93 - 6.16) - 0787 528 677

From Danang city

Bach Ma National Park is about 65km from Danang city, you can also choose one of the 2 means of transportation below to get here:

- Taxi:

+ Traveling in about 1 hour 5 minutes.

+ Cost: 15,000 - 18,500 VND / km ($0.62 - 0.76)

+ Taxi Vinasun: 03 68 68 68

+ Thanh Han River: 03 72 72 72

- Motorcycle:

+ Traveling in about 1 hour 25 minutes

+ Binh Minh: 80,000 - 160,000 VND / day ($3.28 - 6.57) - 0986 862 986

+ Huu Vy: 80,000 - 130,000 VND / day ($3.28 - 5.34) - 0905 095 292

6 - The most suitable time to visit Bach Ma National Park

bach ma national park tours

Source: viettravelo

According to Hue travel experience, from March to August (on occasion of the dry season) is considered the most suitable time to visit Bach Ma National Park. At this time, the weather is dry with a temperature of 35 - 40°C, and there is no intense rain, suitable for moving around and traveling, trekking, swimming, and so on.

7 - Other notes

Contact Information

- Representative office of Bach Ma National Park: 03 897 360 - 0836356669

- Forest ranger: 0982215055 - 0945249649

- Bach Ma National Park Management Board: (+84) 948 469 606.


- The weather will change during the day, so you should bring about 2 - 3 sets of clothes to change when needed, including long-sleeved clothes, windbreaker, etc.

- You should choose sports shoes with anti-slip soles to move and explore the space of Bach Ma National Park mountains and forests.

- Prepare yourself with good health, necessary medicines, insect repellent and medical first aid tools such as bandages,...

- Bring photography equipment such as a camera or phone to always be ready to take your best images and videos, with a backup charger.

- Carry extra snacks, food and water because during the trip in Bach Ma National Park there will be no shops available for you to buy.

- In the process of trekking and walking, absolutely do not cling or hold on things in the forest because there are many jungle leeches, centipedes and spiders.


Bach Ma National Park Vietnam attracts attention because of the diversity of biological resources with many rare species of flora and fauna, ideal for those who love nature and enjoy the wild beauty. Not only that, the landscape here is also full of beauty and tranquility, developed with a full range of convenient services for you to freely rest, eat and experience, promising to bring valuable memories. Hopefully with the travel guide of Bach Ma National Park in the above article, you will have a complete and perfect trip when you have the opportunity to visit the dreamy city of Hue.

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