Countless Beautiful Places To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam located in Southeast Asia is a rich-in-nature country that possesses a long-standing culture and many ups and downs in history. Thanks to the richness of nature, this S-shaped land has been bestowed with many beautiful landscapes. Visiting Vietnam, the most well-known destinations that should not be missed are Hanoi Capital, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa Town, Halong Bay, Nha Trang Coastal City, Hue Ancient City, Danang City, Hoi An,... ...Read more

Vietnam with a rich-in-nature & long-standing culture has lots of great things to offer both leisure and business travelers, solo and group travelers as well. Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Ha Giang, Ninh Binh,... (in the North); Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Phan Thiet, Central Highland,... (in Central Vietnam); and Ho Chi Minh city, Mekong Delta area, Con Dao Island, Phu Quoc Island,... (in the South) are the top well-known destinations highly recommended for a perfect trip to Vietnam. 


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Vietnam Travel Information

All You Need To Know Before Visiting Vietnam

To the first-time visitors traveling in Vietnam, all necessary information you need to know before travelling to Vietnam consists of climate & weather, food & beverage, accommodation, tourist & entertaining attractions, transportation & communication, airline & airport, money exchange services and ideal itineraries. All of them are aggregated and introduced as much detailed as possible by vietnamtrips with the desire of giving you the best suggestions to optimize cost, have an amazing traveling experience with ideal itineraries. Hopefully, the travel information & experiences helpfully supports you when choosing Vietnam is the next destination of your journey.

Different & Unique Travel Experience By Month

Traveling to Vietnam by month offers tourists an interesting way of exploring the new things. Thanks to a long latitude and diversified topography, months mark different highlights in both landscape and experience. Briefly, from November to April is time for a long journey to admire the beauty of nature & experience the cultural events, and from May to September is recommended time for picking a best-budget Vietnam trip deal and enjoying an amazing beach vacation.

Vietnam Travel Experiences

Experience from travelers after traveling to Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country which has a diverse nature, many beautiful landscapes stretching along the direction of the country, and is known to international tourists through the "heroic" stories of the two resistance wars against France and the America. However, that is not all about this country. It can not be missed without mentioning a long-standing culture that will make you impressed by a lot of interesting things. Travelling to Vietnam, you are surely mesmerized by the rich variety of insanely delicious foods with many globally famous dishes such as Pho soup or Vietnamese bread.  Let's see how impressed international tourists were when having a trip to Vietnam with many unforgettable memories.


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Vietnam Travel Memories

Best memories in Vietnam

Besides nature's beauty, historical relics,.. Vietnamese souvenirs especially handcrafted gifts with unique and catchy processes, also attract tourists a lot. This following article may be the best answer for the question “What souvenir to buy in Vietnam?”