Cai Rang Floating Market, located on the Can Tho river was formed from the early 20th century. It is one of the busiest floating markets in the Mekong Delta and has an incredibly outstanding scene.

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cai rang floating market
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Visiting Cai Rang Floating Market, you are strongly impressed by the crowded & lively river, which is full of hundreds of boats loaded with plenty of local products & food. This market, definitely more than a traditional trading place, is a local intangible cultural heritage. 

I - Where is Cai Rang Floating Market Vietnam?

This floating market is located on the Can Tho River (a tributary of the Hau River) - the section flowing through Le Binh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City - about 6km from the city center & nearly 7km from Ninh Kieu wharf. 

Despite the fact that all trading and exchange activities take place on the river, this special market is just as busy as any other market on the mainland. 


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Cai Rang Floating Market opening hours: 5am - 9am

To get to the market, you can rent a boat from the following wharfs: 

1 - Ninh Kieu Wharf 

Location: Hai Ba Trung street, Tan An ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city

You can book boat service from: 

Mekong Smile Company

- Frequency: 2 hours / trip

- Boat capacity: 40pax

- Boat rental price: 350,000 - 750,000 VND / boat ($15 - 32.5)

- Website:

- Contact: 093 972 96 09

Mekong Delta Explorer company

- Frequency: 2 hours/trip

- Boat rental price: 420,000 - 620,000 VND / boat ($18 - 27) 

- Boat capacity: 25pax

- Website: 

- Contact: 0292 6265 888 

2 - Cai Rang Floating Market 

Location: on 923 Street,  Le Binh Ward, Cai Rang District

Boat rental price: 300,000 VND / boat for a group of 4-7 persons ($13).

3 - An Binh Market wharf

Location: on the 923 Street, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City (right at the foot of Cai Rang bridge)

You can rent a private boat or share the boat with others with prices from 150,000 to 400,000 VND / boat ($6.5 - 17). 

II - Cai Rang Floating Market highlights

Please note that: 

- Opening hours: from early morning & closed around 9am. 

- The busiest time: 6am - 7am

- The best time to visit: 5:30m -7am

- You should spend at least 1.5 or 2 hours at this market for the most experiences


cho noi cai rang

Breakfast on the rive - Source: Internet

Admiring the hustle & bustle trading scenery

Taking a boat trip in the early morning, admiring the beautiful sunrise and enjoying the fresh air on the poetic river before mingling in the bustling scene of the market are first experiences in your Cai Rang Floating Market 1-day tour. 

From a far distance, you can see a colorful & lively picture created by hundreds of small boats in & out of the waterway. There are thousands of sellers & buyers wearing conical hats, sitting on or standing on the head of the boat surrounded by tons of local products: agricultural products, clothes, flowers, fruits, and food. Products are placed on boats and some of them are hung on a tall pole to catch the looking eyes of buyers & tourists. However, there are some exceptions that should be known when you explore Cai Rang Floating Market by yourself: 

- The 1st exception: The "hang without selling" item - clothes: The locals live on the boat, and they hang clothes to dry. 

- The 2nd exception: The "selling without hanging" item - food and things that can not be hung. 

- The 3rd exception: The "hang one, sell another” thing. If the boat owner hangs coconut leaves on the pole, it means that they are attempting to sell their boat.

Enjoying the local dishes

This floating market is a food paradise with a wide variety of specialties. In Cai Rang Market, tons of delicious dishes such as rice noodle soup, Vietnamese thick noodle soup, grilled meat, Vietnamese mixed rice vermicelli, Crab paste vermicelli soup, bread... are easily found at mobile eateries on the river. 

All ingredients and cooking tools are carried on, making the boat like a nice mobile kitchen offering guests hot dishes with the best taste and an awesome eating experience. After getting the order from guests, the skilled “chef” is gonna show you the excellent cooking skills and cook for you the best food. 

If you visit the market with a guide, you can experience a lot of interesting things about the life of people or have better deals and take home nice things. 

III - Suggested Cai Rang Floating Market tour

For more experience and convenience, it is highly recommended to book a package tour with a passionate guide and a great itinerary. Some tour operators & companies: 


cai rang floating market tour

Discovery tour - Source: Internet

Mekong Smile Tour

- Tour type: 1 day tour 

- Tour price: 190,000 - 550,000 VND / person ($8.2 - 23.7) (tour from 2-10 persons)

- Tour duration: 5 hours - from 4:30am to 9:30am

- Points of interest: Cai Rang Floating Market, rice noodle making village, Ninh Kieu wharf, and durian garden. 

- Hotline: +84 983 704 949 - Email:

- Website: 

Mekong Delta Explorer

- Price: 100,000 VND / person ($4.31)

- Contact: +84 0710 3 819 219 

- Email:

- Website:

Dat Chin Rong Travel

- Tour duration: 5 hours, from 6am to 11am

- Price: 250,000 VND / person ($10.77)

- Contact: 02923 96 96 98 

- Email:

- Website:

Cai Rang Floating Market Can Tho, one of the most iconic features of the culture of the Mekong Delta as well as one of the most famous floating markets in Vietnam, is a great place to visit and experience. You can visit this market all year round, from May to November (rainy season in the southern part) - the ripe fruit season, is the most ideal time for savoring more kinds of tropical fruits. 

1 - When is the best time to visit Cai Rang Floating Market?
Around 5:30m and 7am is the best time to come here
2 - Where is Cai Rang Floating Market?
Cai Rang Floating Market is located on Can Tho River, Cai Rang District - 6km from Can Tho City Center
3 - How to get to Cai Rang Floating Market?
You must go to Cai Rang Floating Market wharf or Ninh Kieu wharf or An Binh Market wharf to rent a boat
4 - Cai Be or Cai Rang Floating Market?
In general, both Cai Be and Cai Rang Floating market have several typical features of a floating market, prominent for its hustling and bustling atmosphere, selling an array of agricultural products, tasty specialties, and diverse items, which can satisfy all your needs. However, each market has its own beauty that you should experience once in your life when visiting the western region of Vietnam.
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