Dong Hoi belongs to Quang Binh province and is well-known as the hub of caves and mountains. Coming to Dong Hoi, tourists can not miss visiting Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park which possesses one of the biggest caves of Vietnam namely Phong Nha caves system. Moreover, nearby Dong Hoi are some gorgeous landscapes like Nhat Le beach, Bau Tro archaeological site, Quang Phu sand dune and so on.

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Dong Hoi city is located in Quang Binh province - the land of white sand and hot dry westerly wind. Furthermore, the place also possesses more than 300 large and small caves hidden in nature. Coming here, visitors are not only overwhelmed by the majestic nature but also strongly impressed by the friendly and rustic people here.

I - Overview

1 - Where is Dong Hoi Vietnam? 

According to the geographical map, this city is located near the Nhat Le estuary, about 500km south of Hanoi. Especially the distance from this city to Phong Nha - Ke Bang city is not too far, only about 45km. Therefore, tourists can combine the tour to Phong Nha - Ke Bang and Dong Hoi city together. These are some means of transport for you suggested as follow: 

Bus B4

- Cost: 25,000 VND/trip ($1.07)
- Departure point: Quang Phu commune
- Stopover point: Phong Nha - Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district. 
- Travel time: 45 minutes, operating from 5:30 - 17:30 daily with about 14-16 trips/day.

Travelling by taxi costs about 250,000 VND/person/way ($10.8)

Travel time is about 45 minutes/trip

Some taxi companies here are:
- Taxi Mai Linh - 052.3845.888
- Taxi Dong Hoi - 0523.841.841
- Sun Taxi Quang Binh - 0523.53.53.53

Dong Hoi city

Dong Hoi City - Source: Phongnhaexplorer

2 - Weather in Dong Hoi Vietnam

Dong Hoi is located in the area of “humid tropical monsoon" climate, but due to the influence of the hot and dry westerly wind (foehn), the temperature is quite high (with the average annual temperature of 35 - 40°C), and the humidity is low. Winter is still influenced by northeast monsoons, so it is still quite cold. The lowest monthly average temperature of the year around December  and January is about 16°C. In particular, the place is also affected by various negative effects of the storm with great and intense destruction (from September to November).
Therefore, the best time to visit this city during the year is from June to September around autumn since it is not too sunny.

II - Top tourist attractions in Dong Hoi Vietnam

Coming here, visitors can also experience a number of beautiful sights and historical sites such as:

1 - Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park - best Dong Hoi caves tour

Best dong hoi caves tour

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park - Source: Viettrekking

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park was twice recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage in 2003 and 2015. It owns a unique karst terrain with the complex history of the Earth's geological crust which was formed about 400 million years ago as well as many large and small caves with beautiful rocks which are compared to a "cave kingdom" in nature. The outstanding caves here are: Son Doong Cave; Hang En; Dark cave; Phong Nha Cave; Tien Son Cave; Vom cave, etc.

Son Doong cave dong hoi vietnam

Son Doong cave - Source: Oxalisadventure

Son Doong cave is the largest natural cave in the world, the largest place can accommodate three large planes horizontally. In particular, inside Son Doong cave, there is an underground river flowing through with the estimated depth of about -93m so far and expectedly -120m; a waterfall; death pit, etc. Life and nature here are almost independent and completely separate from the outside world.
Not only stalactites, inside the cave, there is also a green vegetation where life exists. There are about 400 different species of plants and birds who migrate from the outside, or giant stalactites 70m high and many "pearls" formed over thousands of years when calcium crystals gradually enveloped the small sand. The world inside Son Doong cave is still a great mystery to humans, containing many miracles and mysteries of nature.

2 - Beaches in Dong Hoi Vietnam

This city has a coastline of about 14km and is bestowed with beautiful beaches. Coming here, visitors can choose one of the following two beaches to visit:

Nhat Le beach Dong Hoi Vietnam

Nhat Le Beach - Source: Phongnhaexplorer

Nhat Le Beach
This is one of the most unique beaches in Vietnam since it is located right next to Nhat Le river estuary where the water flows into the sea, including both riverbank and the beach. The long, white sand with the green casuarina rows help keep the untouched beauty. Therefore, the main activities here are swimming, sunbathing and enjoying seafood at restaurants. Water sports have not been greatly promoted.
Location: Truong Phap Street - about 1km from the city center.
Bao Ninh Beach
Possessing a long - wide sand beach, Bao Ninh beach has long been a place for picnics and enjoyable beach activities. Not being subject to negative impacts from humans, the beach is quite pristine, retaining its inherent beauty with white sand and emerald green water. In particular, this is also an ideal place to watch the sunrise on the sea.
Location: Bao Ninh peninsula, east of Dong Hoi city, about 9km from the city center.

