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Hai Phong, located in the West of the Gulf of Tonkin, is the center of the Northeast coast of Vietnam, more than 100km from Hanoi. There are four seasons in Hai Phong: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter with an average temperature of about 23.3℃ and an average rainfall of from 1,600 to 1,800mm annually. The peak tourist season in Hai Phong is usually from April to October, an ideal time for beach activities. 

I - Weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Spring 

1 - The features of the Spring in Hai Phong City

The spring in Hai Phong City lasts from January to March with an average temperature of 9 to 23℃, the lowest rainfall of about 18mm, low humidity, and a dry atmosphere.  In February, the temperature is a bit different from that in the first month with a bit of chilly weather at night and in the early morning, drizzle and fog. Hai Phong weather in March is the end of the Spring, the transition between spring and summer with an average temperature of 18 to 23℃, and the low frequency of rain and smog. 

2 - Notes about the Weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Spring 

Spring is also the festival season in Hai Phong City, which is imbued with national tradition, culture as well as history. 

Spring Festival of “opening the pen” 

The festival is held at the Memorial of the Mac Dynasty in Ngu Doan commune, Kien Thuy district on lunar January 6th with the aim of educating the tradition of studiousness and expressing the profound gratitude to the ancestors of the Mac dynasty who had merits in developing education and training talents for the country in the past. 

Taking place in the pleasant weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Spring, the festival includes two main parts of which the highlights are the procession of Linh Ung Than But (the God of education), a carry of sacred water taken from the Jade Well at the memorial area, and special folk games such as human chess, cock fighting, and tug of war, etc. In addition, you can also ask for calligraphy to pray for good luck.  

Minh The festival (Vowing festival) 


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Minh The festival - Source: Youtube

The festival takes place at the national relic area of Hoa Lieu temple located in Hoa Lieu village, Thuan Thien commune, Kien Thuy district on the 14th of lunar January, when Hai Phong weather is a bit cold. It is commonly known that the festival was founded in 1561 at recreating the ancient rituals that the officials swore not to commit corruption and the people swore to live honestly. This festival was recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage by the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Information, and Tourism in 2018. 

The highlight of the festival is when the celebrant reads the testament of the Holy King’s merits and offers incense, wine, and water to the King. Then the elders, guests, and well-dressed villagers gather around the temple backyard in a hierarchy. The last ones are traditional rituals to energize the villagers. The pleasant weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Spring also helps kick off stress and pressure in the new year.  

Kim Son Ball Wrestling festival 

The festival is held in Kim Son village, Tan Trao commune, Kien Thuy district, about 20km from the city center on the 6th day of the lunar January. The festival shows the martial spirit of the locals. 

The wrestlers voted for the wrestling festival are healthy, unmarried young men, then divided into three teams in different colors of red, yellow, and green as a symbol of the groups.

II - The weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Summer 

1 - The characteristics of Hai Phong summer

weather in hai phong

Hai Phong in summer - Source: Vinpearl

Summer in Hai Phong lasts from April to June, characterized by the long shining hours with an average temperature of 21 to 33℃ and an average rainfall of 16,00 to 1,800mm per year. 

In April, when summer is coming, Hai Phong temperature varies from 21 to 28℃, the rainfall gradually rises at the end of the same month. At nightfall, it is cool and remains quite sunny during the daytime. 

Hai Phong weather in May is hot. It starts to welcome the long-lasting hot period with an average temperature of 24 to 32℃, even 40℃ outside, the rainfall is higher than in April.  

June is the hottest month in the year with an average temperature of 26 to 33℃, but still about 2℃ lower than that in other provinces. 

2 - Notes about the weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Summer

This is also the peak tourist season in Hai Phong City. Here are some suggestions for you: 

Do Son  

Do Son about 20km to the Southeast of the city center, is a small peninsula winding around majestic hills and mountains, fine sandy beaches, and clear blue seawater, which looks like a dragon’s body. Do Son beach is where you can experience many exciting activities such as water motorcycling and paragliding. 

Cat Ba island 


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Cat Ba island - Source: @hailecao

The weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Summer is suitable for a beach vacation and Cat Ba island, located about 52km from Hai Phong city center is a perfect choice. There are numerous experiences you can try on this wonderful island such as sightseeing, immersing yourself in the famous beaches such as Cat Co beaches, or pristine ones like Tung Thu beach. In addition, you should visit Than Cong fortress, Lan Ha bay, especially Cat Ba national park, which was recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 2004.

Tuyet Tinh Coc lake 

Hai Phong weather in Summer is suitable for a trip to Tuyet Tinh Coc lake. The lake of Tuyet Tinh Coc also known as Mang Da lake or Thach Le lake is situated amidst the sheer limestone mountains of Trai Son in An Son Commune, Thuy Nguyen district, outstanding with the green and white colors of surroundings. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path place for relaxation, this destination is an ideal choice thanks to its quiet and peaceful atmosphere which is almost separated from the busy streets of the city. 

