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Although Mui Ne Cape in particular and Phan Thiet in general is not so large in size and dense in population, there are ample tourist destinations with serene and wild nature. If you are planning to take a trip to this locale but have yet to determine where to stay, Local Travel Idea is right here to offer help. The below is the list of hotels in Mui Ne and the adjacency ordered by star. 

I - 5 star hotels in Mui Ne Vietnam

Sea Links Beach Hotel is among the top luxurious Mui Ne hotels that is highly recommended for both leisure and business travelers. 


mui ne hotels vietnam

Sea Links hotel - Source: traveloka

As the only hotel that can meet the 5-star standard in Mui Ne cape, Sea Links Beach Hotel promises to conquer the heart of the most difficult customers with its opulence, convenience and quality. Located right on the beach between Phan Thiet an Mui Ne, this luxurious residence features all the assets needed for a wonderful holiday. 

As one of top hotels in Mui Ne beach, Sea Links is highly appreciated because its prime location paves the way for you to reach a range of tourist attractions both natural and artificial such as sand dunes in Mui Ne, beautiful and sacred pagodas and temples,... Secondly, it offers several room types so that anyone can find the one that suits their needs. This is the best hotel in Mui Ne Vietnam that provides many recreational facilities such as a 18 holes golf court, 4 swimming pools, spa center, fitness center, conference hall,... There are 6 restaurants allowing you to sample cuisine from Asia to Europe. 

- Address: Km9, Phu Hai district, Mui Ne beach, Phan Thiet city

- Contact: (+84) 39 30 4083

- Room rate: 2,434,127 VND/night ($105)

II -Top 4 star hotels in Mui Ne beach

1 - Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne hotel

best hotel in mui ne

Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne Hotel - Source: booking

Wrapped by the dreamy long beach, Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne Hotel is compared to a green oasis in the middle of the vast ocean. Outstanding with the modern and understated architecture, accommodating here, you can savor the relaxation and closeness to nature. The hotel is housed at the heart of Mui Ne, in close proximity to the Fairy stream (Suoi Tien) and the Red Sand Dune (about 5km). Such a wonderful position helps the hotel’s guests get access to famous destinations in the city without difficulty. 

Not only being mentioned as one of the best hotels in Mui Ne beach thanks to its prime location, this 4-star hotel is a refreshing combination between contemporary culture and peaceful nature with blue sea, white sand and yellow sun. The 7-storey building contains 155 rooms, of which the space is designed with a view to bring warmth and comfort, making customers think as if they are not staying in a strange place but their sweet home. All the rooms head to calm Mui Ne sea. 

- Address: No.54 Huynh Thuc Khang street, Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city  

- Contact: +84 2523 743 794

- Room rate: 1,130,000 VND/night ($48)

2 - TTC - One of the top hotels in Mui Ne Vietnam with great view

This real estate is just 1 minute walk to the beach. Majestically lying on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, TTC Hotel - Phan Thiet has a vision of the beach and mountains formed from ancient volcanics in Phan Thiet city. It boasts an outdoor pool, garden, restaurants and free parking lots within its campus. Rooms here are featured by light purple of cloths and brown of furnishing. They are all spacious and well equipped with air conditioner, free wifi, window overlooking either the city or the beach, salon and mini refrigerator. The neighborhood is clustered with restaurants and stores.

A noteworthy thing about this hotel in Mui Ne beach is that the building is opposite Doi Duong park, therefore the scenery is very beautiful and the atmosphere is cool all year round. Visitors can play tennis and experience massage therapy at the spa. Moreover, hotel staff are present at the check-in desk 24/7 in order to provide on demand equipment necessary for sea sports equipment including scuba diving, surfing, fishing. Car rental is available here, too.   

- Address: Doi Duong area, Le Loi street, Hung Long ward, Phan Thiet city

- Contact: 090 317 5863

- Room rate: 820,000 VND/night ($35)

III - Top 3 star hotels in Mui Ne beach Vietnam

1 - Serenity By The Sea Hotel

hotels mui ne beach vietnam

Serenity By The Sea Hotel - Source: booking

Like its name, Serenity By The Sea gives you a serene retreat by the beach of Mui Ne. Apart from that, this accommodation frequently holds free activities on its campus. Visitors can take part in outdoor sports such as surfing, fishing and riding bikes. Wi-fi connection is available at every corner of the property. Rooms of this nice Mui Ne beach hotel are delicately decorated with cream color as the theme. They are all packed with amenities such as a salon, flat-screen TV set, minibar and electric water pot. A qualified hotel’s staff who can fluently communicate in Welsh, English and Vietnamese are at the encounter desk no matter day and night to support the customers. Serenity By The Sea hotel in Mui Ne beach is just a 5 minute walk to Jibe Bar sea diving center  and 500m from C2 Sky Kitesurfing center. The hotel serves continental breakfast, ordering breakfast or English/Irish style breakfast. 

