Up to June of 2021, Vietnam witnessed 4 waves of Covid-19 infections on a large scale. The latest infection from April 27, 2021 has been recorded as the most serious one due to the quick infectivity of delta virant. 

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Covid-19 in vietnam
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Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. The first recognized covid-19 case in Wuhan (China) at the end of December 2019, and quickly spread to most countries, creating a serious worldwide pandemic. 

Vietnam recorded the first covid-19 case on January 23, 2020. The Vietnamese government has been taking lots of drastic measures to limit the spread of the pandemic such as nationwide social distancing, conducting epidemiological investigations to promptly localize and trace outbreaks, and quarantine. 

Up to June of 2021, Vietnam witnessed 4 waves of Covid-19 infections on a large scale. The latest infection from April 27, 2021 has been recorded as the most serious one due to the quick infectivity of delta virant. 

I - Information on epidemics in Vietnam

Statistics of the total of infected cases, recovered cases and treated cases in Vietnam up to 27/10/2021

Infected cases


Recovered cases


Number of deaths


(Source: Vietnam ministry of health)

Charts and bars of the summary of the total infected cases, recovered cases and deaths in Vietnam, updated to 27/10/2021

(Source: Vietnam ministry of health)

For further information, please visit Vietnam’s Ministry of Health

II - Is there any lockdown in Vietnam?

→ NO lockdown but strict social distancing has remained from July 2021. 

III - Social distancing in Vietnam

Up to August 2021, Vietnam is facing challenges from the delta variant. No areas have been lockdowned due to the rapid spread of the delta variant, but strict social distancing orders have been applied to some places with large community infections such as Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, and some southern provinces.


social distancing in vietnam

Streets in Vietnam social distancing campaign - Source: Kenh14

Directive 16 from Vietnam government:

In particular, Directive 16 (social distancing, movement restriction) is being applied to ensure social distancing. 

- To citizens: In order to minimize the risk of community infection, people are asked to stay home, limit going out as much as possible, except for absolutely necessary cases such as buying food and health-related cases.

- To agencies, organizations and services: Factories, production facilities; traffic and construction works; establishments providing services and essential goods (such as: food, pharmaceuticals; gasoline, oil; electricity; water; fuel,...); educational institutions, banks, treasuries, service providers directly related to banking activities and supporting businesses (such as notaries, lawyers, registry, registration of secured transactions...), securities, postal, telecommunications, transportation support services, goods import and export, medical examination & treatment and funeral can continue to operate.

All cases of going out on the street without a reasonable reason will be administratively sanctioned with a fine of from 1 to 3 million VND/case.

Vietnam social distancing in 2021:

- In Hanoi: the 14-day social distancing period was applied from July 24 to August 8, then extended to August 23.

- In Ho Chi Minh city: the social distancing has been started from July and extended to August 16. 

IV - Quarantine in Vietnam

quarantine in vietnam

In a central quarantine area  - Source: Kenh14

1 - Who is allowed to apply for entry into Vietnam? 

There are 5 groups that are considered to apply for entry into Vietnam, including:

(1) Foreigners who are experts, investors, business managers, high-tech workers (referred to as experts) and relatives (fathers, mothers, spouses, children)

(2) Foreigners entering for diplomatic or official purposes and their relatives (father, mother, wife, husband, child); foreign students studying in Vietnam

(3) Vietnamese citizens: businessmen, intellectuals, pupils, students, elderly people, people visiting relatives, expired tourism, contract laborers, study expired, stuck abroad, people going abroad for medical examination and treatment, people with expired visas

(4) Humanitarian immigration cases

(5) Other special cases.

2 - Vietnam quarantine measure 

- Vietnamese citizens have to be isolated in central quarantine areas or hotels/resorts. 

- Foreigners who are allowed to enter Vietnam have to be isolated in hotels/resorts that are designated for quarantine. (self-pay for all services in the quarantine period). 

- How many days quarantine in Vietnam: for at least 14-21 days (the quarantine period may be extended depending on the decision and change from the government). 

Quarantine process in Vietnam:

- Day 01: Immigration procedures – Medical declaration & health check – Get to quarantine  hotel.

