The massive increase in tourism activities has led to the rapid development of many types of accommodation in Sapa in all segments including hostels, hotels, resorts, and homestays. The best places to stay in Sapa we want to introduce to you are associated with beautiful nature and have special architectural features representing for indigenous characteristics. ...Read more

Sapa possesses a cool mountainous climate all year round, and this is home to many ethnic minorities with unique cultural features and a lot of exciting things to do. It is the diversity in types of accommodation in Sapa, accompanying exciting tourism activities and unique architecture that makes staying here more and more interesting. 

Coming to the misty town of Sapa, you can choose to stay at Sapa town center or in the local villages. Each place and area offers you different experiences:

Places to stay in Sapa town center

Staying here, you can easily travel to many surrounding attractions, in addition, the entertainment or food services are so convenient and diverse. You can freely explore the Love Market (Saturday & Sunday every week); night market; and Sapa stone church, 

Staying in the local villages

Most of the Sapa accommodation in the remote villages are local homestays where you can explore the unique culture, customs, and daily activities of indigenous people. You can deepen your experience by participating in some daily activities of Sapa people such as fabric weaving, doing gardens, or harvesting. The best places to stay in Sapa Vietnam are Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ho village, and Ta Phin village. 

Note: Staying at homestays, hostels, or homestays in the village, you should pay attention to the following points:

1 - Do not whistle at night when going on the roads since the local people think this attracts the attention of the devil and ghost.

2 - Do not rub the child's head because, from the local people's point of view, this adversely affects the child's development both physically and mentally.

3 - If you want to take pictures with indigenous people, you need to get permission in advance.

4 - If the owner asks for a meal, remember not to eat or drink before the owner.

The best accommodation in Sapa: Here below are some recommendations of the best place to stay in the town, which offers you a classy, ​​comfortable, and relaxing experience:

- Topas Ecolodge: Thanh Kim village, Sapa town, Sapa district, Lao Cai province; Phone: 024 3715 1005.

- Pao's Sapa Leisure Hotel - 5 *: Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province; Phone: 0214 6253 999.

- De La Coupole MGallery - 5 *: No. 1, Hoang Lien Street,  Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province; Phone: 0214 362 9999.

- KK Sapa Hotel - 5 *: No. 28A, Muong Hoa Street,  Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province; Phone: 0214 379 8888.

- Sapa Jade Hill Resort - 4 *: Cau May luxury tourist resort, group 3, Cau May ward,  Sapa Town, Lao Cai province; Phone: 0214 3 77 11 99.

The diversity in the system of accommodation in Sapa makes your trip become much more interesting and convenient with a variety of staying alternatives.  
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