Discover the Magic of Summer in Vietnam: Top Spectacular Places To Visit

Summer in Vietnam comes with golden rays of sunshine like pouring honey and high skies full of blue, ideal for having trips and vacations. The weather characteristics are different between the North - Central - South, with diverse tourist destinations to visit. In addition to beaches, islands, caves or notable festivals in Vietnamese summer, this article also provides information on some typical and delicious dishes of this season.

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Summer is coming, when a series of adventures and discoveries take place, everyone plans to have exciting days with family or friends. Vietnam is a destination that has attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world, with experiences ranging from the jungle to the sea. To have perfect preparation and good memories during your summer vacation, you can refer to the information about summer in Vietnam below.

I - Can you tell when is summer in Vietnam? 

1 - Vietnam summer weather in the north & north central region

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Vietnam is influenced by the tropical monsoon climate, especially the North and North Central region with a very clear division of 4 seasons. From the end of May to the beginning of September is the summer season in the north of Vietnam, which is quite long and has recognizable characteristics. The weather at this time is hot and humid due to a lot of rain, Vietnam summer temperature can reach 37 - 38°C and the average rainfall is about 1,000 - 1,500mm. From the end of July, storms and tropical depressions may appear, causing floods, directly threatening the life and agriculture of the whole region.

Summer in Vietnam is an extremely ideal time for fun activities and relaxation, planning long trips and exploring new lands. This is the time when everyone has a lot of time to relax, especially students, even companies are organizing trips for employees to relax. In the North and North Central, Vietnamese summer is also the low tourist season for international guests as the room rates are cheaper than the high season, because local people take this opportunity to go elsewhere. In particular, the sunny and dry weather is also suitable for those who love to play outdoors.

2 - Summer in Vietnam’ South & South Central region

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Due to its geographical location near Laos and Cambodia with hot and dry winds, the climate in the South often has 2 distinct seasons: the rainy and the dry seasons. The Vietnam summer months in the north and north central regions often coincide with the transition from the end of the dry season, and the whole rainy season of the south and south central region. The heat in these areas is quite severe, intense and scorching dry with an average temperature of 28 - 29°C. But most of all is rain with the average rainfall between months not much different, ranging from 200 - 400mm / month.

Summer in Vietnam’ southern region has more and more rain as the rainy season approaches the end, especially in August, it may be affected by tropical storms, sometimes tornadoes up to level 7 - 8. However, at the beginning of the season from about June, the sea is still quite calm, the water is clear and the waves are strong enough for you to try games such as surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, jet skiing,… With the above information, you can probably notice that summer is the season of beach tourism and relaxation, welcoming a large number of tourists yearly.

II - Top best places to visit in summer in Vietnam

1 - Paradise of beaches and islands

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Vietnamese summer is also known as the season of sea tourism, because the weather is quite hot with bright yellow sunshine, a pleasant atmosphere suitable for water activities. In particular, this country stands out with a coastline of more than 3,200km, consisting of many beautiful beaches, bays and islands, making it a paradise for beach lovers and vacationers. Here are some famous places that you cannot miss when you intend to spend time traveling and playing in the summer in Vietnam:

Phu Quoc Island

The first beach destination that you cannot ignore is Phu Quoc, the largest pearl island of Vietnam, famous for possessing unspoiled beauty but no less charming. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy swimming at Long beach with golden sand and silvery blue water, enjoy the Vietnamese summer sea breeze and sunlight. In the afternoon, you can try to transform into a fisherman, join a boat to go night squid fishing, watch the romantic sunset and eat fresh seafood right on the spot. Do not miss immersing yourself in the majestic nature at Suoi Tranh and Bat Cave, then visit Phu Quoc prison filled with historical vestiges from an intense and painful wartime.

Quy Nhon - amazing place to visit in summer in Vietnam

Nestled between the sea and the mountains, this coastal city of Binh Dinh province is famous for its curving coastlines, golden sand and ravishing blue water. Quy Nhon is a perfect destination to visit in Vietnam in summer months, with attractions that are not only beautiful but also mysterious and pristine such as Ghenh Rang - Tien Sa, Queen beach, Thi Nai lagoon,… In particular, you can find here Ky Co - Eo Gio beach, which is likened to a Maldives Vietnam version with its magnificent scenery of mountains and caves. You also should not miss cultural - historical works such as poet Han Mac Tu garden or Champa's Twin Towers, as well as enjoying specialties and seafood of the coastal city.

