Long Hai beach Vietnam is a popular tourist spot in Vung Tau city and is still untouched and clean, not overexploited by human beings. It features a gentle slope, golden sand, transparent water, and lines of lush poplars. Along with swimming, visitors have a variety of adjacent destinations to visit and fresh and tasty seafood to enjoy.  

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Long Hai beach is located in Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province - about 12 km from Vung Tau city to the Northeast, and 100km from Ho Chi Minh city to the Southeast. Because tourist service at the beach hasn’t massively developed, it still maintains its pristine and natural beauty. And for a long time, the “divine” Long Hai has been considered an important symbol of Vung Tau tourism  

I - Is Long Hai beach Vietnam worth visiting? 

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The beach of Long Hai Vung Tau with the large, long-stretching sand, calm waves, and a wonderful space constituted by the serene sea in the front and lush forest in the back is an ideal hideaway for those who are kind of go-off-the-beaten-track. On the 3km coast grows an array of green poplars swaying under the sea breezes, adding a dreamy shade to the scenery of this place. 

The yellow sand of Long Hai beach is not totally even but scattered with rocks of different shapes and sizes. You will be bewitched by this safe and sound picture right from first sight. Thanks to its gentleness, it is pretty suitable for sea sports such as canoeing, fishing, and teambuilding,... 

The weather in Vung Tau in general and the beach of Long Hai, in particular, is pleasant all year round. Like other locales in the South of the country, it is influenced by monsoon tropical climate embodied in the two separate seasons: the rainy season (May to October) and the dry one (November to April next year). 

The most interesting thing is that Long Hai beach is the area with the lowest possibility to face storms in Vietnam. Even in the wet months, rains on the beach of Long Hai last for hours at most, not for days and weeks. Therefore, your itinerary will not be interrupted by the weather no matter which time you go. Moreover, if you come here from October to November, you are given a chance to observe pink cherry blossoms on either side of the road. 

II - What are there to explore in Long Hai beach Vung Tau? 

1 - Playing water sports

Tourism activities at Long Hai Vung Tau not only about swimming or wandering, and sunbathing but also about a variety of amazing sea sports, of which the most outstanding is kite surfing. The stable wind in Vung Tau is pretty suitable for this activity. A flat sea surface with few waves is a basic condition for effective practice and it is what Long Hai beach has. Should you find it interesting, contact Kitesurfing lesson Vietnam as follow:

- Email: kitesurfinglessonvietnam@gmail.com 

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KitesurfingLessonsVietnam/. 

2 - Nuoc Ngot pass tourism site near Long Hai beach

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Nuoc Ngot is a short pass, windingly connecting the territory of Long Dien district and Dat Do district. The pass features a picturesque landscape with a majestic mountain range on one side and a transparent and blue sea on the other. Not far from it is a freshwater well for local use after fishing voyages, of which water always remains at 1m. 

Besides Long Hai beach, you can have fun at the beach by the pass, which is still virgin, clean and clear characterized by smooth white sand and overhanging rocks of various shapes alongside the shore. This is a favorable area for camping, BBQ parties, team building games, or simply sun watching. The most impressive figure here is the perfect C curving road leading to the pass where you can admire the cherry flowers in full bloom.    

- Entrance fee: 50,000 VND ($2.2)/adult; 40,000 VND/child ($1.7)

- Camp gear rental: 120,000 - 150,000 VND/set ($5.2 - 6.5)

3 - Long Hai fishing village

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Long Hai fishing village is a typically rustic village in Vietnam - Source: wikipedia.org

Located near Long Hai beach Vietnam, the fishing village is closely attached to the daily life of the locals and their fishing, creating a rich source of seafood for Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. It appears as a rustic and safe and sound place, attracting a great number of tourists, especially the foreign ones. 

Watching the spectacular sunrise on the sea is a memorable experience that you can have here. If you approach this area in the early morning, you can get immersed in the bustling atmosphere since the villagers bring lights to the beach and wait for the ship to land. Long Hai fishing market meets right on the shore where you can buy fresh seafood or enjoy the processed ones. 

- Address: Long Hai town - 2km from Long Hai beach 

4 - Dinh Co temple  

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Dinh Co is a sacred temple in Vung Tau - Source: thanhphobaria

Constructed in 1930, Dinh Co temple is the worship place of the people every day. It follows the Buddhist architecture of the Orient with a large main hall and several other buildings. On February 10, 11, and 12 every year, Long Hai dwellers hold a solemn Nghing Co festival in traditional rituals in order to praise a peaceful life and favorable weather. Note that, beside Dinh Co temple is Dinh Co beach famous for yellow creamy sand stretching along the cool blue water, which is an appropriate destination for picnics, camping, bondings,... 