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3 - Quang Phu Sand Dunes

Quang Phu Sand Dunes brings the impression that you are being lost in the desert, surrounded by stretching white sand dunes up to 100 meters high which looks like they are waiting for you to master. This is also an ideal place to watch the sunrise, experience sand sliding or hunt for beautiful captures of the white sand background and the blue sky.
Location: Quang Phu commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province - about 10 km northeast of the city center

4 - Other historical and cultural relics

Dong Hoi Vietnam is also a place of long-standing historical relics and architectural works that help visitors better understand the history and culture of the ancient Vietnamese.
Quang Binh Gate
One of the surviving relics of the Luy Thay built in the Nguyen Dynasty in 1631. In 1965 during the war against the US, Quang Binh Gate was almost completely collapsed but has almost been restored to intact architecture.
Location: Near the center of the city, close to National Highway 1A in Quang Binh Province.

Ancient citadel Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi ancient citadel - Source: Wikipedia

Dong Hoi ancient citadel
It was built about 200 years ago, since the reign of King Gia Long (1812). Initially built with the main material of land, it was later designed and rebuilt with stronger bricks (1824). The circumference of the citadel is 1,860m; 4m high; 1.35m wide and 2m long. The citadel is designed with 03 major gates: North - East - South. 
Location: Hai Dinh Ward, city center, Quang Binh Province.
Bau Tro archaeological site
According to archeological records, this is the living area of the early Vietnamese in the Stone Age, with many different marks. Legend says that this is the footprint of a giant when he came across the land. Although it is only about 100 meters from the sea, the lake water is not salty, but fresh, serving the needs of production - main activities of the people here.
Location: Hai Thanh ward, city center, Quang Binh province.

III - Top things to do in Dong Hoi 

1 - Enjoying the bustling atmosphere at the night market

Night Market is where culture, music and light are mixed together. The food stalls at the market are designed with an open and airy space and the food is 100% made from natural ingredients in Vietnamese architectural style such as bamboo, neohouzeaua, etc. Coming here, visitors can enjoy local dishes such as vermicelli, spring  rolls, sweet soup, etc., with prices from 10,000 - 20,000 VND ($0.43 - 0.86).

Night market in Dong Hoi city

Dong Hoi night market - Source: Phongnhaexplorer

In addition, the market also has handicraft stalls so tourists can buy souvenirs for their friends and relatives. The outstanding products are those made from bamboo and rattan products, lacquerware, ceramics, etc. The market is also a venue for annual traditional art and cultural activities such as xẩm singing, chầu văn, etc., or colorful fountains and dozens of other fun activities offered by the Everland unit.
Location: Nguyen Van Troi, Hai Dinh ward, Dong Hoi city.

2 - Exploring the culinary

Visiting Dong Hoi Vietnam is also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy delicious dishes, local specialties as well as fresh seafood. Specifically, these are some dishes that visitors should try when coming here:

Seafood in Dong Hoi

Seafood in Dong Hoi (Source: Katie Musial)

