Ham Ninh fishing village Phu Quoc is an ancient village with a wild and rustic beauty with thatched roofs and simple bamboo walls. From a distance, the fishing village appears very beautiful with a clear blue sea mixed with the color of the sky creating a poetic scene. 

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Thanks to the favorable weather, you can visit Ham Ninh fishing village at any time of the year. However, the most ideal time to come here is in the dry season - from November to April next year. With an average temperature of about 28 - 32℃, it is very suitable for your sea exploration activities and travel experiences. 

I - Where is Ham Ninh fishing village?

The fishing village is located on the beach to the South of Phu Quoc island, belonging to Ham Ninh commune, Phu Quoc island - about 14 km from Duong Dong town to the East. You can choose between traveling by motorbike or taxi to approach Ham Ninh. 


ham ninh

Ham Ninh Phu Quoc on Google map - Source: Bestprice

By taxi

You can also travel by taxi at the rate of 14,000 VND ($0.61)/km. Some popular taxi companies in Phu Quoc are: 

- Mai Linh taxi: 02973 97 97 97

- Phu Quoc taxi: 02973 75 75 75

- VinaSun Phu Quoc taxi: 0297 38 27 27 27

- Sasco taxi: 0297 3767 676

By motorbike 

Traveling by motorbike to Ham Ninh fishing village is a bit easy. Motorbike rental is quite easy in Phu Quoc island at a medium price of 100,000 VND ($4.34)/day. You can refer to the following reliable rental shops:   

Anh Phat motorcycle rental shop

- Address: No.92 Tran Hung Dao street, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc island

- Contact: 0985 465 555

Duong Hung motorbike rental shop

- Address: No.197 Tran Hung Dao street, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc island

- Contact: 0946171696

Anh Cuong motorbike rental shop

- Address: Mac Cuu street, Quarter 3, Duong Dong 3, Phu Quoc island

- Contact: 0917 774 228

II - Top 5 experiences at Ham Ninh fishing village

1 - Visiting Ham Ninh seafood market 

Ham Ninh seafood market is right at the entrance of the fishing village. Characterized by Vietnamese traditional markets,  this place is open every day from the early morning to late afternoon with a variety of goods such as raw, fresh kinds of seafood (sentinel crab, sweet snail, sea urchin, mantis shrimp,... or Phu Quoc specialties such as fish sauce, rhodomyrtus tomentosa wine, melaleuca mushroom, dried seafood, and the price is very reasonable. 

2 - Watching daybreak and sunset from Ham Ninh fishing village

ham ninh phu quoc

The charming sunset - Source: @flyasiana

About 500m from Ham Ninh market, there is a wooden bridge which is the most proper position to sight the breaking dawn and sunset in Phu Quoc. The atmosphere here is really cool and fresh so you can get immersed in the romantic view of the late afternoon on the bridge facing the sea or contemplate the peaceful and warm setting when the sun goes down. 

3 - Trying to be fishermen 

If you have a chance to visit Ham Ninh fishing village Phu Quoc, don’t miss the chance to live the life of a real fisherman and have the most memorable experience when being here. You will go offshore with local fishermen on dedicated boats. However, to take part in this activity, you need to contact ship owners to book tickets in advance. 

4 - Discovering local cuisine

The seafood here is caught locally so it is extremely fresh. And especially, when talking about Ham Ninh fishing village, people will immediately think of famous sentinel crab dishes with amazing taste. Fresh sentinel crabs are processed into many different dishes at a really attractive price. 


ham ninh fishing village phu quoc

Ham Ninh crab - Source: @hoang.my

From Ham Ninh market, you go straight down for 300 m then right and you will see a road parallel to the seashore where there are many famous restaurants in Ham Ninh such as: 

Restaurant Be Ghe 

- Price: 100,000 VND - 500,000 VND ($4.36 - 21.7)/dish

- Contact: 038 725 2535

- Opening hour: 9am - 11pm

-Website: https://www.facebook.com/begherestaurantphuquoc/

Bien Xanh restaurant

This is one of the best Ham Ninh fishing village restaurants with a large space and a bunch of good views. 

- Price: 100,000 VND - 1,100,000 VND ($4.36 - 47.93)/dish  

- Opening hour: 8am - 10pm

- Contact: 097 744 7734

- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nhahangbienxanhhnpq

Thuan Kieu 2 Raft House restaurant

- Price: 80,000 VND - 700,000 VND ($3.48 - 30.44)/dish 

- Contact: 093 954 5849

- Opening hour: 9am - 11pm

- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/quanthuankieu2/

As one of the best fishing villages in Vietnam, Ham Ninh fishing village is such an ideal tourist spot when you travel to Phu Quoc island. With the above-mentioned information, we hope that you will have more wonderful ideas for your upcoming trip.

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