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Quy Nhon city possesses a 72km coastline with stunning beaches, diverse natural scenery, unique historical - cultural relics, a year-round warm tropical climate and delicious cuisine, which are the favorable conditions for tourism development in the locality. Along with the increase in demands for traveling, the system of accommodations including hotels in Quy Nhon has strongly thrived along the seashore. Let’s take a look at the article below to get more information about these types of accommodations. 

I - Top 5 star hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam

1 - The hotel system of FLC 

quy nhon hotels

FLC Luxury Hotel Quy Nhon - Source:

FLC Luxury Hotel Quy Nhon

The resort boasts 649 rooms and suites with upgraded equipment and first-class amenities. There are a myriad of rooms with various areas and stunning views. All rooms have private balconies or terraces with panoramic views of Cat Tien beach, Nhon Ly fishing village and Eo Gio. This Quy Nhon hotel offers a wide array of top-notch services ranging from water sports facilities, evening entertainment, children’s club, bike rental, tennis court, golf, outdoor swimming pool, Spa & fitness center, restaurants & bars, etc. 

- Address: Zone 4, Nhon Ly commune

- Room rate: 2,170,000 VND/room/night ($93.5) 

- Hotline: +84 256 628 8888 

FLC City Hotel Beach Quy Nhon - one of the top high-end hotels in Quy Nhon 

Located on the busiest An Duong Vuong coastal street, FLC City Hotel Beach Quy Nhon owns 235 well-equipped rooms with sea views and balconies. The resort features a chain of international 5-star standard facilities, namely: conference center with spacious event rooms and modern functional meeting rooms, infinity pool, 6 multi-style bars and glitzy restaurants, spa & fitness centers with full high-end health care equipment. 

- Address: No.11 An Duong Vuong street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 1,450,000 VND/room/night ($62.5)

- Hotline: +84 256 628 8888 

FLC Grand Hotel Quy Nhon

Being recommended as one of top luxury hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam, FLC Grand Hotel Quy Nhon, including 4 grand 11-floor buildings with sea view is impressive with unique architecture looking like a huge chain of DNA winding along Nhon Ly beach. Besides large scale and the world-class five-star hotel, the hotel is outstanding with green building standards of both LEED (USA) and Lotus (Vietnam). There are a wealth of high-quality facilities, typically a 36-hole golf course  in the Top 3 most beautiful golf courses in Asia, the  International Convention Center, the first semi-wild park in Quy Nhon - home to 1,000 animal individuals, etc. 

- Address: Zone 4, Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 2,015,000 VND/room/night ($86.8) 

- Hotline: +84 256 628 8888 

2 - Muong Thanh Quy Nhon hotel - among top luxury hotels in Quy Nhon city

quy nhon hotel

Muong Thanh Quy Nhon hotel - Source:

The luxurious hotel of Muong Thanh Quy Nhon is located just 5 minutes from the city center. It features the system of 86 modern, grand guest rooms which is the harmonious combination of European modern style and Asian classic architecture. There are four types of rooms, three of which have an area of 36m2 and the largest one has an area of 60m2. All rooms are fully equipped and have stunning sea views or vibrant city views. The hotel owns a restaurant of European-Asian dishes and Quy Nhon seafood; Spa & private fitness center; advanced tennis courses. 

- Address: No.02 Nguyen Hue street, Le Loi ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 750,000 VND/room/night ($32.4) 

- Hotline: +84 256 3892 666 

- Website:

II - Top 4-star hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam

1 - Hai Au hotel 

Located right on the charming Quy Nhon beach, Hai Au hotel is designed in a modern European architectural style. It possesses a system of 2 luxurious hotels with more than fully-equipped 200 rooms of 4-star standard. Every room has a private balcony with sea view so that guests can easily and comfortably admire the sunrise and sunset in the room. In addition, the hotel also features a wide array of amenities, typically Spa & massage, gymnasium with upgraded machines, panoramic-view swimming pool and souvenir shops. Hai Au Quy Nhon hotel can meet all needs of diners with a system of incredibly high-quality restaurants including Phong Lan restaurant, Sao Mai restaurant, Lucky restaurant, San Vuon restaurant, Chim Yen restaurant, Cung Dinh restaurant, Smile rooftop bar and impressive Cafe Ho Boi. 

- Address: No.411 Nguyen Hue street, Tran Phu ward, Quy Nhon city

- Room rate: 1,400,000 VND/night/room ($60)

- Hotline: +84 256 384 6377 

- Website:

3 - Mento hotel in Quy Nhon 

best hotels in quy nhon

Mento hotel Quy Nhon - Source:

Just about 3 minutes walk to beautiful Quy Nhon beach and right in the center of the beach city, Mento hotel is one of the most top-notch hotels in the city with a total of 50 4-star rooms with the main background of white and warm wooden floor, which creates the modernity and airy space for the entire rooms. Apart from the system of high-quality rooms, the hotel also provides many amenities such as a large swimming pool on the top of the hotel, modern gyms, special spa with the unique service of sauna with Himalayan salt rock, together with the system of restaurants and bars with romantic space. 