Nha Trang beach city

As a beautiful and joyful coastal city, Nha Trang becomes more vibrant than ever under the sun every summer in Vietnam. Coming to this place, you will be free to wave in the cool sea water, lie on the smooth sand beaches or participate in exciting sports. As a tourist city, there is no shortage of diverse underwater experience services such as taking a glass-bottom boat, scuba diving to see corals, windsurfing, kayaking, etc. You must also visit the pristine Ninh Van and Van Phong bays, take a walk and experience mud bathing at the splendid Ponagar tower, try floating in the sky with a cable car ride across the ocean to the vibrant Vinpearl Land entertainment site,…

Cat Ba Island
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As one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, Cat Ba is a famous destination of Hai Phong city, ideal for those who love to find a peaceful space to relax and enjoy the fresh air. This place is famous for its pristine Cat Co 1, 2, and 3 beaches, old forests and ancient fishing villages still remaining, and especially Lan Ha Bay which is listed as one of the most beautiful bays on the planet. Coming to Cat Ba Vietnam in summer, you will also still be provided with cool weather of only about 25°C, as well as the chance to enjoy fresh seafood and exquisite cuisine at affordable prices.

Halong Bay - UNESCO Heritage Site

Famous as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO, Halong Bay is a destination that has never lost its heat, especially during summer in Vietnam. The beauty of this place is made up of thousands of unique natural limestone islands and caves, immense turquoise sea, fresh air and location near the big city Ha Long. Cruising on the bay is currently a popular form of resort tourism, offering a romantic experience of watching the sunset on the sea, being served with high-class service from attentive staff, enjoying a glass of wine or a feast of quality seafood.

2 - Explore the magnificent caves

Vietnam possesses many of the largest, beautiful and world-famous caves, with a stable climate, pristine forest landscape and impressive geology carrying many values. Most of the cavern system is concentrated in the North and North Central regions, so the best time to explore is from April to August, corresponding to summer in Vietnam. That's because in these months the climate is hot but inside the cave is cool, while in other times, the wetness due to rain can make traveling dangerous. Here are Vietnam's top caves that promise to bring you exciting explorations like in sci-fi movies.
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Son Doong Cave - World's largest cave

Rated as the largest cave in the world, Son Doong even contains a primeval forest with its own ecosystem, underground rivers and millions of years old stalactites. Because of the dangers of Son Doong cave, only Oxalis travel company is allowed to organize tours in the summer in Vietnam, with a discovery time of 4 days each. You will have a chance to trek through the primeval forest and stop at Doong village for eating, then continue to explore the cave and cliffs, set up a tent on the rock beach, swim in the clear river and enjoy rustic Vietnamese dishes.

Tu Lan Cave - Amazing hidden gem

As a combination of more than 10 caves, Tu Lan cavern system became famous quickly after the release of the blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island” in 2017. Many people originally came here out of curiosity after watching the movie, ending up being mesmerized by the wild, unique and mysterious natural scenery of this place. All tours to Tu Lan cave include camping and swimming at a lake or waterfall, so it would be great for you to plan your trip here during hot summer in Vietnam. The most famous spots in the cavern system are Tien Cave 1 and 2, along with a dry cave that you can visit even in the rainy season when the river water rises covering other caves.

Top most amazing caves in Vietnam

En Cave - Spectacular wonder of nature

Said to be the third largest cave in the world, En cave has up to 3 entrances, of which the largest is up to 120m high and 140m wide. The dense mountains and forests surrounding the cave have created a wild natural scene, suitable for a trip during your summer in Vietnam. On the way to En Cave, you can enjoy the feeling of going back to ancient times when dinosaurs were still walking this Earth. Like many other caves, En also has shimmering stalactites, especially honeycomb stalactites in the rock cavities on the ceiling. Inside the cave, there is also an underground stream with clear water flowing slowly, bathing in it brings an indescribable feeling of relaxation.

Phong Nha Cave

As an iconic cave of and chosen as the name for Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, this is also honored as the cave with the longest underground river in the world, and a perfect tourist place for summer vacation in Vietnam. Phong Nha cave system consists of a very large dry section and is divided into 3 main parts, inside are unique shaped reefs, deep green underground lake, massive stalactites, and so on. Coming here, you can walk to visit the dry cave or row a boat to explore the water cave, watching the magical scenery along the underground river, which can make you feel lost in a fairy world.

III - More travel tips for summer in Vietnam

vietnamese summer dishes

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1 - Top Vietnamese summer dishes

Vietnam is influenced by the sub-equatorial tropical climate, with hot and humid weather, which has resulted in a rich and creative cuisine with unique dishes suitable to each season. In particular, Vietnam's summer season comes with sultry temperatures that last for many days, making people feel tired and lose their appetite, creating the need for cool and easy-to-swallow dishes. If you are having trouble choosing something to eat on the hot days of summer in Vietnam, then you should not miss the dishes below.

