A Full Day Of Visiting The Fishing Village In Mui Ne

Amongst fishing villages in Vietnam, the fishing village in Mui Ne always holds an important position thanks to its charms and interesting activities that it can offer to visitors. A trip to this destination promises to bring you unforgettable memories and nice impressions about Vietnam. 

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fishing village in mui ne
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Mui Ne has long been familiar to tourists in Vietnam, both domestically and internationally. Aside from sea swimming, taking part in beach activities, sightseeing scenic spots, they can’t miss a destination, the fishing village in Mui Ne. Not only a place for people to buy seafood at cheap price, the village gives everyone a chance to get to know more about the life of fishermen and admire the picturesque beauty of coastal nature.

I - Where is the fishing village in Mui Ne? 

mui ne fishing village

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Located at the end of Mui Ne bay, and about 25km from Phan Thiet city & 7km from town, the fishing village of Mui Ne holds the beauty of a peaceful and rustic village imbued with the coastal area of Vietnam. 

On the way from the town to the village, you will catch a famous market -  Mui Ne fishing village market where the locals do their business by trading seafood in the early morning. 

Getting near the fishing village in Mui Ne, the impressive view of hundreds of colorful baskets & boats can make you surprised. The fishing village stretches about 1km along one of the top rustic and peaceful beaches in Mui Ne, which features calm waves and gentle breezes all year round, being a good shelter for the boats and ships. This area is also where fishermen bring trophies from voyages back to the mainland as well as where the scene of bustling trade happens every morning. The tranquility and simplicity here is what attracts a lot of visitors who are fond of nature and cultural experience. 

II - Top things to do at fishing village in Mui Ne

sunset at mui ne fishing village

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1 - Watching sunrise & experiencing locals life

No towering skyscrapers, no sparkling lights, Mui Ne fishing village is simply a cluster of small and wooden houses nestled behind high coconut trees and small colorful plastic canvases for fishermen to anchor their basket boat and trade seafoods after every sea voyage. 

This is one of very few ones still preserving the convention of ancient Vietnam fishing villages with outstanding blue basket boats lying side by side on the sand. & colorful fishing boats mooring on the water. Besides, the attractiveness of the fishing village in Mui Ne comes from the cozy atmosphere, the salty taste of the sea, the green of coconut tree lines and the candidness of people whose life is attached to the ocean. 


mui ne fishing village vietnam

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So when is the best time for visiting here? Should you come here in the early morning, you will admire the busy and vibrant scene like a festival taking place on the sea. From 5:30 am on, ships and basket boats bringing full and heavy fishing nets take turns to sail back to the shore. Firm and muscular men jump out of the vehicle to drag the net and pour all the marine creatures inside out onto a canvas on the sand. Afterward, women are going to classify them into different types based on their species, size and sell them to local people or tourists. 

At the fishing village in Mui Ne, raw and fresh seafood are bought and sold quickly at a significantly lower price than other places. If you are a fan of seafood, buy some raw seafood and ask for some cooking services at nearby restaurants. That will be one of the top exciting things to do when coming here. 

That’s what happens at dawn. When the night falls, the whole village is covered in a warm red that makes the sea surface shine with silver rays. That background highlights the loneliness of a few ships afar. Facing that picture, tourists will feel as if the time is slower and the space is romantic and poetic in a strange way. That's the reason why this fishing village engages people that much. 

2 - Kayaking & sailing SUP at fishing village in Mui Ne 

sup at mui ne fishing village

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Visiting Mui Ne Vietnam, people often think of jeep tours to get around most tourist spots here. However, at Mui Ne fishing village specifically, an interesting experience that can leave you a deep regret once missing is sailing kayak or SUP. 

For those who are still vague, kayak is a small boat, capable of holding 1 to 2 people while SUP is also known as standing up paddle. Driving a kayak or SUP is not such a challenge that people of different ages can easily handle after a short training session. To master kayaking, you need arms and shoulders’ strength while the SUP requires you to be good at balancing. 

Kayaking and sailing SUP in fishing village in Mui Ne offer tourists a good chance to immerse themselves in the culture of the coastal area when sailing from the anchoring place, observing the fishing market in the early morning, waving hands to each fleet of ship return from a hard-working night floating on the ocean and visiting aquaculture farms offshore. 

If you haven’t known the first thing about sailing, please refer to service providers in Mui Ne fishing village and receive a detailed plan for handling these sports. Not only providing tourists necessary equipment to experience, they also have professional trainers who are in charge of teaching customers basic skills to conquer the small boats in just about an hour and a half. Besides, the trainers must always keep an eye on every single gesture and action of you to ensure you are safe. 


The fishing village in Mui Ne with plain and rustic stuff but beautiful in a natural way is sure to be an ideal destination for those who are planning to visit Mui Ne in particular and Central Vietnam in general. Hope that the above information is enough to equip you with necessary understanding about this place and have enjoyable moments here. 

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