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Not only its charming scenic beauty but also distinctive, delectable specialties in Hai Phong also linger in the minds of numerous tourists. Hai Phong’s cuisine is highlighted by a wide array of dishes such as red noodle soup with crab, baguettes, prawn-stuffed spicy fish with vermicelli, etc. If you have a chance to travel to this city, don’t forget to visit top 9 best restaurants in Hai Phong to get the most excellent dining experience!

I - Top 6 Hai Phong restaurants in the city center 

1 - Ms. Thuy’s prawn-stuffed spicy fish with vermicelli restaurant

hai phong restaurant

Source: @Cung Quynh

The prawn-stuffed spicy fish with vermicelli is a must-try delicacy in Hai Phong city. The attractiveness of this dish lies in the ingredients: mackerel fish ball, deep-fried carp, etc., and its sweet taste, rich broth simmered from the fish head, and pork bones. The dish is served with fresh herbs such as morning glory, chopped banana flowers, and Indian taro. 

Ms. Thuy’s restaurant is loved by many diners because of the large portions and palatable taste. Despite the simplicity, the inner space of this restaurant in Hai Phong is quite large and airy with two rows of tables facing the big wooden windows. Besides prawn-stuffed spicy fish with vermicelli, Ms. Thuy’s restaurant also serves some other dishes such as fried chicken, stir-fry rice, and spaghetti with clam. 

- Address: Pham Tu Nghi street, Nghia Xa ward, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city

- Opening hours: 7am - 2pm & 4pm -8pm 

- Rate: 35,000 VND/ bowl ($1.53)

- Contact: +84 984 710 338 

2 - Hai Phong Indian Kitchen - an ideal Indian restaurant in Hai Phong

This is one of the best Hai Phong restaurants with an airy and spacious yet cozy space with warm yellow walls, decorated with Vietnamese conical hats and red flags. The restaurant is ideal for family gatherings, groups of friends, and couples, who are fans of Indian food. The extensive menu features diverse Indian dishes from vegan to non-vegan dishes, especially the Indian specialties such as delicious chicken curry and butter naan, Indian bread, non-veg & veg appetizers, soup, tandoor, kebabs, tikka express, desserts, tea, rice, and biryani, etc. 

- Address: No.22D Minh Khai street, Hoang Van Thu ward, Hong Bang district, Hai Phong city

- Opening hours: 9am - 11pm 

- Rate: 30,000 - 85,000 VND/ bowl ($1.3 - 3.72)

- Contact: 0989 062 990 

3 - BKK Thai Restaurant - top Hai Phong restaurants 

hai phong vietnamese restaurant

BKK Thai Restaurant - Source: @BKK Thai Restaurant

BKK Thai restaurant is a famous Thai restaurant in Hai Phong. It has the facade facing the main street, featuring a quite large yard. The inner space is spacious and airy, full of light. The furniture is made of wood, combined with yellow walls, which creates a cozy and luxurious space. This Hai Phong restaurant serves a menu with a wide variety of dishes such as mango fish salad, pad Thai stir-fried noodles, Tom yam, smoked salmon sliced, chicken cashew nut, green curry, stir-fried beef & pepper, etc. 

- Address: No.08 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Minh Khai ward, Hong Bang district, Hai Phong city 

- Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

- Rate: from 130,000 VND/ serving ($5.7)

- Contact: 0225 3823 994 or 0936 528 133 

- Website:

4 - Old lady’s Red noodle soup with crab restaurant

haiphong restaurants

Source: @이만수

This is one of the oldest Hai Phong restaurants with a history of 50 years and also the first restaurant selling red noodle soup with crab in Hai Phong. The chairs and tables in the restaurant are made of wood, the interior is decorated beautifully, equipped with fans and an air-conditioning system. The portion is full and alluring with the red color of shrimp, brown rice paper, yellow crab, green vegetables, etc. 

The rich broth tastes sweet and smells fragrant with fried shallot. The menu here is quite diverse with dishes like Hai Phong traditional sea crab spring roll, sea crab red noodle soup, sea crab instant noodle soup, Hai Phong traditional pate bread, and sea crab glass noodle with soy sauce,.... 

