Explore Vung Vieng Fishing Village - A Fairy Land Of Bai Tu Long Bay

As a part of the World Natural Wonder Halong Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village Vietnam features an idyllic beauty reflecting the lifestyle of the Northern Vietnamese people. Coming to Vung Vieng village, you are given the chance to admire the landscape and experience interesting activities. 

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vung vieng fishing village
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Located on Halong Bay, to the Northeast of Vietnam, about 25km from the mainland of Quang Ninh province, Vung Vieng floating village dates back to the 19th century when the ancient people formed a habit to anchor their ships and do trade in this area. Visiting the village, tourists can go kayaking and take a look around to learn more about the daily routine of local residents, whose life was attached to the ups and downs of this place.   

I - About Vung Vieng fishing village

1 - Where is Vung Vieng village? 

The village of Vung Vieng is a part of the Vung Ha archipelago, the absolutely protected area of  Bai Tu Long Bay - the pristine neighbor of Halong bay. The village is situated near Vung Vieng mountain. Limestone islands and karst structures here shape themselves an arch like a natural gate of Vung Vieng floating village to welcome visitors. 

The village is a stopover in Bai Tu Long & Halong bay tourism route 4 starting at Tuan Chau port. The total route crosses the following destinations: Hang Co cave, Thay cave, Cong Do island, Cap La island, Tung - Ang Cong Do ecozone, Hon Xep park, and Vung Vieng fishing village. You should take it into consideration because just spend 290,000 VND ($12.5) to get a ticket and visit a bundle of other spots on the bay along with Vung Vieng. However, the drawback is that you don’t have much time to fully explore the fishing village since the whole route just lasts for a couple of hours which means the duration you stay at this stopover will be no more than 1 hour.  

Moreover, the gate of this village is relatively low, and the large ship and boat are unable to get through. The ship route 4 can only bring you to the entrance to Vung Vieng fishing village, then you must sit on a kayak or small bamboo boat of the local people to sneak into. 

2 - The scenery at Vung Vieng floating village

vung vieng floating village

The breathtaking scenery of the village - Source: rachelherbert

Although Vung Vieng village is not included in Halong bay, you can still find the image of this spectacular bay via several green limestone islands which cluster together as if they are embracing this small floating village. The erosion of sea water makes these islands to have large caves, and Cao cave, also known as the natural gate of the village is such a prime example. 

Cao cave in the area of Vung Vieng fishing village is a trans-water cave with majestic beauty bestowed by nature. It is quite small and short, but stacked on its top is a layer of towering mountain rocks. Therefore, anyone who comes here can’t help picking up their phone to take pictures. 

Pass through the cave and you will see floating houses staying next to each other, clustering into groups. It is Vung Vieng floating village, the place that you are looking forward to. Your first feeling about it is probably the peaceful, safe and sound atmosphere exuding from everything. It is quiet in a way that you can hear the sound of waves. The islands surrounding Vung Vieng fishing village help stabilize the water, the sea surface is no more than a lake, just gently rolling. 

Floral and fauna on these islands are also a highlight. Green trees covering these islands make them look like green pearls on the sea. Sitting on a boat getting around the village, you may occasionally catch sight of some monkeys hanging on tree branches or an eagle or seagull spreading wings in the sky.  

Small islands surrounding the village feature untouched beaches where tourists are allowed to sink and swim. If you have time, drop by Mat Quy island (Devil Face) to admire its unique shape or land at Tra Ban island nearby to trek primary forests. 

3 - Life at Vung Vieng fishing village

vung vieng village

Fishermen at Vung Vieng village - Source: zingnews

Households in Vung Vieng floating village are descendants of Ha Long fishermen who came here and led a life floating on the sea surface hundreds of years ago. They depend on fishing and aquaculture to live on from generation to generation. Recently, thanks to the popularity of Halong Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay, this place is better known. The people take tourism as another way to earn a living. 

At Vung Vieng fishing village, all houses are fully furnitured with modern equipment such as stoves, TV sets, radio, making them not much different from those in the mainland. However, instead of motorbikes or cars, each family owns a boat or small ship to transport. That’s why the area sees very little pollution, both sound and water. The villagers are environment activists who always have a net by their side to timely remove waste once they spot it. It is to say that life in the village of Vung Vieng is so simple, peaceful and healthy. 

II - For visitors to Vung Vieng fishing village

1 - How to get around Vung Vieng floating village 

vung vieng fishing village vietnam

Bamboo boats are very popular here - Source: halongbaycruisedeals

When traveling to Vung Vieng village, cruise ships will take you from Tuan Chau wharf to the gate of the village. From here, you have 2 options: sitting on a bamboo boat sailed by villagers or kayaking by yourselves. 

If you go by bamboo boat, you should be aware that a boat can contain no more than 6 people including the rower. Moreover, 100% of passengers are required to wear life jackets. The rowers are the very residents of Vung Vieng fishing village, they can take you around and tell you interesting stories about their “home”. On that journey, you can sometimes see them use a net to collect waste floating on the water. They do it like a habit but that shows their consciousness for the environment. 

If you would prefer kayaking, it’s good because this is an enclosed sea, there are no high waves which can risk you. 


- Kayak: 50,000 VND ($2.2)/person/hour

- Bamboo boat: 50,000 VND ($2.2)/person/hour

- Traditional dragon boat: 100,000 VND ($4.3)/person/hour

Service provider: 

- Van chai Ha Long tourism service cooperatives

- Address: No.269, Block 5, Zone 5, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city

- Phone: 0936 451 823

2 - Experiences at Vung Vieng fishing village

vung vieng fishing village boat tour

Kayaking at Vung Vieng floating village is preferred by many tourists - Source: vnexpress

Suppose you have plenty of time, let’s spend a day living as a real fisherman by doing activities such as feeding fish, learning more about cultured pearls, visiting the community meeting house where artifacts about the history and culture of this place are displayed, eating seafood, joining hand with the villagers in environment protecting activities like removing garbage from the water... Moreover, you can drive a kayak to self-explore all the corners in this village and the picturesque nature surrounding it.  

3 - Overnight at the Vung Vieng fishing village 

Asking the local people for a stay is the ideal solution allowing visitors to get to know the daily routine of the people at Vung Vieng village from late night to early morning. However, it is only advisable for those accompanied by a native tour guide. In case you are a free traveler, accommodating at the community meeting house is the best. 

In conclusion, Vung Vieng floating village will be a suggestion for those who want to go off the beaten track. With the pristine nature along with friendly and candid people, this is going to offer you the most pleasant and memorable moments. Once having the opportunity to approach Ha Long Bay, please don’t miss this amazing Vung Vieng fishing village, will you? 

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