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Lan Ha Bay Vietnam located in the east of Cat Ba island and bordered to the north by the world wonder of Ha Long Bay, has an area of ​​up to 7,000 ha. This bay is considered as a promising tourist paradise with many attractive entertainment activities such as kayaking, cruising,... This bay has a depth from 11m to 26m, suitable for big and luxury cruises. Surrounded by hundreds of large and small islands, this bay was once praised by famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio on his Instagram and he simultaneously appeals to tourists to join hands to protect and preserve the landscape and environment here.

I - A quick look at the Lan Ha bay of Vietnam

1 - Lan Ha Bay weather forecast & information

In general, the climate here is fresh and cool all year round with an average of 25 - 28°C. However, in the summer (from May to August), the temperature is relatively high and this is also in the rainy season, sometimes storms, and there are many domestic tourists. Thus, to have the most favorable trip, international tourists should come here from November to April every year. 

2 - How to go to Lan Ha from Hanoi and Cat Ba   

lan ha bay from cat ba

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To get to the bay, tourists have to go to Cat Ba first:

Step 1: From Hanoi to Cat Ba island

Currently, many bus companies are running the Hanoi - Cat Ba route as following:

Daiichi Travel Car:         

- Address: No.96 Nguyen Huu Huan street, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi        

- Ticket price: 250,000 VND / ticket ($11)        

- Phone number: 0243 9900 333/090 225 2200.        

Cat Ba Express:         

- Address: No.37B Nguyen Huu Huan street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.        

- Ticket price: 300,000 VND / person / ticket ($13)        

- Phone number: 1900 6772.         

After picking up passengers, the bus will move to Got Station - Hai Phong. At this point, tourists have to take a speedboat or ferry to Cai Vieng wharf & Cat Ba Island. 

More details about the best ways to get from Hanoi to Cat Ba island

Step 2: Lan Ha bay from Cat Ba

From Cat Ba, tourists go to Beo wharf to buy tickets to visit the bay with price of 30,000 VND/ ticket ($1.3). And you can book boat tour with prices:

2,200,000 VND / 2.5 hours ($107) 

3,800,000 VND / 4 hours ($164) 

5,700,000 VND / 6 hours ($245)

Another way is that tourists can rent a motorboat from local people to save costs and be more convenient if want to go around the shore for only 500,000 VND / 5-seater boat ($22).

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II - Travel guide to Lan Ha bay Vietnam

1 - Top exciting things to do in Lan Ha bay

Visiting Monkey Island

lan ha bay monkey island

Source: Nguyen Cong Hung

The island is located about 1km from Cat Ba and tourists just need to move from Beo wharf about 10 minutes by boat. Along the way, tourists can admire the scenery of Cai Beo fishing village, surrounded by big and small islands with very majestic and poetic beauty. On the island, there are many monkeys, they are very mischievous and often play with tourists on the beaches. It is interesting to feed them and see them climb and dance. 

Lan Ha Bay kayaking

There are many places suitable for kayaking and sightseeing in the bay such as Luon Cave, Ba Trai Dao Cave, Co cave, Dau Be island, Ba Ham lake, Light-Dark cave,…

Places for booking kayaking boat:

- Manh Nu raft house (right at Beo wharf) with boat prices ranging from 50,000 - 100,000 VND / boat / person / day ($2.2 - 4.2).

- Cat Ba Venture: No.223 at 1/4 street, Cat Ba town with prices ranging from 50,000 - 100,000 VND / boat / person / day ($2.2 - 4.2).

lan ha bay vietnam

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Mountain climbing 

For those who love adventure sports or mountain climbing, Lan Ha bay is also a great choice. Some of the most popular and safe climbing places are: Dau Be Island, cliffs at Beo wharf (1km from Cat Ba island), Ba Trai Dao island (22km from Cat Ba port),... 

Here are the contact information if you would like to climb:

- Cat Hai Tourist Development and Guide Center. Address: No.228 at 1/4 street, Cat Ba town. 

- Cat Ba Climbing Center; Mr Zoom. Address: No.25 Nui Ngoc street, Cat Ba town.    

Visiting Lan Ha Bay floating villages

Some fishing villages are worth visiting here could be mentioned as: 

- Cai Beo fishing village (also known as Vung O fishing village), this is considered one of the largest historical villages in Vietnam, formed from prehistoric times. In the fishing village with about 300 households, fishing is the main job. Besides, some households also raise fish in cages in the bay for economic development. Just experience the life of the locals in Lan Ha bay and enjoy fresh seafood. 

- Cua Van fishing village is also a place that attracts a lot of attention from tourists when coming to the bay. The fishing village is about 12km from Beo wharf, so visitors can ride the boat directly and catch shrimp & fish like the local fisherman. 

Swimming in Lan Ha Bay beaches

One suggestion for tourists is to swim at Van Boi beach, located on a small island opposite Rua Gioi Island. One of the beaches still retains the inherent pristine beauty.

