When is the best time to visit Vietnam? The answer depends on the regions and areas you go, in general the best times to visit from north to south Vietnam is from October to April (dry season in the south and fall to spring in northern Vietnam).

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best time to visit vietnam
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The weather is one of the most important factors deciding the success of a holiday especially when you want to fully enjoy the beauty of landscapes associated with various kinds of outdoor activities. Taking a look at the overview of weather conditions to know what is the best time to visit Vietnam is a must-do to get the best moments of your trip. 

I - Vietnam weather in a summary 

Due to influences of the country's location, the whole Vietnam generally experiences the tropical monsoon and humid climate. The country basks in 1400 - 3000 hours of sunshine per year. The average annual temperature is above 21℃, the average relative humidity is more than 80%, and the average yearly rainfall is over 1500 mm. Monsoons in Vietnam are divided into two seperated seasons. Visitors will feel the hot and wet weather if coming to Vietnam in the Southwest monsoon time. On the other hand, cold and dry will be the typical elements of the Northeast one. However, particular regions within Vietnam have different tropical climate typologies changing clearly from the North to the South because its territory forms an S-shaped which stretches for a long and narrow area along the East Sea.

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1 - Northern Vietnam

The Northern land of Vietnam has the subtropical monsoon and humid climate with four distinct seasons divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter. Humid, rainy and warm weather appears during spring months beginning from February to April. Vietnam's summer (from May to August) is described as a humid and the hottest season. During autumn (September & October) is considered as the most beautiful one, which is dominated by dry and cool weather. Finally, a very dry and cold winter which sometimes turns the North’s temperature below 15℃ or even under 5℃ marks the outstanding weather of Vietnam within Southeast Asia. The best time to visit North Vietnam is from late autumn to late spring. 

2 - Southern Vietnam

Visitors will not see four seasons, winter, or cold weather in the South of the country. There is only one rainy season (from May to October) and one dry reason (from November to April) along with the warm and hot weather around the year in the South of the country. 

3 - Central Vietnam

The Central land plays the transitional role between the weather in North and South of Vietnam. Therefore, it is apparent to see that the area shared the mutual climate between the two previous parts. The temperature often maintains at a middle and high level which is around 29℃. The weather is warmer and wetter than the South in the middle of the year and cooler and drier from November to April. One more noticeable thing is that the Central region experiences the most number of floods each year in Vietnam.

II - The best months to visit Vietnam 

1 - January

Weather information:
- Temperature: 14.5°C - 26.5°C
- Relative humidity: 77% - 92%
- Precipitation: 7.3mm - 160mm

A nice month for traveling to Vietnam when the dry season in the South and winter in the North can make landscapes and ideal weather for almost all travel activities along Vietnam. 

the best months to visit vietnam
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2 - February

Weather information:
- Temperature: 15°C - 26.5°C
- Relative humidity 69% - 90%
- Precipitation: 2.5 - 115mm

Main festivals and events:
Vietnam Lunar New Year (Tet holiday) from the 25th day till the end of the first Lunar month. Vietnamese consider Tet holiday as the most important and sacred event within a year. 
This time is considered as the best time to travel to Vietnam for experiencing Vietnam’s traditional festivals and events. 
Huong Pagoda (Perfume Pagoda) Festival
- Time: The main parts of festival officials are organized once a year  on the 15th to 20th day of the second Lunar month. 
- Location: 60 km Southwest of Hanoi, Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi
Yen Tu Festival
- Time: three months from the 10th of the first Lunar month
- Location: Yen Tu Pagoda complex, Yen Tu mountain, Uong Bi town, Quang Ninh province.
Lunar New Year Fireworks 
- Time: Lunar New Year at exactly 00:00 am. 
- Location: flexible location but normally the firework event is organized at three placements at Da Nang cities including Lien Chieu District’s administrative center, Hoa Vang District’s the administrative center, and Nguyen Van Troi bridge. 
Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival
- Time: 18th to the 19th day of the first lunar month
- Location: Ba Den Mountain, Phan Commune, Duong Minh Chau District, Tay Ninh Province.

3 - March

best time to travel to vietnam
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March is marked as the best month to travel to Vietnam when the weather's nice and the spring seems to add new life to everything.  
Weather information:
- Temperature: 18°C - 28°C
- Relative humidity: 74% - 88%
- Precipitation: 2mm - 99mm

Main festivals and events:
Dien Bien Phu Ban Flower Festival
- Time: March 13th to 18th 
- Location: Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien Province
Buon Don Ethnic Traditional Cultural Festival
- Time: The festival is celebrated every two years following the even years. 
- Location: Krong Na Commune, Buon Don District, Daklak Province, Buon Me Thuot City
Elephant Race Festival 
- Time: March, once every two even years
- Location: Dak Lak Province, Buon Me Thuot City
The Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival
- Time: March 
- Location: On the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, depending on the celebration day and particular year. 
The best time to go to Vietnam for cultural and traditional festivals when holidays are still available and weather in all regions is still so nice. 