Fresh seafood
This popular dish here will certainly surprise visitors by the freshness where most of the seafood is still fresh before being processed. Some dishes are simply processed but very popular with customers when they visit, including:
Scallop with fat onion: The sweet, crispy scallops combined with fried onions and peanuts creates a tasty and fatty broth. When you enjoy it, please do not leave the broth. Price 120,000 - 150,000 VND / kg ($5.17 - 6.47).
Grilled Decapterus: The fragrant, firm and nutritious meat though grilled in charcoal does not lose the flavor and is even more aromatic. When you eat, let’s dip it with fish sauce and herbs. Price is about 120,000 VND / set ($5.17).
A type of seafood with a hard shell which has a deep sweet taste and is slightly crunchy when chewed. Some dishes are made from mussels: grilled mussels with fat onions, mussel soup, etc. The price is about 30,000 - 50,000 VND / set ($1.3 - 2.15).
Roon River’s Blood Cockles: Not only rich in nutrients, but the dish also attracts customers by the sweet taste and the soft uncrushed meat. When being served, the spices mingle together brings an attractive experience. The price is about 150,000-180,000 VND/dish ($6.47 - 7.76).
Tourists also can enjoy snacks or local cakes in Dong Hoi Vietnam such as:  
- Rice dumpling cake:  a kind of cake made from flour, shrimp, and meat. The taste is a combination of the yummy meat broth, the fragrant shrimp and the chewy crust mixed with the sauce, which will surprise visitors. Price 5,000 VND / set ($0.21).
- Quang Hoa brown rice flour pancakes: The highlight of the dish is that instead of rice flour, the crust is made from brown rice flour so it has a characteristic light brown red color. When eating, visitors serve it with raw vegetables, salads and sauces so the sour - sweet taste of the dipping sauce would be mingled with the crispy crust flavor. Price 10,000 VND / person ($0.43). 
Here are some reputable restaurant addresses for visitors to enjoy the delicious dishes:

Heaven restaurant Dong Hoi City

7th Heaven Restaurant - Source: 7th Heaven Restaurant

7th Heaven Restaurant 
This is one of the restaurants serving Vietnamese - Asian - European dishes that are very popular with customers because of its unique and delicious taste. Moreover, the space is also remarkably decorated to give visitors a unique experience.
- Location: No.39 Duong Van An, Dong My, Dong Hoi City
- Food price: 50,000 - 310,000 VND/dish ($2.15 - 13.36)
- Phone: 0944 654 427
Red Pepper Restaurant & Pizzaria
This restaurant is famous for its delicious pizza and steak. Pizza here has a crispy base but still retains the flavor of the filling. Moreover, customers can choose different shapes before ordering.
- Location: No.26 Ho Xuan Huong, Dong My
- Food price: 50,000 - 120,000 VND/dish ($2.15 - 5.17)
- Phone: 093 806 54 79
Chang Chang Restaurant
This restaurant serves Vietnamese dishes bearing bold flavors of the locality. Moreover, the space is designed in an open atmosphere, with the main material of bamboo or neo houzeau, making visitors feel lost in a local’s house, creating familiar and cozy feelings.
- Location: No.200 Tran Hung Dao, Hai Thinh.
- Food price: 50,000 - 350,000 VND / dish ($2.15 - 15.08)
- Phone: 0232 3820 590

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IV - The ways to travel to Dong Hoi Vietnam from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang

Train and flight from Hanoi to Dong Hoi

Train and flight from Hanoi to Dong Hoi (Source: Internet)

1 - Train and flight from Hanoi to Dong Hoi

Flight time is about 1h20min/flight. Departure point: Noi Bai Airport (Phu Minh, Soc Son, Hanoi). Arrival point: Airport (Loc Ninh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh). Average fare: from 600,000 - 1,200,000 VND/way ($25.9 - 51.7), depending on seat class and flight time. Tourists can book tickets directly at the website of the airlines such as: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Bamboo Airways.
Travel time is 10h/trip. Departure point: Hanoi Railway Station (120 Le Duan, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi); Destination: Dong Hoi Train Station (Sub-area 4, city center). Ticket price 230,000 VND/person/way ($9.9). Book tickets directly at the website:

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2 - From Ho Chi Minh to Dong Hoi

The distance between the two destinations is about 1,100km. Most tourists often travel by plane to save time and travel expenses for themselves. Flight time is about 1.5 hours with fares ranging from 600,000 VND/way ($25.86).
Take-off point: Tan Son Nhat Airport - Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Landing point: Dong Hoi Airport - Loc Ninh Commune

3 - From Danang to Dong Hoi

The distance between the two destinations is about 267 kilometers, so visitors can choose to travel by train in order to have a new experience in their travel itinerary. Travel time is about 6 hours/trip with fares ranging from 100,000 - 360,000 VND/ person/way ($4.3 - 15.5) depending on the seater and cabin class. Book online now at
Departure point: Da Nang Railway Station - No.791 Hai Phong, Tam Thuan, Thanh Khe, Da Nang.
Arrival point: Dong Hoi train station 
Due to the short distance, there is currently no airline operating the Danang - Dong Hoi route.