- Address: 

+ Branch 1: No.179 Cau Dat street, Cau Dat ward, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong city

+ Branch 2: No.51 Lach Tray ward, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong city

- Opening hours: 7am - 9pm 

- Rate: 40,000 - 50,000 VND/bowl ($1.75 - 2.2)

- Contact: 0904 666 053 

5 - Top Hai Phong restaurants: Ngoi Do restaurant 

best restaurant in hai phong

Ngoi Do restaurant - Source: @Nhahang.NgoiDo

With a total area of 1,500m2, Ngoi Do restaurant is built in Neoclassical architecture with many motifs, showcasing the harmony of modernity and classical aesthetics. The dining rooms are designed in an elegant way, located next to the large courtyard to create open, airy space. This restaurant in Hai Phong also provides the service of holding parties and conferences. Diners are enthusiastically served with Vietnam and China’s cuisine, made by talented and skillful chefs. 

- Address: No.198 Nguyen Van Linh street, Du Hang Kenh ward, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city 

- Opening hours: 9am - 9pm 

- Rate: 30,000 - 100,000 VND/bowl ($1.3 - 4.4)

- Contact: 0313 795 688  

6 - Gia Vien restaurant 

As one of the most famous Hai Phong restaurants, Gia Vien restaurant is evaluated as the most beautiful restaurant in the city, outstanding with its modern oriental architecture. With an area of nearly 10,000m2, the campus features a verdant garden and buildings with 23 VIP rooms. The extensive menu of more than 200 dishes from Asian and European countries together with attentive, enthusiastic, and professional staff bring about the absolute satisfaction and comfort to every diner. 

- Address: No.2B Bach Dang street, Ha Ly ward, Hong Bang ward, Hai Phong city 

- Opening hours: 10am - 5pm 

- Contact: 0961 392 259 

II - Top 3 Hai Phong restaurants near Do Son beach 

1 - Bien Dong 1 restaurant 

restaurant in hai phong

Source: @Hải Phạm Ngọc

Bien Dong I restaurant is the biggest one in Do Son district, serving thousands of diners in a large dining room. It also features the system of the main hall for conferences and seminars. This Hai Phong restaurant serves the specialties of Hai Phong city such as scorched rice topped with chicken floss, Do Son jellyfish mannequin,... The friendliness, hospitality, and professional manner of the staff will satisfy even the most demanding diners. 

- Address: Van Huong ward, Do Son district, Hai Phong city

- Rate: from 50,000 VND/dish ($2.2)

- Contact: 0225 386 1330 or 0255 386 1186 

2 - Hai Au restaurant 

This is one of the Hai Phong restaurants that has an ideal location right at the beach of Do Son, therefore, it has a very wide open, airy space. Many plastic tables and chairs are arranged outside, which helps diners enjoy both fresh, delicious seafood and the cool air from the sea. The menu is diverse with a heaven of seafood such as cobia soup, seafood soup, giant tiger prawn, sweet snail, etc.  

- Address: Quarter 2, Do Son district, Hai Phong city 

- Opening hours: 10am - 10pm 

- Rate: 80,000 - 500,000 VND/dish ($3.5 - 22)

- Contact: 0985 623 300

3 - Van Chai cafe restaurant - top 3 Hai Phong restaurants near the beach

indian restaurant in hai phong

Source: @Kyung Seuk Ahn

This restaurant in Hai Phong is located right in the center of the Don Son beach tourist area with an extraordinary sea view. Hence, diners can both savor the delicacies of the beach city of Hai Phong and immerse in the breath-taking view of glorious sunrise and sunset. The furniture is mostly made of wood and bamboo, which brings about the rustic and familiar feeling. 

- Address: Do Son tourist area, Do Son district, Hai Phong city

- Opening hours: 6am - 11:50pm 

- Contact: 0225 3866 316  

Hopefully, the article about the most popular Hai Phong restaurants above gives you more information about Hai Phong’s cuisine and the best place to savor food to make your trip more fantastic and memorable. 

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