Kayaking In Halong Bay Vietnam’s Ideal Places, Tours And Tips

Kayaking in Halong Bay is one of the interesting experiences that many people love when they have the opportunity to come here, convenient for exploring the beautiful scenery offshore. There are a few notes that you'll have to keep in mind to safely participate in this activity, whether you’re going solo or experiencing the kayaking service offered by cruises on Halong Bay.

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kayaking in halong bay
Source: vietnamplus

Halong Bay has long been a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, with thousands of unique rocky islands in the middle of the immense sea, recognized as a new world natural wonder. Not only can you see the wonderful natural bays and islands, you can also freely conquer yourself with attractive sports activities. In particular, kayaking in Halong Bay is the easiest one to spot - its popularity is so great that no matter which experience or boat tour you choose, it is available.

I - Notes on kayaking in Halong Bay Vietnam

- To ensure your own safety, you are only allowed to kayak in Halong Bay in certain areas prescribed by the bay management board. Each of these locations will have different landscapes and experiences, with different prices and service providers.


halong bay kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most exciting things to do - Source: margaretcruises

- In addition to experiencing kayaking activities on your own, you can also book a cruise in Halong Bay - some units already provide this service in their tour package without an additional fee. Cruises equipped with kayaks on board will organize this activity on their own at an optional location in the bay, while those without kayaks will take you to the licensed areas for kayaking.

- You should check the weather in advance to see if it is suitable to participate in kayaking in Halong Bay because this is an outdoor activity. Sunny and dry is best, and if it rains or storms, kayaking is often banned or not recommended. On light rainy days, you can still try out this sport, but prepare and bring with you a raincoat in case of heavy rain. On winter days, it is still possible to kayak normally, because Halong Bay is not too cold and the sea is also quite calm.

- Dry weather is the perfect time for a Halong bay kayaking tour, however, the sunlight on Halong Bay is sometimes quite harsh, easy to blind, causing heat stroke and tanning. So you need to pay attention to replenishing enough water for the body, wear protective eyewear (the type that can filter ultraviolet rays), and bring items such as coats, wide-brimmed hats,… In particular, to protect your skin well when joining kayaking in Halong Bay, you should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 - 60, rub it on your skin half an hour before going out in the sun, and reapply after 2 - 3 hours.

- Choose suitable, comfortable clothes for movement and it is best to prioritize water-resistant clothes, wear life jackets carefully in accordance with regulations.

- Avoid using stimulants or alcoholic beverages before and during kayaking.

- Listen to the route, times and rules, check with your guide about the weather, tides and winds for the best and safest trip.

- Keep a reasonable distance and your line of sight on others to avoid getting lost.

- Even if you are an experienced kayaker, do not get too close to the caves and the rocky mountains, stay away from places with strong currents, against the wind.

- Important: Do not litter on the bay.

II - Top 9 places for kayaking in Halong Bay Vietnam

Because Halong Bay has many attractions and the area is hundreds of square kilometers, it is almost impossible to go to all of them in just a day. Therefore, they are organized and rearranged in 5 routes departing from Tuan Chau international passenger ship port, each with its own unique features. Route 1 or 2 is often picked because they already have all the main attractions, but you can choose others to have the most satisfying time of a Halong bay kayaking.

1 - Luon Cave

kayaking in halong bay vietnam

Kayaking at Luon cave - Source: halotravel

Located on Bo Hon Island, Luon Cave belongs to the number 2 sightseeing route known as the top spot for kayaking in Halong Bay with an area of 11.84ha. This cave has a flooded ground and opens to the sea, surrounded by charming natural scenery with rolling mountains and green trees. The archway of the cave with its natural shape about 60m long reflects on the blue sea water, creating a beautiful ink painting. If you want to have a new experience in harmony with nature, touch the sea water or observe the stalactites under the dome of Luon Cave, do not miss kayaking here.

