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Located on Lam Vien plateau with an average altitude of 1500 above sea level, the weather in Dalat Vietnam is affected by the mild and cool mountain climate zone. The weather is quite pleasant all year round with 2 seasons in a year (rainy & dry season). However, in one day, you can experience the 4-season weather’s characteristics. In the morning, the air is gentle, refreshing like spring, while noon is a summer replica as the golden rays of sunlight rise with the wind. The afternoon is as gentle as autumn and the evening is a bit cold & shivering as winter. 

The average temperature in Dalat is about 18-21°C, the lowest temperature ever measured was in January 1998, about -0.6°C. 

- The annual rainfall: 1562mm

- The average humidity: 82%

In Dalat, another remarkable weather phenomenon is fog. The average number of foggy days in Dalat is about 80 to 85 days in a year, mostly from February to May and from September to October.

I - Weather in Dalat in the rainy season

rainy season in dalat weather in vietnsm

      A rain in Dalat - Source: Suhyeon Choi

1 - How is the rainy season in Dalat?

The rainy season in Dalat lasts from May to October due to the strong activity of the southwest monsoon. The long heavy rains appear frequently at noon and in the morning. 

- The average temperature: 18°C

- The average rainfall: 1,768 mm - accounting for nearly 80% of the yearly rainfall

- The rainy days: 160 days

- The rainiest months: July, September, and October

- Dalat weather in May: Rainfall: 191mm and average temperature: 19.1°C

- June to September: Rainfall: 213 - 282mm/month and average temperature: 18-19°C

2 - Things to note about the weather in Dalat in the rainy season

Dalat in the rainy season has its own attractions. A dreamy Dalat in the rain and fog is so attractive to those who love the quiet and lightness. Here are some nice experiences during the rainy days in Dalat: 

Enjoying rainy days at the coffee shops 

On rainy days, enjoying the tranquil scenery and fresh & cool atmosphere at the cozy coffee shops is a nice thing to do. There are many famous cafes with unique design styles here. You can easily choose a prominent coffee shop and invite friends to gossip, take pictures. If the rain is mild, you have a good chance to experience the feeling of walking in the rain, watching the dreamy streets of Dalat. Some beautiful cafes in Dalat:

- Viva Coffee & House Dalat: No.5 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 4, Dalat City

- Dalat Golf Cafe: No.14 Dong Da Street, Ward 3, Dalat City

- Dalat Mountain View: No.25 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ward 10, Dalat City


tile baking dish in a good weather in dalat vietnam

Tile baking dish is very popular in Dalat - Source: Place

Enjoying the hot food of Dalat

The chilly weather in Dalat in the rainy season is very suitable for enjoying the cuisine here. There are many attractive dishes you cannot miss such as chicken leaf hotpot, oxtail hotpot, tile baking, hot bean milk, banh mi, baked rice paper, …

Visiting bars and pubs for great drinks & music 

Dalat at night also has many attractive places to visit at night such as:

- The Fog bar: No.76 Truong Cong Dinh Street, Ward 1, Dalat City

- Heyla Cocktail Bar: No.10 Tan Da Street, Ward 6, Dalat City

Notes for tourists:

- Prepare necessary rain gear such as clothes, raincoats, non-wet shoes, waterproof backpack, coat, scarf, medicine ...

- Priority should be given to arranging an itinerary to visit and explore indoors instead of boating or hunting clouds outdoors.

Top things to do in Dalat

II - The weather in Dalat Vietnam in the dry season

1 - Characteristics of the dry season in Dalat

morning mist weather in dalat vietnam

   The morning mist of lonely trees in Dalat - Source: My Nguyen

The dry season starts from November to April. In the dry season, Dalat is influenced by the East Sea air mass, bringing warm sunny weather with few clouds and no rain. 

The temperature in Dalat Vietnam during the dry season: 15°C

- From November to December: Average temperature: 12-14°C

- January & February: These months experience the lowest temperature of the year (temperature drops to below 10°C at night). It is quite foggy late at night & in the early morning. The rainfall in Jan & Feb is about 97mm and 36mm respectively. 

- Dalat weather in March & April is quite similar to January and February. The temperature ranges from 17.8°C to 18.9°C. Plus, this is the blooming flower season in Dalat. 

2 - What to note about the weather in Dalat in the dry season?

The weather in the dry season makes it the best time for traveling. The top things to do in Dalat include: 

Visiting famous scenic spots

Surrounded by many mountains and forests, this fresh city is home to numerous beautiful natural sceneries. Some of the best natural spots to visit are Cau Dat Tea Hill, Tuyen Lam Lake, Lang Biang Mountain, Artichoke flower, Dalat Crazy House,...

Admiring flower gardens

Dalat houses an extensive collection of beautiful and unique flowers, which gave Dalat the name “the city of flowers” in Vietnam. At Dalat flower gardens, you can admire many beautiful flowers of the land of mist such as hydrangeas, wildflowers, and pink grass hill. The dry season is when the weather in Dalat is at its best to visit, and every 2 years, the gardens transform into one of the venues for the Spring Flower Fair and the Winter Flower Festival.


Visit Linh Phuoc pagoda in nice weather in Dalat Vietnam

                 Linh Phuoc Pagoda - Source: Tuan Dao

Visiting sacred places

Linh Phuoc pagoda is an ancient architectural work with the bold culture of Vietnam. With the harmonious combination between the pagoda and the tower and beautiful oriental architecture, this is an interesting spiritual tourist attraction that you should experience.

Cycling around Xuan Huong Lake

Possessing a prime location in the city center, Xuan Huong Lake is famous for its immense pine forests, green lawns, and wonderful flower gardens. This place is also a favorite meeting point for tourists who love walking or cycling when the weather in Dalat is comfortable.

Attending Dalat flower festival 

This is an event held every two years in Dalat and some other localities in Lam Dong province in December. This is an opportunity to display all kinds of flowers. Ornamental plants from many regions of the country, even around the world.


enjoy good food at night for weather in dalat vietnam

Food of Dalat night market - Source: Internet

Enjoying Dalat street food

Coming to Dalat, everyone must once enjoy all the specialties such as baked rice paper, strawberry shake,... Convenient for shopping at Dalat market, you can buy specialties in Dalat as gifts for your relatives.

Dalat has always been a tourist attraction for foreign tourists, but you need to learn about the weather in Dalat Vietnam before coming. Above is some basic information for you to have an interesting travel experience.
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