4 - April

Weather information:
- Temperature: 19°C - 29°C 
- Relative humidity: 73% - 88%
- Precipitation: 1.5mm - 292mm

Main festivals and events:
Vietnam's Reunification marks the reunification of the South and North of Vietnam on April 30th 1975 after 45 years of separation due to the American War. 
Han Thuc (Cold Food) Festival falls on the 3rd day of the 3rd Lunar month every year. In the past, instead of using fire to cook meals, people prepared food the previous day. That is the reason why it is called the “cold food” Festival. 
Hung Kings’ Temple Festival: The most sacred national holiday to commemorate and express the gratitude associated with respect to the merit of Hung Kings who founded the country. 
- Time: Annually, on the 10th day of the third Lunar month; 
- Location: Hung Kings Temple (Nghia Linh mountain, Hy Lang Commune, Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province) 
Ha Long Carnival: A festival displays the most typical features of the coastal city to tourists. 
- Time: Normally on late April
- Location: Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province
Hue Festival
- Time: Once every two even years 
- Location: Hue city

5 - May

This is the beginning of the summer season, the temperature starts to rise and the rain comes strongly & regularly. This is not the best time of year to go to Vietnam for sightseeing activities, but it is still nice for a beach vacation in the central and southern regions. 

best time to go to vietnam for festival
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Weather information:
- Temperature: 20°C - 29,5°C
- Relative humidity: 76% - 85%
- Precipitation: 5,2mm - 433mm

Main festivals and events:
Dien Bien Phu Victory happens on May 7th annually to commemorate the historical victory in 1954 after 56 days and nights of consecutively fierce war facing with French colonists. 
Buddha's Birthday Festival takes place on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month to commemorate and honor the Buddha Purnima as well as spread the value of Buddhism to human life. 

6 - June

Weather information:
- Temperature: 20°C - 32°C
- Relative humidity: 70% - 92%
- Precipitation: 81mm - 531mm

Main festivals and events:
Doan Ngo Festival is held every year on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month, also the middle time of summer according to the Moon calendar. On this day, Vietnamese usually consider eating summer fruits and rice wine for breakfast can purify the bad elements inside the body. 
Da Nang International Fireworks Festival
- Time: between June and July once a year
- Location: Da Nang city, Da Nang province

7 - July

Weather information:
- Temperature: 19°C - 33°C
- Relative humidity: 65% - 89%
- Precipitation: 14mm - 844mm

Main festivals and events:
For those who feel afraid of heat and humidity, July is definitely not the best time of year to visit Vietnam. During this time, summer’s temperature reaches the peak all day and night. However, besides coming to the beaches or high mountains to hide the heat, there are some other events enriching your summer trip. 
Quan Lan Festival 
- Time: ten days from the 10th day of 6th Lunar month
- Location: Quan Lan Island, Uong Bi city, Quang Ninh province
Southern Fruit Festival
- Time: from June 1st till August 30th
- Location: Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park, Ho Chi Minh city

8 - August

Weather information:
- Temperature: 18,5°C - 31°C
- Relative humidity: 72% - 93%
- Precipitation: 16mm - 651mm

Main festivals and events:

best time of year to visit vietnam
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Vu Lan Festival (Wandering Souls Day) is considered as the time the deceased spirits can come back to real life and visit their home. The festival falls on the 15th day of the seventh Lunar month to show respect, love especially filial piety to the deceased souls. 
Hoi An- Japan Cultural Exchange on
- Time: Within August depending on different year 
- Location: Hoi An city, Quang Nam province 
Beach Festival 
- Time: August
- Location: Ba Ria - Vung Tau province 

9 - September

Weather information:
- Temperature: 19°C - 29°C 
- Relative humidity: 74% - 88%
- Precipitation: 78.5mm - 415mm

Main festivals and events:
The Vietnam National Day (Vietnamese Independence Day) observed on September 2nd annually is one of the most important events within the year. The festival aims to commemorate the day when Ho Chi Minh president read Vietnam's declaration of independence to officially found the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam). 
Mid Autumn Festival known as the Vietnamese Kids’ festival is held every year on the 15th of the eighth Lunar month when the moon is considered to stay at the roundest shape, the perfect beauty within the year. 

10 - October and November

Weather information:
- Temperature: 18,5°C - 28°C
- Relative humidity: 77% - 88%
- Precipitation: 23mm - 703mm

Main festivals and events:

when is the best time to vietnam
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October opens the new high tourism season in Vietnam. The north and the northern central experience the autumn and dry season which is considered as the best time to visit Vietnam with many things to do and see.  
Sapa Street Festival
- Time: November 1st
- Location: Sapa town, Lao Cai province
Ha Giang Buckwheat Flower Festival 
- Time: November 15th and 16th
- Location: Dong Van Town Stadium, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province

11 - December

Weather information:
-  Temperature: 15.5°C - 27.5°C
-  Relative humidity: 77% - 93%
-  Precipitation: 0.5mm - 1278mm
Main festivals and events:
Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 
- Time: Normally in December, but the time can be flexible due to the year and weather condition
- Location: Da Nang city, Da Nang province
Sapa Winter Festival 
- Time:  December 1st till the end of January of the following year
- Location: Sapa town, Lao Cai province. 
In general, it is very difficult to exactly define the worst or the best time to visit Vietnam. As mentioned previously, Vietnam’s weather conditions and climate is very diverse. There will be a time, the weather is not favorable within the one region but is extremely nice in the others and even there many areas that attract tourists all year round without being affected by weather conditions. However, if travelers want to find a good time to completely take an amazing Vietnam tour, the months from October to December as well as February to April will be the best months to visit Vietnam. 
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