III - How is the weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Autumn? 

1 - The characteristics of autumn in Hai Phong

Autumn in Hai Phong lasts from July to September, characterized by the cooler air with slight fog in the early morning. However, the temperature still keeps in the range of 24 to 34℃. In July, both the temperature and the rainfall are nearly unchanged compared to those in June. 

In August, Hai Phong temperature tends to slightly decrease from 26 to 32℃ and falls to 27℃ at night. The month also features the highest rainfall in the year with an average rainfall of about 335mm with plenty of thunderstorms. 

After September, Hai Phong weather is not too sunny, the rainfall and temperature fall considerably, particularly the temperature fluctuates from 24 to 31℃. 

During these months, storms happen more regularly: low-pressure storms and torrential rain lead to the high rise of water levels in the estuary region. If you plan to visit Hai Phong at this time, it is necessary to follow the weather forecast to be well-prepared for your trip. 

2 -  Notes about the weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Autumn

Autumn is also a suitable time for sightseeing, particularly visiting ancient architectural works including pagodas, temples, and shrines as well as French neoclassical designed old streets. 

Cathedral of the Diocese of Hai Phong 


haiphong climate

Cathedral of the Diocese of Hai Phong - Source: Wikipedia

The cathedral is situated at No.46 Hoang Van Thu street, Quang Trung ward, Hong Bang district, featuring the Gothic design in the 1820s with a capacity of thousands of people. Although a long time has passed, the church remains its original architecture, being one of the most gorgeous ones in the city of Hai Phong. Hai Phong weather in autumn is really suitable for walking around the cathedral and taking vintage photos. 

The statue of Le Chan general

This is one of the outstanding symbols of the city, situated in front of the city exhibition center at No.01 Nguyen Duc Canh street, Phan Boi Chau ward, Le Chan district. This festival is held from 7th to 9th lunar February. 

Bao Dai palace

This palace is located in Van Hung ward, Do Son district at an altitude of nearly 40m above sea level. The first floor features the living room, office, dining room, and bedroom of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. On the second floor, there are 5 bedrooms of princes and princesses, and a room of the king. Staying in a room facing the beach in the pleasant weather of Hai Phong Vietnam in autumn is so great. You can book the room(s) here following the information below: 

- Price: 1,800,000 - 3,800,000 VND/ room/ night ($79.45 - 167.74) (apart from Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

- Contact: +84 225 386 1330 

- Website:

 Hon Dau lighthouse

Hon Dau lighthouse lies on Hon Dau island in Van Hanh ward, Do Son district, about 1km from the mainland. From the Nghieng boat wharf, you get on a ferry, which takes about 15 minutes to get to the lighthouse with only a 60,000 VND/ two-way ticket ($2.65). 

The lighthouse is more than 100 years old features two floors, in the middle is a light tower, around which are torpedoes. On the way to the highest point of the island, you can enjoy the cool breeze of Hai Phong weather in autumn and colorful flowers in the primeval forest. Currently, Hon Dau island also has a border guard station, a meteorological station, a temple, and several fishermen’s households. 

IV - Weather in Hai Phong Vietnam in Winter

1 - Features of Hai Phong winter

haiphong weather

Hai Phong in winter - Baohaiphong

From October to December is the wintertime in Hai Phong city with an average temperature of 18 to 22℃, characterized by dry air and low rainfall. Thick smog sometimes happens here. 

The weather in October is cool and cloudy, the lowest temperature in the day is 22℃ and the highest is 29℃. In November, the weather in Hai Phong starts to get cold and the humidity decreases. There is hardly any rain and the lowest temperature is about 18℃, the highest is about 25℃. The area near the sea appears fog; therefore, it gets dark faster than others. December is the end of the year with the temperature during the day of about 15 to 22℃, and 10 to 17℃ at night. The fog becomes much thicker, the average humidity is low when the dry Northeast monsoon wind comes.  

2 - Notes about Hai Phong weather in Winter

The weather in Hai Phong Vietnam is very suitable for a trip to Tien Lang hot spring in Phac Xuyen village, Bach Dang commune, Tien Lang district, about 20km from the city center. It is well-known as an extremely famous eco-tourism destination and relaxation in Hai Phong with a total area of about 10ha, consisting of many different areas. The hot water is fully exploited from nature with an average temperature of about 54℃, appropriate for bathing and relaxing. The water here contains a lot of natural minerals that are good for your health. In addition, you can experience excellent spa services such as mud baths and massages with prices from 60,000 to 700,000 VND ($2.64 - 30.84)/ person/ 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

The weather in Hai Phong Vietnam is relatively favorable; therefore, you can pay a visit to this city any time of year. However, being aware of the characteristics of each season here will be considerably helpful for your smooth and amazing trip.

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