The dry season in Vietnam with low rainfall and more sunshine days are the best time for traveling and experiencing tourism activities.

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Vietnamese territory lies entirely in the tropics, on the southeastern edge of mainland Asia, bordering the East Sea. Therefore, Vietnam's climate has a humid, monsoon tropical climate, diverse and erratic. With this type of climate, the central and southern Vietnam weather (from Quang Nam province to Kien Giang province) is divided into two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Each season has its own characteristics.

I - When is the dry season in Vietnam?

The monsoon humid tropical climate in Vietnam is characterized by a lot of rain and sun. The average annual rainfall in Vietnam is from 1500-2000mm, the air humidity is over 80%. Similarly, the sunshine hours are high (1400-3000 hours/year) and the annual average temperature is all over 21°C. However, these numbers are not constant but vary strongly depending on spatial and temporal distance, which creates the dry and rainy seasons in Vietnam


Bach Ma Dry season in Vietnam

When is the dry season in Vietnam? Source: VnExpress

One of the main reasons for this division is the difference in rainfall. While in the rainy season (May to October), the total average rainfall is very high, about 1600-2000mm, in the dry season (November to April next year), the average rainfall is very low, only 200 - 400 mm. The South Central and the South of Vietnam are the two areas that are deeply affected by the dry season.

1 - Vietnam dry season in the south-central region 

The South Central region is a narrow horizontal strip of land stretching from Danang City to Binh Thuan Province. The dry season months in this area last from January to August, with a peak from mid-June onwards. 

This area experiences a prolonged dry season in Vietnam, many places are severely drought, the rainy season comes late and goes swiftly (October, November). Due to the barrier of the Bach Ma range in the north, the Truong Son mountain range in the west, and the steep mountains in the east running to the sea, the sun and wind are almost year-round, typically in the provinces of ​​Phu Yen, Ninh Thuan, and Binh Thuan.

- Average rainfall: below 200mm

- Average temperature: 24 - 28˚C

2 - Dry season in Vietnam’s southern region

The dry season in the southern region comes later and lasts from November to April.


Vietnam dry season in southern region

Mekong River Delta in the dry season - Source: VnExpress

- Main weather characteristics: The average rainfall is low. The South in the dry season also has a very high average temperature, making the weather extremely hot, and in many places, there is a serious water shortage.

- Average rainfall: 200 - 400mm

- Average temperature: above 25°C

II - Tourism activities in the dry season in Vietnam

Although the dry season is somewhat hot, it creates favorable conditions for tourism activities compared to the Vietnam rainy season. During these months, the weather is dry without rain, helping outdoor activities such as sightseeing, taking photos, participating in water games, etc. more exciting. Moreover, the dry season in the south coincides with cold weather in the north and north-central region (November to April) when almost every marine tourism here is halted, which is a favorable condition for destinations such as Saigon, Vung Tau, Mekong Delta to attract tourists. 


Vung Tau dry season in Vietnam

 Vung Tau beach is an ideal place in the dry season in Vietnam - Source: Thai An

If you are planning to visit the south-central region, you should choose the most convenient time to travel from January to June. This area is famous for its tourism activities in the sea, so the sunny and windy weather in the dry season is very suitable for marine tourism and sightseeing. There are many attractive destinations such as Danang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Phu Yen Province, Mui Ne, Phan Rang - Thap Cham City,... that tourists should try to visit.

Thus, besides the hot, humid, and rainy season, Vietnam also has a long dry season. Although the dry season in Vietnam is somewhat harsh, causing many difficulties, it is a suitable condition for travelers.

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