- Kayaking ticket price: 50,000 VND / 2 pax ($2.15)

- Boating ticket price: 30,000 VND / pax ($1.3)

- Speedboat ticket price:

+ 100,000 VND / 15 minutes / pax ($4.3)

+ 120,000 VND / 20 minutes / pax ($5.16)

- Service provider: Nam Tung One Member LLC

+ Address: No.102 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Hong Ha Ward, Ha Long City

+ Phone: 0935 226 888

2 - Ba Hang fishing village - top spot for kayaking in Halong Bay

With an area of ​​16.7ha of service operation, Ba Hang is a famous destination for tourists who want to take a Halong bay kayaking tour, belonging to 2 sightseeing routes 1 and 5. This is an idyllic and simple fishing village located next to Thien Cung cave, attracting visitors by its peaceful life and extremely beautiful scenery. During the day, you can go kayaking by yourself, passing through the majestic limestone mountains and admiring the magnificence of Ha Long’s heavenly water and land.

- Kayaking ticket price: 40,000 VND / 2 pax ($1.72)

- Boating ticket price: 40,000 VND / pax ($1.72)

- Service provider: Con Do Co Tich Fishing Cooperative (Fairy Boat)

+ Address: No.225, Group 7, Zone 2, Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long City

+ Phone: 0989 883 110 - 0908 4300 666

3 - Lom Bo Island - ideal island for kayaking in Halong Bay

kayaking at halong bay

Kayaking at Lon Bo Island - Source: vietgiaitri

Lom Bo Island belongs to the sightseeing route No.2 of Ha Long Bay, about 2km southwest of Titop Island, and is a stopover if you spend the night. On the island, there is Me Cung Cave (Maze) located at an altitude of 25m, with a complex structure and corridors over 100m long, looking down on a small lake of the same name. The poetic space of this place will give you the chance to have the most exciting experiences, feel the wild nature while having a Halong bay kayaking. This service currently does not have a separate provider, but is being included by travel companies in their overnight tours.

4 - Cua Van fishing village

Located in a calm sea near the Va Gia mountain range and belonging to the tourist route No.3, Cua Van Fishing Village has a zoned area of 78.27ha for sport activities like kayaking in Halong Bay. Far from the shore, this place still retains its wild and lyrical features with cool fresh air, and impresses with colorful small floating houses. You can kayak to discover the beauty of the rustic life of fishermen, the peace and simplicity of the place that was voted in the top 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world in 2012.

- Kayaking ticket price: 100,000 VND / hour / 2 pax ($4.3)

- Boating ticket price: 60,000 VND / hour / pax ($2.58)

- Service provider: Hai Phong Ha Long JSC

+ Address: No.3, Lane 65, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Hong Ha Ward, Ha Long City

+ Phone: 0978 781 423 - 0983 062 678

5 - Co Cave

kayaking in halong

Kayaking at Hon - Source: bookingviet

Located on Hon Co island, Co Cave, or Thien Canh Son with a harmonious combination of inside and outside scenery, is one of the best places for kayaking in Halong Bay. With an operating area of 43.22ha, this is a suitable place for you to take a Halong bay kayaking tour, watch the blue sea, overlapping islands and colorful sailing ships. To be able to participate in this activity, you will have to follow the tour of the Indochina JSC because there are no other companies to organize it here.

6 - Cong Dam Island

Belonging to tourist route No. 4, Cong Dam area is known for its majestic, poetic and peaceful natural beauty of an open-air geological museum. Coming here, you will have a great opportunity to visit a small fishing village of the same name, which still retains many unspoiled features. This is an interesting spot for kayaking in Halong Bay, making you excited when weaving between mountains formed from stacked rocks. Around Cong Dam Island is a great place to explore and see coral reefs, underwater caves and lakes in the limestone mountains. Similar to Co Cave, you will have to take a tour of the Indochina JSC to go on the Halong bay kayaking tour.

7 - Cong Do Island

best palces for kayaking in halong

Kayaking at Cong Do island - Source: netramm

Featuring unspoiled and peaceful scenery, poetic space and colorful coral reefs, Cong Do Island area is a paradise for those who love quiet and ancient. This is a place on the sightseeing route number 4, with discovery services such as kayaking in Halong Bay, which are included in the cost of an overnight tour by travel companies. This is one of the islands with many meandering sea valleys that are home to numerous marine species, along with vast and rare coral reefs with thousands of colors. Kayaking here, you will have a chance to enjoy the feeling of being one with nature, breathing in the fresh air and salty taste of the sea.

