Belonging to the high mountainous region of Northeast Vietnam, Ha Giang province is located in the tropical monsoon climate with 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Ha Giang weather has the characteristics of the Viet Bac - Hoang Lien Son area, however, it is also colder than the Northeast provinces and warmer than the Northwest provinces.

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Here are some brief information about the Ha Giang weather that are hoped to be helpful for tourists. The average annual temperature here is quite cool, about 21.6 - 23.9°C, but the temperature amplitude during the day has a large fluctuation of 6 - 7°C and over 10°C during the year. The hottest temperature in Ha Giang can reach 40°C (June or July) but the nights remain pleasantly cool, meanwhile, in the winter, the temperature drops as low as 2.2°C (January), and ice and snow appear in some places. The average annual humidity of the province is 85% and the average annual rainfall is about 2,300 - 2,400mm, with large fluctuations between regions and times.

1 - Ha Giang weather in spring (January - April)

weather in ha giang

Spring in Ha Giang - Source: vnexpress

With the characteristic of a high mountainous climate, spring in Ha Giang is cool and still quite cold, and in the early morning or late afternoon, there are often thin and dreamy mists. However, the space is not dull and boring, instead, it is colorfully adorned with flowers blooming all over the mountains, creating a fanciful, charming picture.

It is not difficult for you to spot the fresh green color of the newly sprouted shoots, the pure white color of plum and pear flowers, the golden sunshine color of mustard flowers, or the hot pink color of peach blossom branches. Not only flowers, looming behind them are undulating silver-gray cliffs, orange-yellow tile roofs,... creating alternating contrasting colors. On the winding passes, looking out into the distance, you will definitely be overwhelmed by this majestic, poetic, and lively scene.

Thanks to the favorable weather in Ha Giang in spring, traveling to Ha Giang this time is an interesting experience. You have the chance to explore, immerse yourself in the local culture because this is also the festival season, and are able to witness with your own eyes the life of the ethnic minorities here and participate in countless interesting tourist activities of them such as:

Long Tong Festival

ha giang weather forecast

Ha Giang weather in spring is very pleasant - Source: dammedulich

Also known as the field festival, this is a unique religious activity on the full moon day of the first lunar month of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups in Ha Giang, held in the spring on a large field in front of the village, praying for favorable weather and bountiful crops. After the ceremony, there will be many games organized for all of you to participate such as tossing con ball, tug of war, lion dance, stilt walking, etc.

Gau Tao Festival

This is the most typical festival of the Hmong people, usually starting after the 2nd day of the new year, lasting 1-3 days. Even when the festival ended, the people still played until the end of the full moon in January in the Lunar calendar before starting to work in production. You can freely watch and join the interesting contests and games after the ceremony such as crossbow shooting, throwing balls, singing gau plenh (love song)... There is also the Khen dance competition, in which some masters make quite extraordinary and dangerous movements when dancing.

Fire dance festival

This is a traditional festival of Pa Then people in My Bac Village, Tan Bac Commune, Quang Binh District, Ha Giang Province, usually held on October 16 (lunar calendar). You will definitely be mesmerized by the dancing of the Shaman students (young Pa Then men) in the middle of the red-hot fire with their bare feet. Some of them use their hands to lift the coals, some even put those in their mouths and when one person finished jumping out of the embers, another person jumped in. But you shouldn’t try it yourself because it is quite dangerous.

2 - Ha Giang weather in summer (late April - July)

weather in ha giang vietnam

The lively scenery in Ha Giang in summer - Source:

Even though the summer is drier and hotter, sometimes reaching a peak of 40°C, the weather in Ha Giang is still cool at around 20 - 22°C most of the time. This is because this place is located at an average altitude of 800 - 1200m, with many mountain ranges over 2000m above sea level. 

This is the time of the famous Khau Vai love market, which starts on the 27th day of the third lunar month every year, filled with the sound of the horn calling for partners, and the bustling laughter of drunken friends. This is also the season of rising water when the fields seem to change their clothes, adorned with the green color of the growing corn and rice, covered in the fresh air and golden sunshine. 

Viewed from above, the terraced fields are like mirror pieces that are overlapped, imprinting the whole sky above inlaid on the ground. In addition to white betel nut or purple Banyan flower, this is also the beginning of Buckwheat flower season, though sparse and pale in color, but still beautiful in its own way.

However, rising water also means rain in Ha Giang Province. That is why if you plan to visit at this time of year, it is essential to check the Ha Giang weather forecast beforehand.

3 - The weather in Ha Giang in autumn (August - November)

weather in ha giang in december

The charming beauty of Ha Giang in autumn - Source:

Autumn is said to be the most beautiful time for traveling to discover the beautiful scenery and life in the highlands because the weather is pleasant. It is not too hot like summer nor too cold like winter, although there are still occasional rains or downpours. Ha Giang's land and sky this time turn yellow with ripe rice on terraced fields, buckwheat flowers blooming on the hillside, or wild chrysanthemums filling the winding roads. The golden terraced fields blend in with the gentle autumn sun, exuding a seductive fragrance, mixed with the scent of mountains and hills that will make you mesmerized.

Not only ripe rice, but the autumn in Ha Giang also makes buckwheat flowers bloom, from pure white color, gradually changing to light pink, purple, and finally, the red color of the grain harvested by the ethnic people. You can not only admire the beautiful scenery and take pictures at check-in, but also taste the spicy yeast of buckwheat wine and delicious chewy buckwheat cake. Don’t forget to visit the Lung Cu flagpole, Vuong family mansion, Dong Van stone park, Dong Van old town, or go to the market to sip a cup of corn wine and eat a bowl of Thang Co, discovering the wonderful cultural beauty here.

4 - Ha Giang weather in winter (November - beginning of January)

ha giang loop weather

Snow in Ha Giang - Source: vnexpress

Basically, November is the beginning of winter in Ha Giang, so the night will be quite cold, only about 10°C and sometimes down to a record of 2.2°C, but the day is still very pleasant and sunny. At this time, there is also little rain, so the sky is always clear, high and blue, the village seems to be wearing a fanciful coat of fog, snow and smoke from the houses. Weather in Ha Giang in December and early January enters a very harsh cold spell, with frost and snow appearing in many localities. You can participate in “snow hunting” if you love to explore and experience this unique feeling in Vietnam.

This is also the time when the fields of yellow canola flowers in Ha Giang are in full bloom, covering the mountains and forests with a striking yellow color amidst the pristine white space. In addition, in the cold weather, enjoying Ha Giang specialties such as Thang Co, corn wine, thang den, au tau porridge... will be a special experience that you will hardly forget.

The prominent feature of Ha Giang weather is the high humidity in the year, long and heavy rain, and cool and cold temperatures, all of which affect the life of the ethnic minorities there and especially your plan to travel. In general, the most ideal time to visit this place is from September to March next year because this is the season of ripe rice and when the flowers are in full bloom. The pleasant weather in Ha Giang Vietnam will also give you the opportunity to comfortably participate in the spring festivals of the ethnic people, helping you plan the most satisfying and fulfilling trip.


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