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Vung Tau weather is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate with a low average annual rainfall of about 1271mm, divided into 2 distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The weather here is mild and pleasant all year round, so you can visit at any time of the year.

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Vung Tau is a coastal city in the Southeast region of Vietnam, located next to three provinces and cities which are Dong Nai province, Ho Chi Minh city, and Binh Thuan province, and adjoining the South China Sea. This city is one of the most outstanding destinations in Vietnam. 

I - Vung Tau weather in the dry season

1 - How is the dry season in Vung Tau? 

The dry season in Vung Tau lasts from the beginning of November to the following April with little rain. The lowest rainfall is in November with only 10mm. The average temperature in Vung Tau Vietnam during the dry season is about 25 - 26°C. 


weather in vung tau

Back beach on a sunny day - Source: Thu Le

In addition, the dry season is also characterized by the Northeastern monsoon and vortex ponds, which are dangerous for swimming, so you should notice the warning signs. The Northeastern monsoon usually happens in the area from Cua Lap bridge to Bai Sau (Back Beach) before and right after the Vietnamese Tet holiday.

More details about the weather in Vung Tau Vietnam in the dry season by month: 

- November: Temp: 26.4°C; Rainfall: 66mm; Humidity: 82.1%

- December: Temp: 25.4°C; Rainfall: 16mm; Humidity: 79.9%

- January: Temp: 25°C; Rainfall: 2mm; Humidity: 78.3%

- February: Temp: 25.4°C; Rainfall: 0mm; Humidity: 78.5%

- March: Temp: 26.7°C; Rainfall: 5mm; Humidity: 78.6%

- April: Temp:28.2°C; Rainfall: 28mm; Humidity: 78.1%

2 - What to note about Vung Tau weather? 

The dry season is also the festival season in Vung Tau when there are many exciting festivals such as:   

Dinh Co festival 

This festival takes place in Dinh Co temple from February 10 to 12 every year, which is considered the largest one in the south of Vietnam with the aim of praying for good luck and health for the upcoming year. Dinh Co temple is located on Thuy Van mountain in Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. 

Prior to the festival, many beautifully decorated boats have gathered in front of Long Hai bay. The pleasant weather in Vung Tau Vietnam in the dry season is very suitable for amusement activities in this festival such as lion dance, basket boat riding competition, fish-catching competition, and Tuong (hat boi) performance (classical theatre). In addition, a special festival of releasing floating lotus flower lanterns also takes place at night, which is absolutely impressive. Rituals in this festival can be named as processions of Long Hai gods and ceremonies at the temple, Buddhist ceremonies to pray for the nation's peace and prosperity. 

Ba Ngu Hanh temple Festival  


weather in vung tau vietnam

Ba Ngu Hanh temple festival - Source: Internet

Every year on October 16 to 18 of the lunar calendar when Vung Tau weather is pleasant, the Ba Ngu Hanh temple festival is held aiming at wishing for blessings and peace. The temple of Ba Ngu Hanh located at no.77 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau city belongs to a comparatively spacious and airy campus of Thang Tam communal house relics. The temple was founded by fishermen in Vung Tau so as to worship the Holy Mother and Goddess. 

The procession of banners, five-fruit altar, betel nut, and areca flowers is the beginning of the festival, starting at 6am on October 16th. After that is the procession of the Thuy Long Goddess at Hon Ba Temple. At the end of the festival are hat boi (classical theatre) performances and folk games. 

Dinh Than Thang Tam festival 

This festival is held in Thang Tam communal house relics in No.77 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Thang Tam ward from February 17 to 20 in the lunar calendar every year. The festival includes the procession of Ca Ong (Whale) and entertainment activities with amusing games such as lion dance and “hat boi”. 

The festival appeals to millions of visitors every year with the aim of praying for good health and a bountiful year.  

II - Vung Tau weather in the rainy season 

1 - What is the weather in the rainy season like? 

The rainy season in Vung Tau lasts from May to October every year, but it is not too heavy and long-lasting, which would not negatively affect your trip. The time with the highest rainfall is in October with an average rainfall of 236mm. The temperature is about 27°C, and the hottest month is about 28.5°C in May. This is not a tourist season, so it is an ideal time for those who want to find an off-the-beaten-track place, where you can feel the simple pace of life of local people as well as watch the splendid sunset at the beaches in Vung Tau


vung tau temperature

Vung Tau in the rainy season - Source: Cyril mazarin

However, you should take notice of the weather in Vung Tau Vietnam when coming here in a season change in October and November when seawater is murky, the waves are strong, and sometimes high tide happens, which is very dangerous for swimming. 

More details:

- May: Temp: 28.5°C; Rainfall: 191mm; Humidity: 80.5%

- June: Temp: 27.7°C; Rainfall: 216mm; Humidity: 83.6%

- July: Temp: 27.1°C; Rainfall: 234mm; Humidity: 84.8%

- August: Temp: 27°C; Rainfall: 212mm; Humidity: 85.4%

- September: Temp: 26.9°C; Rainfall: 233mm; Humidity: 86.1%

- October: Temp: 26.7°C; Rainfall: 236mm; Humidity: 85.7%

2 - What to note about Vung Tau weather in the rainy season?

In the rainy season, there are several types of seafood in Vung Tau. You can enjoy rustic seafood such as grilled snails, stingray hotpot, thảy noodle, Vietnamese mini pancake (bánh khọt), etc. Besides, you also can experience festivals such as the Nghinh Ong festival, the death anniversary of Saint Tran Hung Dao, etc. 

Nghinh Ong festival 

According to the beliefs of fishermen in Vung Tau, Ca Ong or whale is a savior supporting them whenever they encounter ship crashes at sea. The festival is held from August 16th to 18th of the lunar calendar at the Thang Tam communal house. This festival reflects the traditional cultural activities of locals, aiming at praying for favorable weather and catching plenty of shrimp and fish. 

The weather in Vung Tau in the rainy season is suitable for activities in the Nghinh Ong festival. The main activities are procession at sea, the worship of heroes and martyrs, dragon dance, “Tuong” performance, etc. together with folk games, named as bit mat bat de (blindfolded catching goats), fishing, blindfold pot-hitting, etc. 

Double Ninth festival 


temperature in vung tau vietnam

Double Ninth festival - Source: Yadi Yasin

This festival takes place in Long Son Commune, Vung Tau City on September 9th in the lunar calendar aiming at commemorating Mr. Le Van Muu, who contributed to constructing a church, expanding the land of the village, and helping locals build houses, etc.

One day before the ceremony (September 8th of the lunar calendar), people offer vegetarian food. The festival also has some activities that recreate the lifestyle of Mr. Muu.

The Death Anniversary of Saint Tran Hung Dao 

Vung Tau weather Vietnam in the rainy season is suitable to join the Death Anniversary of Saint Tran Hung Dao. The anniversary is held in Duc Thanh Tran temple on August 20th in the lunar calendar every year at No.68 Halong street, ward 2, Vung Tau city with the aim of commemorating Grand Prince Hung Dao (an imperial prince and military commander under the Tran Dynasty). The festival lasts for three days, featuring traditional rituals such as offering flowers and worshipping, which catches the attraction of many people.  

In conclusion, each season in Vung Tau has its distinct features, featuring the unique beauty of the landscape, which is suitable with different activities and also unique festivals that help you better your understanding of the indigenous area. Hope that the Vung Tau weather information above is helpful for your trip. 

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