- Address: No.88 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ham Tien ward, Mui Ne 

- Contact: 0919327916

- Room rate: 1,198,747 VND/night ($51.6)

2 - Hoang Long hotel - One of the best hotels in Mui Ne with Doi Duong beach view

Hoang Long hotel is one of the hotels having prime location, by Doi Duong beach, right at the intersection of main roads in Phan Thiet city. Surrounding is a collection of entertaining destinations, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, supermarkets and markets,.. Overlooking the case when guests don’t want to move outside, this Mui Ne hotel  is integrated with a large karaoke room, spa and hotel bar where you can order a cup of coffee to leisurely sip while admiring the beauty of the coastal city. As Hoang Long is one of the highest hotels in Mui Ne, customers can take that advantage to choose a room on top floors to take the whole view of the city. This is a really suitable hideaway for newlywed couples. Although the breakfast is said to be few in number, their taste is very delicious and appetizing to the majority of tourists. 

- Address: No.249 Thu Khoa Huan street, Phu Thuy ward, Phan Thiet city 

- Contact: (84-62)3 833 717

- Room rate: 837,743 VND/night ($36)

3 - Doi Duong hotel in Mui Ne Vietnam

5 star hotels mui ne vietnam

Doi Duong hotel - Source:

Doi Duong hotel is always the first recommendation that drivers give to visitors to Phan Thiet city thanks to its quality maintenance over the time. Named after a blue sea and one of the largest parks in the city, Doi Duong reveals its location on its own. Nestled on the main coastal road, facing the green and cool park, this 3-star accommodation makes it never easier for you to get access to the fresh space and exercise in the early morning. 

Being recommended as one of the best 3-star hotels in Mui Ne, Doi Duong has 6 floors equal to 88 rooms of various types such as VIP room, Superior room, Deluxe room, Standard and family room,... Although each room type has a different arrangement and serves for a different need, they are all opulent and fully-amended. Moreover, the hotel boasts a huge conference hall, garden coffee space, swimming pool with an area of 220 m2, tennis court, karaoke room, massage room and parking lot. A minor minus point is old furniture.  

- Address: No.209 Le Loi street, Phan Thiet city

- Contact: (0253)3 629 999

- Room rate: 768,519 VND/night (33.2)

IV - Top cheap hotels in Mui Ne beach

1 - Mui Ne Alena Bungalow hotel 

cheap hotels in mui ne

Mui Ne Alena Bungalow hotel - Source: googlemap

If you are looking for an accommodation where you can hold a BBQ party, Alena Bungalow is sure to be the one you are looking for (because there aren't many Mui Ne hotels that have space or allow guests to do this). You can borrow kitchenware from the hotel, too. This property has lavish neoclassical design. Aside from normal rooms, it also has bungalows to cater for those who would like a secluded residence. 

- Address: No.265 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city 

- Contact: 

- Room rate: 462,037 VND/night ($20)

2 - Meraki Oasis - top boutique hotels in Mui Ne beach

With a convenient position, on a main road leading to the city center, Meraki Oasis leaves a deep mark on customers’ hearts with a variety of top quality facilities and services. No matter big or small, guest rooms here all have a private balcony where stayers can take the sparkling view of the city at night. The highlight of this Mui Ne beach hotel lies in the construction like a miniature Santorini. The dreamy blue pools, white endless corridor dotted with lines of towering palms, all contribute to create a unique attraction of this hotel. 

- Address: No.150 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Phan Thiet city 

- Contact: 0252 3847 327

- Room rate: 510,020 VND/night ($22)

3 - Fairy Hills - Suoi Tien Hills hotel 

mui ne hotels vietnam

Among top cheap hotels in Mui Ne - Source: googlemap

Fairy Hills Hotel or Suoi Tien Hills hotel is the one having a view to Hon Rom beach in Mui Ne ward. Besides, the residence is in close proximity to the Red Sand Dune, Ham Tien market, and Mui Ne fishing village. It has in total 16 rooms with different sizes and decorations. In general, they are simple and not less beautiful and warm. Walls are painted white, floors are tiled with timbers and almost every item is wooden. There are glass floor-to-ceiling windows, fulfilling your contemplation of the charming beauty of Phan Thiet. 

- Address: No.129/16 Che Lan Vien street, Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city

- Contact: 0252 35 000 88

- Room rate: 200,000 VND/night ($8.6)

4 - Venus Muine hotel - one of the cheapest hotels in Mui Ne beach

Venus Muine hotel is not far from the Storm Kiteboarding center (300m) and Windchimes school (1.2km). This accommodation possesses an outdoor swimming pool, indoor restaurant, and especially a private beach. While the system of rooms are diverse, they all confront the Mui Ne beach. The hotel assigns a team of receptionists 24/7 on service in order to timely provide guests with services such as laundry, foreign currency exchange, parking and tour booking. 

- Address: No.202 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city  

- Contact: 0252 3743 838

- Room rate: 526,818 VND/night ($22.7)

The above is information about the best hotels in Mui Ne cape. We hope that after referring to this article, you can specify which your refuge is for the travel to this amazing place. Thank you so much for reading and we wish you a memorable and meaningful trip. 

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