Vietnamese bolero music is a music genre that is extremely popular in the country. However, many people are curious about the origin and the characteristics of this type of music. Let’s find your answer in the article below from Localtravelidea! 

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vietnamese bolero music
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Gentle, romantic melody and simple, easy-to-listen lyrics together with deep meanings are the typical features of the Vietnam bolero music genre, which are loved by many classes in the society and generations, especially the elder. Take a couple of minutes to browse this article to gain more thorough information about this special music genre. 

I - The history of Vietnamese bolero music 

vietnam bolero music

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Bolero is a music genre that first appeared in Spain and was further developed by a Spanish dancer named Sebastian Cerezo in 1780. At that time, the concept of the bolero genre was absolutely unknown but it was more popular as a dance played with classical ballet. Then, bolero was introduced to Latin America and gradually became widespread in Vietnam in the 1950s, particularly in the Southern region, and gradually become a part of Vietnamese culture

The period from the 1960s to the 1970s is the prime year of Vietnamese bolero music. After the Fall of Saigon, also known as the Liberation of Saigon by the North Vietnamese on April 30th, 1975, this music genre was still loved by many classes in the society. Sometimes, it was combined with Jazz, Pop, classical, or chamber music. From 2013 to 2018, a series of Bolero TV shows appeared in Vietnam and are loved by many and many people, typically the Bolero Idol TV show. 

II - The features of Vietnamese bolero music 

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Nhu Quynh is a famous Vietnam bolero singer - Source: vietnamnet

Bolero in the world is normally applied in classical and modern/ light music while it is usually used in light music. When entering Vietnam, the bolero is “Vietnameseized” to suit Vietnamese pronunciation in the traditional way. The most typical characteristics of bolero Vietnam are firstly the simple, easy-to-remember lyrics with many rhymes. 

Secondly, the melody of Vietnam bolero music is simple in structure with a gentle, deep tone, and a steady, slow tempo, normally 4/4 times. Thirdly, bolero music Vietnam often expresses deep sorrows in love, homeland, or the pain of a human being’s fate, particularly women. Despite the sweet and romantic lyrics, it has extremely deep meanings. Each song of the Vietnamese bolero music genre gives listeners different emotions, which easily “touch” the soul of many audiences.  

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III - Top most famous Vietnamese bolero singers 

vietnamese bolero

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The most popular Vietnam bolero singers that you should listen to are:

- Le Quyen is well-known as Queen of Music Tea Room, and Queen of Old Songs. The talented singer with a powerful voice is the owner of many famous Bolero songs, namely: Giac mo co that (the dreams come true), Hay tra loi em (Answer me, please), Quay lai tu dau (Back to the beginning),... 

- Nhu Quynh is known as the Queen of Vietnamese bolero music, rose to prominence in the 1975s like a star in the Bolero music industry. The most renowned songs can be listed as  Duyen phan (Fate), Vung la me bay, Nguoi tinh mua dong (“cold and distant” girl), Noi lai tinh xua (Back to the ex), Pho dem (street at midnight),... 

- Quang Le is famous with the typical songs such as Xuan nay con khong ve (I will not go back home this Tet holiday, mum), Dap vo cay dan (breaking the guitar), Go cua trai tim (“Reaching” your heart), etc.

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Hopefully, the details above answer the question of what Vietnamese bolero music is and give you suggestions about the best songs in this Vietnamese genre. Just take a moment to wear headphones and enjoy the comfortable feel and inner peace in your mind while listening to the emotional Vietnamese bolero songs. 

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