- Days 02-14: Rest and quarantine at the hotel

- Day 15: End of quarantine period, get one more health check

3 - Vietnam quarantine hotel list

Some hotels are designated for quarantine in Hanoi:

- InterContinental Westlake Hanoi: 4,599,000 VND 

- Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel: 3,399,000 VND 

- Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel: 3,999,000 VND 

- Wyndham Garden Hanoi Hotel: 3,699,000 VND

- Muong Thanh Grand Xa La Hotel: 1,899,000 VND 

- Silk Path Hanoi Hotel: 1,599,000 VND 

- The Ann Hotel Hanoi: 2,699,000 VND 

- Hoa Binh Hotel: 2,299,000 VND 

- Binh An 3 Hotel: 2,399,000 VND

- Binh An Hotel 2: Contact hotel for details

- Binh An Hotel 1: 2,399,000 VND 

- New Era Hotel: Contact us

- Lake Side Hotel: 2,099,000 VND

- TOP Hanoi Hotel: 2,699,000 VND 

- La Belle Vie Hotel Hanoi: Contact hotel for details

- Hacinco Hanoi Hotel: 2,299,000 VND

- Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi Hotel: 3,399,000 VND


vietnam quarantine hotels

Vietnam quarantine hotels - Source: VnExpress

Some hotels are designated for quarantine in Ho Chi Minh City 

- IBIS Saigon Airport Hotel - Tan Binh District: 1,799,000 VND 

- De Nhat Hotel - Tan Binh District: 1,899,000 VND

- Norfolk Hotel - District 1: 2,199,000 VND

- IBIS Saigon South Hotel - District 7: 2,299,000 VND

- A&EM Signature Hotel - District 1: 2,199,000 VND

- Bat Dat Hotel - District 5: 1,599,000 VND

- Cititel Parkview Hotel - District 1: 1,999,000 VND

- Alagon City Hotel & Spa - District 1: 1,699,000 VND

- Riverside Hotel Saigon - District 1: 1,599,000 VND

- A&EM Hotel - District 1: 1,899,000 VND 

- Sunshine Boutique Hotel - District 7: 1,999,000 VND

- Blue Diamond Hotel - District 1: 1,899.00 VND

- Blue Diamond Signature Hotel - District 1: 1,899,000 VND

- Saigon Hanoi Hotel - District 1: 1,999,000 VND

- Sabina 3 Hotel - District 7: 1,899,000 VND

- Dong Do Hotel - Tan Binh District: 1,799,000 VND

- Hoa De Nhat Hotel - Tan Binh District: 1,599,000 VND

- Hung Huong Hotel - Tan Binh District: 1,299,000VND

- New Milano Hotel - District 7: 1,999,000 VND

- Northern Saigon Hotel - District 1: 2,499,000VND

- Grand Silverland Saigon Hotel - District 1: 1,999,000 VND

- Thao Trang Saigon Hotel - District 7: 2,199,000 VND

- Shi Saigon Hotel - District 7: 1,899,000 VND 

- NaKwon Phu My Hotel - District 7: 1,699,000 VND

- Sky Gem Central Saigon Hotel - District 1: 2,199,000 VND

- Novotel Saigon Center Hotel - District 1: 3,099,000 VND 

- A&EM Hotel & Spa - District 1: 2,099,000 VND

- Paragon Saigon Hotel - District 1: 2,099,000 VND 

- White Lion Hotel - District 3: 1,799,000 VND

- Thanh Long Hotel - Tan Binh District: 2,199,000 VND 

- 177 Thu Duc Hotel Thu Duc - District: 2,199,000 VND 

- Blue Diamond Luxury Hotel - District 1: 1,699,000 VND 

- Liberty Saigon Parkview Hotel - District 1: 1,899,000 VND 

- White Stone Hotel - District 7: 1,699,000 VND

- Holiday Inn Hotel - Tan Binh District: contact for details

Note: Vietnam quarantine hotel cost for one night (price included: room, 3 meals one day, taxes, Covid-19 test during a 14-day hotel stay). 

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