- Address: No.411 Nguyen Hue street, Tran Phu ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 900,000 VND/room/night ($38.8)

- Hotline: +84 912 607 050 

- Website:

3 - Fleur De Lys Quy Nhon 

As one of the best hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam, fleur De Lys Quy Nhon has an extremely favorable location that faces the poetic Quy Nhon beach. With 241 deluxes and suites with gorgeous sea views, the 4-star hotel offers luxurious space but still retains the rustic and sophisticated features in every detail. The furniture and decorations in the hotel are bold, famous local craft villages such as Van Son pottery, Tam Quan coconut, Binh Dinh stone, etc. Combined with other traditional materials such as rattan, bamboo, and wood, all of which create an extremely idyllic and environmentally friendly space for those who stay at this Quy Nhon hotel. 

Most rooms are painted in white and blue, bringing about the feeling of incredible comfort and peace. You can indulge in a well-rounded dining experience here with a system of swanky restaurants of Fenghuang Chinese cuisine, La Maison restaurant at ground floor, and the bars and cafe of Soleil Sky Bar and Petit Jardin Cafes. 

- Address: No.16 Nguyen Hue street, Le Loi ward, Quy Nhon city

- Room rate: 1,800,000 VND/room/night ($77.5)

- Hotline: +84 256 3666 888

- Website:

III - Cheap hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam 

1 - Mira Hotel Quy Nhon

top quy nhon hotels

Mira Hotel Quy Nhơn - Source:

The hotel has 20 rooms in modern architecture. Each room is fully equipped, furnished and decorated in a distinctive style. You can unwind your mind and “pick up” your favorite dishes in the romantic ambience of a rooftop cafe with sea view and city view. This is ideal for birthday parties, gatherings, and BBQ, etc. Mira Quy Nhon hotel is situated near Quy Nhon Quarter, Coopmart, Cafe, banks, and especially Quy Nhon charming beach, which is convenient for you to travel around. 

- Address: No.11A Ngo May street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 400,000 VND/room/night ($17.2)

- Hotline: +84 256 6288 488 

- Website:

2 - Ruby Luxury Hotel - among cheapest hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam 

For those who are looking for a cheap hotel in Quy Nhon, The hotel of Ruby Luxury is situated in the center of Quy Nhon city and near many tourist attractions. The hotel consists of 10 rooms whose most furniture are made of wood, combined with many large windows facing the charming city, which creates a warm and cozy space.  

- Address: No.100 Nguyen Trung Truc street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city

- Room rate: 350,000 VND/room/night ($15) 

- Hotline: +84 256 3535 236 

3 - La Cactus Hotel in Quy Nhon city

 hotel in quy nhon vietnam

La Cactus Hotel Quy Nhơn - Source: @lacactushotel

Located right in the center of beach city Quy Nhon, the four-star La Cactus Hotel is just about 250m from Quy Nhon bus station, 400m from Quy Nhon beach, 200m to the local market, 300m from supermarket and very close to food courts. The hotel features four types of rooms, each of which has different sizes and decors, but in general it is decorated simply, subtly, and luxuriously with the main background of white and deep blue, which makes the rooms spacious and airy. The plus of this Quy Nhon hotel is professional, enthusiastic staff who can speak English, Korean and Japanese, which will bring satisfaction to every guest. 

- Address: No.254 Nguyen Thi Dinh street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 300,000 VND/night/room ($12.3)

- Hotline: +84 828 855 922 

- Fanpage:

4 - Phuong Dong Hotel and Apartment 

Being recommended as one of the best budget hotels in Quy Nhon with a prime location near the beach, Phuong Dong hotel is designed in a romantic French style combined with classic features of traditional Vietnamese architecture, ideal for comfortable relaxation in Quy Nhon. All rooms have a panoramic view of stunning beach and poetic city, well equipped with modern facilities. Besides the impressive interior, design, decoration, the hotel is complemented by friendly and enthusiastic services. 

- Address: No.21 Ngo May street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 470,000 VND/room/night ($20.3) 

- Hotline: +84 256 3747 767 

- Website:

5 - Lucky Quy Nhon hotel 

best hotels in quy nhon

Lucky Quy Nhon hotel - Source: Lucky hotel

Lucky hotel features 7 floors, the top floor is large space for sightseeing and enjoying beverages. From here, you can have a panoramic view of Quy Nhon city and inhale cool fresh air. The rooms are spacious and clean, full of light with a large window. With the main color of white and brown, combined, bolded with black patterns, the rooms seem more modern and luxurious.  

- Address: No.19 Ngo May street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city 

- Room rate: 340,000 VND/room/night ($14.6) 

- Hotline: +84 939 843 679 

- Fanpage:

6 - Kila Boutique - Top boutique hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam 

The hotel is impressive with its modern architecture, high-class interior and environmental friendliness. The interior space is both modern and very classic with the main colors of gray, white, and cement. Lush green trees are found everywhere in the hotel, bringing comfort and relaxation. It consists of a rich and diverse system of rooms with up to 40 rooms, each of which are fully equipped with modern amenities and facilities. You can have fun in a clean outdoor swimming pool surrounded by vibes and green trees. In addition, Kila also has a restaurant serving Asian - European dishes as well as famous seafoods.  

- Address: No.06 Truong Van Cua street, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city

- Room rate: 950,000 VND/room/night ($41)

- Hotline: +84 256 3686 989 

- Website:

Hopefully, the list of the best hotels in Quy Nhon Vietnam mentioned above are beneficial for you on the way traveling to this incredible city. Don’t forget to pay a visit to outstanding tourist attractions of the city such as Ky Co beach, Eo Gio (the Windy Pass), Phuong Mai Peninsula, or Thap Doi (Twin Tower), etc. to admire the utmost beauty of this coastal city in Binh Dinh province.

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