Snail vermicelli 

This has long been an indispensable dish in the menu of locals in the Vietnam summer season, originally rustic but through the talented hands of the cook, became a delicate cuisine nowhere else. There are 3 most important factors to create attractive snail vermicelli: fatty snails, fragrant vinegar and rich broth, in addition with vermicelli, red and spring onions, vermicelli, tomatoes, chili powder and shrimp paste.

In the summer in Vietnam, there is nothing better than tasting the cool noodles, taking a bite of the crispy, crunchy snail with a rich yellow fat, slurping the sour broth straight into the stomach. There are many types of snail vermicelli dishes in Vietnam and especially Hanoi, but the most famous are cold snail vermicelli, besides that are beef snail crab vermicelli, banana snail noodle vermicelli, and so on.

Roll dishes 

Vietnamese cuisine is always rich and diverse, in which it is impossible not to mention the huge number of roll dishes with countless ways of making and ingredients to bring out different flavors. The most outstanding feature of rolls is that they are not too strong, fussy nor boring, but always leaves in the hearts of diners a light and delicate feeling, extremely suitable for meals to eat in summer in Vietnam. They have become familiar dishes of the local people, present from the corner of the rustic eateries to the sumptuous parties, almost each province and city across Vietnam has their own roll dish. There are familiar names such as fried spring rolls, summer rolls, pho rolls,...

Sweet soups

When the summer in Vietnam comes and you are fed up with hot steamed noodles, rice or pho, the cool sweet soups are like a lifesaver. This is the common name of a unique Vietnamese dessert cooked from nuts, tubers, and fruits with sugar, coconut milk to create sweetness. It is impossible to say how many types of sweet soups there are, as the way of cooking and using ingredients varies from person to person. Perhaps the most popular type in all three regions of Vietnam is mixed sweet soup, which combines many different ingredients. There are also some other famous names such as lotus seed and longan sweet soup, che ba ba, tricolor, taro, rice balls sweet soup, etc.

2 - Some Vietnamese summer festivals

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Fish festivals

It is an opportunity for fishermen to pay their respects to Ong Fish (whale), which usually takes place around June every year, right around summer in Vietnam. The Fish Festival has been recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage, a unique cultural environment that has given birth and preserved many unique national art forms. This is a special form of traditional community activities of coastal fishing villages, but the place where the organization is most famous for its unique and interesting activities is nowhere other than the lands of Phu Yen and Danang.

Each place, each community has different ways of organizing, but almost all of them have a ceremony and a festival, which take place in the area of the Ong Fish temple in that region. During the ceremony in the Vietnam summer season, every house sets up a table of incense to display offerings without seafood. The elderly, virtuous people will read the liturgy expressing the gratitude of the villagers for the merit of Ong Fish, praying for a good and safe fishing season. As for the festival, everyone will participate in folk games suitable for summer in Vietnam such as boat racing, swimming, performing Vietnamese tuồng singing, singing Hò Khoan, dancing with oars, etc.

Explore top famous festivals in Vietnam

Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival

Buon Ma Thuot is not only famous for its interesting attractions, but also known as the coffee capital of Vietnam with a large number of planted gardens and outstanding delicious products. The coffee festival here is one of the most unique cultural events of the Central Highlands, helping to promote its coffee brand closer to Vietnamese as well as reaching out to the international market. The Buon Ma Thuot coffee festival is held every 2 years in March in summer in Vietnam, with the 7th festival in 2019 and the 8th going to be in 2023 after a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival has many interesting activities such as opening and closing ceremonies, fairs, seminars, promotional, exhibitions, international trade exchanges, casting gongs of the Ede people, etc. With a great economic - cultural - political nature, Buon Ma Thuot coffee festival usually takes place for a few days on streets, in museums and famous cafes right in the city center area. Each activity at the festival is located in a different location in Buon Ma Thuot city, so you should carefully check the place to avoid getting lost and too tired after walking in the hot weather of summer in Vietnam.


Summer is the season of sunny beach vacations, forest picnics, outdoor parties, delicious tropical fruits and colorful festivals. This is a time for everyone to take some days off, so that family members can connect with each other, friends strengthen relationships, and colleagues in the company get to know each other better. Hopefully with the information about summer in Vietnam in this article, you will be able to make a great travel plan to Vietnam during your upcoming holiday.

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