To experience coral scuba diving, you can book at Monkey Island Resort which offers many different services for about 600,000 - 1,000,000 VND / package (~ $26 - 43).

Discovering the mysterious caves

lan ha bay attractions

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Caves exploring is a must-do activity in your Lan Ha Bay tours. Some famous caves are visited by many tourists such as:

- Light & Dark Cave: This cave is like a paradise for rowers with an extremely majestic underground cave system. It is located 12km from Beo Wharf, you have to take a train about 1 and a half hours to be able to reach the cave. To enter, you must travel by kayak. Sitting on the boat and creeping into the row to see the stalactites and capture the most beautiful moments of Lan Ha bay.

- Luon Cave: Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon island, opposite Con Rua island, and next to the right is Heaven Gate. The cave is surrounded by cliffs, like a majestic, steep wall. On these cliffs, you can also see mischievous yellow monkeys climbing from one place to another. The water in the cave is green and smooth throughout all four seasons.

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2 - Lan Ha Bay cruise from Hanoi

lan ha bay cruise

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There are many boat tours to explore the bay with a variety of prices, quality and time that ensure to meet most of the needs of tourists. All tours welcome guests at Pha Got wharf, some typical tours such as:

Lan Ha bay 1 day tour from Hanoi capital: The main activities of each tour will include: Bringing tourists to Cai Beo fishing boat, where you can participate in some interesting playgrounds such as a traditional cooking class or a tea party. After that, you will visit some famous caves such as Sang Cave - Dark Cave, kayaking experience on the bay, to some famous beaches for free swimming and relaxation. In addition, you will also be led to visit Monkey Island before ending your visit.

Lan Ha bay cruise 2 days 1 night tour: In this tour, you can participate in one of the main activities such as kayaking, swimming, and visiting some caves. In addition, you will also be instructed to make traditional Vietnamese dishes.

At the same time experience some interesting fun activities on the cruise such as squid fishing at night, enjoying drinks on the boat, relaxing on the sundeck,... 

Lan Ha Bay overnight cruise 3 days 2 nights: Each cruise will have different specific itineraries, but in general the main activities that tourists will experience include: visiting some fishing villages and learning and experiencing the lives of the indigenous people here, Go kayaking to see the scenery around the bay, visit famous caves, and swim at pristine beaches. In addition, you can cycle around the fishing villages, visit some old house relics, explore the local people's life and enjoy the fresh seafood. 

The top Lan Ha Bay cruises

V'spirit cruise - 4 stars cruise

- Prices for overnight cruise tours: 6,500,000 - 7,000,000 VND / person ($279 - 302)

- Tel: 02 43247 4488

- Email:

Azalea cruises - 5 stars cruise

- Prices for overnight cruise tours: 12,000,000 - 12,900,000 VND / person ($517 - 557)

- Tel: 03759 3098/3927 5797/3927 5796

- Email:

Sunlight Cruise - 3 stars cruise

- Prices for overnight cruise tours: 4,600,000 - 5,080,000 VND / person ($199 - 219)

- Tel: 0242 2654 466 / 88/99 - Hotline / Viber / WhatsApp: 0989 385 052

- Email:

Sena cruise - 5 stars cruise

- Prices for overnight cruise tours: 9,000,000 - 9,900,000 VND / person  ($209 - 425)

- Contact: 0974001062 / 024 3933 5599

- Email:

- Website:

Emeraude cruise - 4 stars cruise

- Prices for overnight cruise tours: 5,000,000 - 5,700,000 VND / person ($215 - 246)

- Hotline: 0962 069 689 / 024 3933 0318

- Email:

3 - Lan Ha Bay accommodation                                  

lan ha bay accommodation

Source: Dulich Today

Lan Ha bay hotels:

- Vu Binh Stilt House

Address: No.452 Ha Sen Street, Cat Ba town

Room rate: 105,000 VND / room / day ($4.55)

- Little Cat Ba

Address: No.350 Ha Sen Street, Cat Ba town

Room rate: 502,000 VND / room / day ($21.65)

- Corner Cat Ba

Address: Alley 352, Ha Sen Street, Cat Ba town

Room rate: 530,000 VND / room / day ($23) 

Lan Ha bay resorts:

- Lan Ha bay Monkey Island Resort

Address: Cat Dua Island, Cat Hai, Hai Phong

Phone: 0968156859

Room rate: 1,000,000 VND / room / day ($43)

- Cat Ba sandy beach resort

Address: Nam Cat island, Cat Hai District, Viet Hai, Cat Hai, Hai Phong

Room rate: 1,200,000 - 2,200,000 VND / room / day ($52 - 95).

III - Where is Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay Vietnam map

Compared to Halong bay, Lan Ha bay is much more quiet and larger with less tourists and tourism activities. This bay is so ideal for couples or families who are about to spend more time relaxing. The cruise overnight tours from 2 to 3 days are highly recommended. With this useful information, hopefully your trip to Lan Ha Bay Vietnam will be more convenient and relaxing.  

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