V - Dong Hoi accommodation

The travelling demands increase so the needs for accommodation also increases accordingly. Therefore, the accommodation places in this city are diverse to meet the needs of tourists. Some of the most popular places to stay are:

Dong Hoi hotels

Nam Long Hotel (Source: Agoda)

1 - Dong Hoi hotels

Nam Long Hotel 
The hotel is located in the centre of the residential area, so it brings a sense of familiarity to visitors when they come to visit. They can also watch the daily activities of the local people. Moreover, the hotel is also quite close to other attractions in the city such as Nhat Le Beach - 3.5km, etc.
- Location: No.22 Ho Xuan Huong Street, Dong My, Dong Hoi City.
- Room rate: 200,000 - 300,000 VND/night ($8.6 - 12.93)
- Phone: 0232 3826 926
- Website:
Riverside Hotel Quang Binh 
The hotel possesses a unique and airy riverfront view. The hotel space is designed in a minimalist and cozy style, along with a reception hall, restaurant, etc., luxuriously designed in royal style. Coming here, visitors will feel like getting lost in a miniature "castle".
- Location: No.15 Truong Phap Street, Dong Hoi City
- Room rate: 600,000 - 1,400,000 VND/night ($25.86 - 60.34)
- Phone: 0232 3533 888
- Website:
Nam Long Plus Hotel Dong Hoi
The hotel is designed with a simple architecture but all amenities are ensured. It is surrounded by a residence area so here visitors can easily immerse themselves in the life of the local people. From the terrace of the hotel, guests can enjoy the view of Nhat Le River and small boats close together on the small canal.
- Location: No. 28A, Phan Chu Trinh Street, Dong Hoi City
- Room rate: 100,000 - 130,000 VND/person/night ($4.3 - 5.6)
- Phone: 0232 3826 926
- Website:
Muong Thanh Hotel 
The hotel is built and exploited by Muong Thanh Group with a luxurious, elegant and comfortable architecture. In particular, the hotel owns a large outdoor pool that will bring many interesting experiences to visitors.
- Location: No.119, Truong Phap Street, Hai Thanh, Dong Hoi City
- Room rate: 550,000 - 4,700,000 VND/night ($23.7 - 202.6)
- Phone: 0232 3811 666
- Website:

2 - Dong Hoi resorts

Dong Hoi resorts

Sun Spa Resort Đồng Hới (Source: Booking)

Sun Spa Resort
The resort includes a combination of hotels and villas on a green campus. which offers a relaxing experience for visitors. In particular, the rooms are designed like local houses, simple but cozy. The resort owns an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea, which is very beautiful.
- Location: My Canh, Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi City
- Room rate: 900,000 - 3,000,000 VND/night ($38.79 - 129.31)
- Phone: 0232 384 2999
- Website:
Gold Coast Resort & Spa 
The resort is designed with a green space where there are many trees and a outdoor swimming pool. Hotel space is designed in the style of European royal architecture, luxurious, airy and cozy. The resort is also a suitable place for tourists to watch the sunrise and enjoy the night scenery.
- Location: Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh
- Room rate: 1,100,000 - 5,000,000 VND/night ($47.41 - 215.52)
- Phone: 0232 625 6666
- Website:

3 - Dong Hoi hostels

Dong Hoi hostels

Beachside Backpacker Dong Hoi - Source: Agoda

Beachside Backpackers
The hostel has a very cool sea front view, an interesting place for travelers who love fun activities on the sea and watching the sunrise. Here, there are also many huts next to the sea with the typical leaf roof.
- Location: Truong Phap Street, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh
- Room rate: 100,000 - 125,000 VND/night ($4.3 - 5.3)
- Phone: 0843 242 628
- Website:
Buffalo Pub & Hostel
The homestay is designed based on the traditional house of local people and also has a unique sea and tower view.
- Location: No.4, Nguyen Du Street, Dong Hoi City
- Room rate: 200,000 VND/night ($8.6)
- Phone: 081 373 73 73
- Fanpage:
It can not be denied that this place is one of the most interesting destinations for tourists. Wish you a pleasant stay and a great experience with this beautiful place!

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