5 - Seafood in Long Hai beach 

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Hải sản Vũng Tàu - Source: bietthubien

As a coastal area, it is obvious that there is a myriad of fresh and delicious seafood popularly sold. Venues of seafood vendors are often the sandy beach near the beach of Long Hai Vung Tau, the area in front of Dinh Co temple, and the Long Hai fishing village. Marine creatures on this beach are abundant and diverse with various types such as fish, squid, shrimps, snails, and oysters,... Moreover, the price is said to be much cheaper than buying at restaurants. 

A notorious delicacy in Long Hai is shrimp blood pudding, which looks and sounds peculiar but tastes amazing. Water lily hot pot is another dish that you are advised to try. The sourness of tamarind, the flavor of lemongrass, and the sweetness of fish head combined with the crisp of water lily is an irresistible temptation for any eater. 

Recommendations about seafood restaurants near Long Hai beach Vietnam:

Minh Hieu seafood restaurant (800m) 

- Address: Provincial Highway 44, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

- Contact: 0963749149

- Reference price: 110,000 - 250,000 VND/dish  ($4.7 - 10.8)  

Cay Sung hotel and restaurant (450m) 

- Address: Street 6, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

- Contact: 0918988640

- Reference price: 40,000 - 150,000 VND/dish  ($1.7 - 6.5)

Dong restaurant (500m) 

- Address: No.39 Hai Ba Trung street, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

- Contact: 0903030603

- Reference price: 80,000 - 120,000 VND/dish  ($3.4 - 5.2)

III - Top-rated Long Hai beach hotels and homestays 

Homestays, resorts, and hotels leaning against mountains, and facing seas are always the most wonderful choices for tourists to the beach of Long Hai Vung Tau. Some suggestions are: 

1 - Charm Resort Long Hai

long hai beach resort vung tau

Source: Charm Resort Long Hai

Charm Resort Long Hai is the only resort by the 5-star international standard in the middle of Long Hai town with 25 high-class facilities. With an architecture inspired by Mediterranean style, bounty, and seclusion, the retreat will bring true experiences for worthy owners.  

- Address: No.992 Vo Thi Sau street, Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

- Contact: 1900588824 

- Website: https://charmlonghai.vn/

2 - Long Hai Channel Beach Resort near Long Hai beach 

Bungalows and villas in Long Hai Channel Beach Resort are designed in a style that is classic and delicate. The whole real estate is included in a space full of lush trees and lapping waves. The beach wrapping the resort makes it suitable for activities with family, and friends or enjoying a romantic dinner under the sunlight at the end of the day.  

- Address: Provincial highway 44A, Long Hai town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

- Room rate: 1,800,000 - 5,800,000 VND/night ($77.6 - 250)

- Contact: 02543 669 666  

- Website: https://www.longhaichannel.vn/

3 - Anoasis Long Hai resort & spa

Traveling to Long Hai beach, you can choose Anoasis Long Hai resort & Spa to stay. Nestled on Ky Lan hill but right by the beach, Anoasis Long Hai resort & Spa not only possesses a forest space but also a marine atmosphere. Therefore, no matter whether you are a forest lover or a sea enthusiast, the resort can satisfy you all. - Address: Road 44, Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

- Room rate: 1,885,000 VND/night ($81.3)

- Contact: (+84) 0254 366 2222  

- Website: https://anoasisresort.com/

4 - Bạch Cúc Homestay - a cheap homestay near Long Hai beach

Bach Cuc homestay is a collection of bungalows reminding customers of ancient houses in Vietnamese fairy tales. The homestay is built in a quite unique style with the Japanese leaf roof but tinged by stilt houses in the Central Highland of Vietnam. You are allowed to buy raw foods to hold a BBQ party in the campus of the homestay.

- Address: Group 19, Hai Tan quarter, Long Hai town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

- Room rate: 500,000 - 900,000 VND/night ($21.6 - 38.8)

- Contact: 093 419 75 79

- Website: https://www.facebook.com/Bachcuchomestay

It is obvious that Long Hai beach Vietnam is an ideal place for you and your family to spend your weekend at. Come here and relax, enjoy the refreshing, cozy atmosphere as well as having a memorable staycation, will you? 

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