The Beginner's Guide To The Vibrant Dalat Night Market

Dalat night market, also known as the Hell market (Am Phu market) is located in the city center. The market seems more fanciful and “energetic” in the shimmering lights hung on almost all corners and in front of stalls. Wandering around the alleys amidst the market in the cool breeze, breathing in the aromatic fragrance of flavorful street food in the vendor is a wonderful experience for you to fully enjoy the “breath” of the charming Dalat city. 

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dalat night market
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Contrary to the peace and gentility during the daytime, Dalat appears to be more hectic and bustling at nightfall, which can be clearly seen in the Dalat night market. The bright lights on the streets, in the stalls, and the laughter, and street cries echoing in the midnight seem to “break” the subtle silence. The busy night market in Dalat contributes to making the diverse and appealing images of the poetic city. 

I - Dalat night market location

night market in dalat

Xuan Huong lake - Source: Tri. Bui Duc

This bustling market is located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, ward 1, right at the center of Da Lat city. Because it is in close distance to the poetic Xuan Huong lake, an ideal itinerary for you is to watch the sunset at Xuan Huong lake first, then head to the night market to have dinner, sightsee and enjoy vibrant street performances. 

Vendors along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street are always jam-packed with buyers and sellers but the most crowded area must be the quarter at the heart of the market which features an attractive flower garden. Food stalls often gather around it. 

II - What are waiting to be discovered in Dalat night market

Visiting the night market is one of the best things to do in Dalat. The night market in Dalat stretches along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, therefore, there are countless stalls selling a wide array of items from food, clothes, souvenirs, and flowers, etc.  

1 - Local cuisine 

hotel near dalat night market

Night food court - Source: reviewvilla

It would be a huge shortfall when traveling to this vibrant night market without savoring the paradise of mouth-watering street food in the market. You will be overwhelmed by a heaven of Dalat’s delectable specialities, typically Dalat grill girdle cake (bánh tráng nướng), well-known as Vietnamese pizza, made of minced meat, dried shrimp, dried beef, sausage slices and many other spices. The price of dishes in Dalat night market is also extremely reasonable. For example, the price of the scrunchy, hot girdle cake just ranges from 15,000 - 20,000VND/ serving ($0.65 - 0.87). 

Other palatable street foods that can not be missed in the market can be mentioned as grilled sweet potatoes, grilled corns, grilled eggs, chilled mixed fruit or boiled snails as well as grilled fresh seafood in various types. When it comes to Dalat’s cuisine, dried fruit must be in the top list of worth-trying street food or snacks. There are a myriad of species of fruit ranging from plum, apple, cherry, strawberry, persimmon, black berry, and banana and the list goes on, sold at a very affordable price. 

2 - Clothes and costumes in Dalat night market

The weather in Dalat is relatively cool all year round with the average temperature of 18-21°C; therefore, the stalls of wool cloth can be found in plenty of places and areas in the city, especially in the night market in Dalat. The area on the left side of the gate to the market exhibits numerous woolen items and clothes, including clothes, beanies, socks, and scarves, etc. 

3 - Street dances 

hotels near dalat night market

Street art performance - Source: tourtheworld

One of the most enjoyable parts in this night market that attracts a number of both locals and visitors is street performances from enthusiastic and cheerful amateur singers with ear-pleasing, joyful guitar songs, vivacious drum performances or alluring street dances, etc. 

4 - Souvenirs in Dalat night market

In Am Phu night market, you can easily encounter adorable gift shops with eye-catching, handmade souvenirs (like keychains and felted wool animals), memorabilia, accessories, wooden paintings, and natural dried flowers,... all of which bear the typical characteristics of the poetic, tranquil city of Dalat Vietnam

II - Notes for tourists to the night market in Dalat

1 - Dalat night market opening hours

It opens from 5pm to the early morning next day, but the busiest time normally starts from 7pm until midnight (which may be the reason why the market gets the name of “Hell market”). The next early morning, at the very location, the day market follows the night market to serve the need for food of the locals

2 - Ask for price and bargain before paying 

dalat night market location

Tourists at night market - Source: nongnghiep

It is really necessary for you to make a bargain before deciding to buy anything in the market to avoid the situation of rip-off by local sellers. 

Note: there is a relatively large parking lot located at the left side of the gate of the market. You have to pay around 10,000 VND/ motorbike ($0.43). 

There is no doubt that the Dalat night market is not only the shopping area but also the “breath” of the poetic city of Dalat that reflects the bustling pace of life of the locals as well as the indegenous culture. After the “exploration” of the entire busy market, you can take a stroll around the charming Xuan Huong lake to admire the splendid city in the nightfall and take a deep breath to inhale the typical cool breeze of the city.  

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