Can Tho in the heart of the Mekong Delta is one of the top places to visit in Vietnam. The best weather in Can Tho for traveling is in the ripe fruit season from June to August and the floating season from September to November.

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Source: VnExpress

Can Tho, a large city in the Mekong Delta, is located in the tropical monsoon climate zone, with the rainy and dry seasons in a year. The weather in Can Tho city is quite nice for visiting in the dry season. The average temperature ranges from 25-28°C, the weather is hot and humid all year round. The rainy season lasts from May to November, the rest is the dry season. Because it is less affected by storms, tourists can visit Can Tho at any time of the year. In which, the best time for traveling to this city is from May to August - also the ripe fruit season.

I - The weather in Can Tho in the rainy season

- Rainy season months: May to November

- Average temperature: 27°C (hottest months are May & June - the weather is quite hot and humid with a temperature of 28°C)

- Average rainfall: 130-320mm (the rainfall reaches the peak in September & November before going down to the bottom in November).

1 - Fruit ripe season 

weather in can tho vietnam

Visit fruit gardens in Can Tho - Source: VnExpress

Can Tho is one of the best places that are famous for lush orchards. From June to August, the weather in Can Tho is characterized by rain and sunshine. This is also the ripe season of fruits in the Mekong Delta. Traveling to Can Tho during these months, tourists can enjoy many kinds of fresh ripe fruits such as mango, durian, star apple, mangosteen,... Visiting the lush orchards, picking fruits, enjoying local food and specialties are top things to do in the Mekong Delta. 

The most famous orchards in Can Tho: My Khanh fruit garden, 9 Hong fruit garden, Ba Con fruit garden,... Entrance fee: 30,000 - 70,000 VND/person ($1.31 - 3.05)

2 - Floating season 

weather in can tho in december

Floating season in Can Tho - Source: Victor

The floating season in Can Tho lasts from September to November. The Can Tho weather at this time is quite nice without heavy rain that makes your trip more convenient. You can see the beautiful scenery of the blooming water lilies, small boats slowly flowing on rivers, and the locals catching fish by nets on rivers. This is a great time to enjoy famous local dishes from freshwater fish & shrimp. 

In Can Tho, the Cai Rang floating market - one of the most famous Vietnamese floating markets, is a worth-visiting spot where you can participate in the most bustling local trading activity on the river. Visiting the market in the early morning (around 6 am) is the best time to enjoy the atmosphere, good food, and surrounding scenery. 

II - Weather in Can Tho in the Dry season

can tho weather forecast

Cholchonam Thomay festival - Source: Internet

The dry season in Can Tho lasts from December to April next year. The average temperature drops slightly to about 25-26°C, from April onwards the temperature starts to increase slightly. At this time, the weather is dry, almost no rain, the highest rainfall is only 40mm in April. This is the end of the year and also the blooming flowers season in Can Tho. 

Weather in Can Tho in December, January, and February are marked by sunny and windy days. This will be a great time for tourists to go sightseeing and experience the cultural activities of the locals. 

From December 25 to January 5 of the lunar calendar, the city will organize the Can Tho flower street festival. 

If you visit Can Tho on the full moon day of the third lunar month every year, you have a chance to experience the Cholchonam Thomay festival - the festival to celebrate the new year of the Khmer people in Can Tho. 

The weather in Can Tho Vietnam is quite mild all year round with 2 different seasons in a year. Each season, Can Tho boasts a unique charm and offers to you. 

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