Quy Nhon weather is divided into two separate seasons which are the rainy season (October to February) and the dry season (March to September). Each season in Central Vietnam's beautiful coastal city has its own characteristics making it suitable for different tourist destinations and activities.  

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Thanks to countless beautiful and untouched destinations, Quy Nhon is one of the most beautiful beach cities in Vietnam. Before the trip, the question that most people bear in mind's what is the weather in Quy Nhon like? When is the best time to visit Quy Nhon city? With the average annual temperature of 27°C and average annual rainfall of 1,750 mm, the weather here is considered mild and cool all year round. To get informed more, please continue to look through this writing. 

I - The characteristics of Quy Nhon weather all year round

Having a long coastline, the climate of Quy Nhon city is significantly influenced by the ocean. Like other locales in Vietnam’s South Central Coast, Quy Nhon city has a monsoon tropical climate with 2 separate seasons: the rainy season (October - February) and the dry season (March - September). 

1 - The weather in Quy Nhon in the rainy season

weather in quy nhon

Rainy season in Quy Nhon is from October to February - Source: vov.vn

Pouring rains often concentrate in the early stage, specifically in October and November. At this time, Quy Nhon weather witnesses many fluctuations which can be a huge hindrance to your journey. Much worse, the city is highly likely to be hit by strong winds and tropical storms, which are typical in the central strip of land, resulting in rough and gray seas. If you travel to Quy Nhon for beautiful and gentle beaches, our advice is to avoid these two months. 

The rest of the season on the other hand is relatively favorable for the tourist, especially the foreign ones because this is not the travel time for the internal guests. Even though the rains don’t 100 percent disappear, the cool and fresh atmosphere of the end of the season is sure to reduce your tiredness after long days exploring a myriad of wonderful stopovers in this not so big city. So you guys, the exotic friends, if you have had enough of tourist traps, from December to February is the best time to depart to Quy Nhon city. 

2 - Quy Nhon weather in the dry season

weather in quy nhon vietnam

Weather in Quy Nhon in the dry season - Source: wikipedia

The dry season in Quy Nhon city lasts from March to September. It is the characteristic that the city is covered with chains of sunny days with the temperature rising up to more than 30°C prolonging for months. Rains are very scarce during this time. Should a rain bump into you on the way to approaching destinations, it will come and go very swiftly. This type of weather is very favorable for traveling and sightseeing activities because you can admire the whole beauty of nature and landscape. Marine tourism, the strength of Quy Nhon, is also pretty dynamic in the dry season.

Quy Nhon weather in March, April, and May is a bit pleasant because these are the opening months of the dry season which is featured by the brisk and pleasant air. The sun has yet to be so harsh while the rain has virtually ceased, paving the way for almost every outdoor activity. So booking a trip to Quy Nhon within the span is undoubtedly a wise choice. 

The high peak of Quy Nhon tourism falls in June, July, and August. In the middle of the dry season, the heat in this land is quite intense with a temperature of roughly 34 - 35°C but as compared to other neighborhoods, it is still bearable thanks to the steam and breezes stemming from the sea. For domestic tourists, it is high time to enjoy a holiday on clean and clear beaches, getting away from the suffocation of the summer in the urban areas. That’s why they flock to Quy Nhon city massively. Therefore, we don’t really recommend you to go at this time. 

Instead, you should wait for September to come. From the end of this month, the city is about to enter the rainy season; Quy Nhon weather is much nicer, and domestic tourists must come back to their work and study. This short period is a suitable occasion to be here too.

In a nutshell, from December to May next year is the most terrific point for your journey to Quy Nhon to kick off or you can have a quick excursion wrapped in September. Much as the climate is a matter of repetition, you are never too careful to follow the weather forecast beforehand in order to customize your schedule most precisely in order to have the most deserving experiences.

II - Quy Nhon weather and the most the prominent attractions

In recent years, Quy Nhon city has become so popular with traveler lovers who learn by heart and can spit out a list of worth visiting places in this city at once. However, for those who haven't been here, Localtravelidea will suggest some of the most famous ones. 

1 - Eo Gio beach

quy nhon weather forecast

Source - Source: vntrip.vn

Eo Gio or Wind Strait is a thin strait composed of tower cliffs emerging in the middle of the sea, hence it attracts wind a lot. The strong winds here can obstruct your steps to climb up to the top of the rocks, but once you can handle them and catch sight of the fabulous scenery which is painted with wavy deep blue ocean, a myriad of stones and rocks with different shapes and sizes. 

Lining around the mountains is a winding stair paved with natural rocks and a red parapet. Quy Nhon weather in the dry season is extremely suitable for swimming, however, an unfortunate thing is that the beach around Eo Gio is not appropriate for swimming because of the enormous waves and sharp, slippery stones. 

2 - Ky Co beach 

Compensating for Eo Gio, Ky Co beach at the not-so-far distance is a haven for swimming and sunbathing. The crescent-shaped beach with smooth creamy sand beach can bewitch you right from the first glance. The cool and transparent water here combined with gentle waves makes it look no less than an enormous invisible blanket. 

A special thing that only Ky Co beach has is the system of rocks clustered on the shore, near the water edge which form small natural pools after the tides recede. Each pool is large enough for a couple of small kids and the elder to loll. Apart from that, a bit adventurous marine sports such as surfing, diving, and water scootering are available here.   

3 - Quy Nhon weather and Hon Kho island

quy nhon weather february

Hon Kho island - Source: Pham Vu

Hon Kho means dry islet in Vietnamese. Absolutely like its name, the small island has nothing else but rocks, big rocks, and small rocks. Because tourism hasn’t developed here, nature is untouched. The clean, emerald water with colorful coral reefs is a temptation to anyone deciding to set foot in this place. 

There is a wooden bridge on this island, only 200m long without parapets, which is the favorite photo shooting station of many visitors. Besides, the island also boasts a sandy road in the heart of the sea, hidden by the blue water. When the tide is down, it is revealed, becoming a perfect position to watch the sunset.

4 - Thi Nai lagoon

Thi Nai is the biggest lagoon in Binh Dinh province. This is not only an area with abundant fishery resources but also an important place associated with many significant historic fights. 


quy nhon weather december

Quy Nhon weather is a bit pleasant - Source: @Tuấn Trần Anh

Because it is very easy to catch fish here, flocks of birds keep gathering here, standing on branches of trees, surfing on the water surface, creating a peaceful scene. From the lagoon, you can contemplate the beauty of the Thi Nai bridge, a great construction connecting the Phuong Mai peninsula with the city center. 

5 - Cu Lao Xanh island 

Cu Lao Xanh island is a collection of amazing destinations for visitors to tirelessly explore. The first one to say is the stone lighthouse, of which the architecture is a harmony between the Gothic style of the West and the traditional style of the Orient. Right here on this island, you may come across a mossy deck with its shape like a straight line outstanding on the vast blue sea, which is a setting for many phenomenal pictures on social media.

You have been informed of the weather in Quy Nhon city all year round and the most outstanding attractions in this lovely coastal city. The next step to take is to pack your suitcase and get ready for a memorable trip with ample stopovers in this coastal city. To obtain more details about Quy Nhon weather, famous tourist attractions in Quy Nhon, or any other place in Vietnam, please follow Localtravelidea and support our next articles.

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