Motorbike in Vietnam is the main form of transport that will amaze foreign tourists for the first time. To drive a scooter for traveling, tourists can rent or buy one with a quite reasonable price. 

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It can be said that Vietnam is a large motorcycle consumption market that also makes visitors quite excited when coming to this country. Traveling by motorbike is an ideal choice for travelers who love the freedom, love a challenge, explore new journeys and lands.

I - Overview of scooter in Vietnam

According to Vnexpress, by the end of the first quarter of 2020, on average, Vietnamese people buy up to 5 motorbikes per minute. Due to the typical transportation conditions of Vietnam and its affordable price with the majority of people's income, motorbikes are the most popular means of transportation.

Vintage coffee scooter in Vietnam

Motorcycle checkin and some vintage cafes (Source: Itourvn)

In 2019, Vietnamese people consumed more than 3.27 million motorbikes and ranked fourth in the world in motorcycle consumption. Although there are many other means of transport, motorbikes makeup 86% of the traffic volume in major cities, according to the Investor’s business daily.  

II - Motorbike market in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top four most active and competitive motorcycle markets in the world. There are about 5 manufactures including  Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio, and SYM (under the VAMM association) dominated the Vietnamese motorbike market with over 95% market share.

1 - Classification of motorcycle in Vietnam market

By the manufacturer
In 2019, Honda scooter Vietnam holds 79% of the motorbikes market share, reaching record sales of 2.57 million motorbikes sold with cheap motorbikes like Wave Alpha and Vision. These are the types of motorbikes chosen by many people because of their affordable prices (from 20 - 30 million VND) and are diverse in designs, colors, and beauty.

Yamaha Vietnam scooter sales

Yamaha scooter (Source: Cartimes)

Yamaha is ranked second after Honda with a 20% decrease in sales compared to 2018, Yamaha Vietnam scooter sales accounted for about 800,000 motorbikes. The typical motorbikes that Vietnamese people believe in is Sirius with a masculine and strong design and Exciter - an impressive clutch motorbike with a very strong engine.
SYM - a Taiwanese brand with sales growth of 5.2%, is ranked third in the Vietnamese motorbike market. Referring to SYM, it is impossible not to mention the Sym Angela 50cc vehicle line designed exclusively for girls with stunning colors or the newly launched Husky Classic 125 - is the ideal companion for those who love to explore roads, traveling ...according to the Investor’s business daily.  
By functions:
(1): Manual Transmission Motorcycle
(2): Automatic Transmission Motorcycle
(3): Clutch motorbikes





Petroleum saving 




Easy to use




Affordable Price




Suitable for many terrains




Large trunk




Attractive design








2 - Buying a motorbike in Vietnam

Foreigners who would like to buy a motorbike in Vietnam and in the name of the owner, need to prepare the following documents:
- Valid passport
- Temporary residence card or permanent residence with expiry date more than one year
- Work permits in accordance with the law
- Letter of recommendation of the agency or business as the foreigner’s employer.

Buying a motorbike in Vietnam

Buying a motorbike (Source: Tigitmotorbikes)

III - Motorbike rental in Vietnam 

Renting motorbike in Vietnam is currently quite developed, visitors can rent a motorbike to serve their trip at an affordable price anywhere. As details:

1 - Price of Motorbike rental

By full days:
Manual Transmission Motorcycle: 120.000VND - 150.000VND/day/one (~$5 - $6,5)
Automatic Transmission Motorcycle: 180.000VND - 220.000VND/day/one (~$8 - $9,5)
Clutch motorbikes: 350.000VND - 400.000 VND/day/one (~$15 - $17)
Long –term (several days):
Manual Transmission Motorcycle: 100.000 VND - 120.000 VND/day/one (~$4 - $5)
Automatic Transmission Motorcycle: 150.000 VND - 170.000 VND/day/one (~$6,5 - $7,3)
Clutch motorbikes: 330.000 VND - 350.000 VND /day/one ($14 - $15).

2 - Process and tips when renting a motorbike in Vietnam 

Renting a motorbike in Vietnam

Procedures for motorbike rental in Vietnam (Source: Munizzilaw)

The procedure for motorbike rental is quite simple, you just need to leave your original identification documents such as passport and valid driver's license. There are also some places that require a deposit of about 1-2 million VND, so when renting a car, you should expect to pay extra deposit costs. Some car rental agencies are also careful to make car rental contracts and provide simple car repair kits.

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Tips when renting a motorbike in Vietnam 
- Check the brake, horn, gear lever, rearview mirror, lights and turn signals
- The tire is new, inflated and has sufficient friction
- Try to test drive to check the  acceleration
- Do not choose a vehicle that has traveled too much based on the number of miles shown
- Choose a reputable car rental service with a full commitment and a clear contract
Coming to Vietnam, you should experience the feeling of riding a motorbike between the pass roads, the two sides are majestic and poetic natural scenery. Hope you will have a safe journey and have many wonderful experiences in Vietnam.
1 - How many motorbikes in Vietnam?
 number of motorbikes in vietnam In 2020, there are about 46 million registered motorbikes in Vietnam.  
2 - How much is a motorbike in Vietnam?
The cost of motorbike in Vietnam depends on types of motorbike. The average price for buying a new automatic scooter is from 30 million VND to 50 million VND. 
3 - Which is the most popular motorbike for Vietnamese?
To females, automatic transmission motorbike is a popular choice, meanwhile manual transmission motorcycle often is used by male. Vietnam 50cc motorbike is more and more popular among youth. Recently, electric motorbike Vietnam has become a new trend in the motorcycle market. 
4 - Which is the best motorbike in Vietnam for traveling?
Driving in and around big cities, manual or automatic transmission motorbike is the most suitable. 
For off road driving tours, a clutch hand motorbike is highly recommended.  Honda winner Vietnam is quite popular for renting in Vietnam. 

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