8 - Vung Vieng fishing village

Vung Vieng is a small isolated village, with a wild look, bestowed by nature with beautiful and peaceful scenery, belonging to tourist route No.4. This place is chosen by many people for kayaking in Halong Bay, giving you the opportunity to see the mountains overlapping, fish shacks mixed with floats lined up in a straight line. There is also the Cao Cave with beauty bestowed by nature, lying under the towering rock layer, so majestic that only when you get close to you can you fully feel it.

- Kayaking ticket price: 50,000 VND / 2 pax ($2.15)

- Boating ticket price: 50,000 VND / pax ($2.15)

- Traditional dragon boat: 100,000 VND / hour / pax ($4.3)

- Service provider: Van Chai Ha Long tourism service cooperative

+ Address: No.269, Group 5, Zone 5, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

+ Phone: 0936 451 823

9 - Ban Chan Island - a nice place for kayaking in Halong Bay

kayaking at halong bay island

Ban Chan island - Source: vietgoing

This is a new island that has been put into tourism activities in the past few years, especially more known after the 2019 international fashion show here. Seen from above, Ban Chan island appears very poetic with mountains, green grass surrounded by blue water, dotted with boats turning along the waves and sparkling sunlight. Because of the limited means of transportation and living conditions, Ban Chan island is still a new coordinate, giving you an entirely peaceful Halong bay kayaking tour.

- Kayaking ticket price: 50,000 VND / pax ($2.15)

- Service provider: Van Chai Ha Long tourism service cooperative

+ Address: No.269, Group 5, Zone 5, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

+ Phone: 0936 451 823

III - Some cruises provide services on kayaking in Halong Bay

Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise

Launched in the summer of 2019, this cruise showcases the uniqueness of Vietnamese history, cuisine and culture. It offers rooms with premium amenities and stunning views, plus a chance to kayak on Halong Bay. With a passionate team, this luxury yacht promises to ensure a personalized first-class experience for every passenger.

- Departure point: Tuan Chau Pier, no.14 Ngoc Chau Street, Tuan Chau Ward, Ha Long City

- Price: $186 - 321 / pax

- Contact: 0886 03 66 68 - 024 3223 9988

- Website: heritagecruises.com

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Also launched in 2019, Scarlet Pearl is a modern cruise in the direction of sustainable tourism, with a energy-saving system and focus on reducing the environmental burden. The yacht offers 23 luxury cabins including 4 Pearl themed suites: Silver, Golden, Onyx and Scarlet, bringing the ultimate experience of taking a Halong bay kayaking tour.

- Departure point: Halong International Cruise Port, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

- Price: $197 - 266 / pax

- Contact: 03232 3082 - 0965 010 669

- Website: https://www.scarletpearlcruises.com/

Orchid Cruise Halong Bay


halong bay cruise kayaking

Orchid Cruise Halong Bay - Source: halongbaytours

To experience kayaking in Halong Bay in the most comfortable way, you can also refer to the service of this 5-star standard cruise. Orchid has a total of 3 types of yachts with different characteristics, but all are beautiful touches that blend the nostalgic Asian and elegant European styles.

- Office: Anh Dao Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

- Price: $192 - 282 / pax

- Contact: 03 846 810 - 03 846 811

- Website: orchidcruises.com

Signature Halong Cruise

This is the most luxurious wooden cruise in Vietnam, with 5-star international standard, luxurious equipment and fine lines of the Renaissance. Signature Cruises gives you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking scenery around the Gulf of Tonkin, by kayaking in Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and so on.

- Office: No.9 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

- Price: $356.4 - 810 / pax

- Contact: 0243 927 6999 - 096 394 6786

- Website: signaturehalongcruise.com
Visiting Halong Bay without trying out kayaking will be a huge omission, because this is an opportunity for you to be floating on the calm waves, watching the unspoiled natural scenery up close. It is no coincidence that in 2000, the National Geographic Adventures Journal voted this as one of the top 25 tourist destinations in the world for this sport. Above are all the detailed experiences of kayaking in Halong Bay, hoping to help you enjoy a relaxing moment when exploring this world natural heritage.

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