Binh Duong Vietnam is famous for Dau Tieng Lake, long-standing handicraft villages, and fruit orchards. Coming here, tourists will experience many interesting activities, as well as immerse themselves in the extremely interesting living and working space of indigenous people.

Table Contents
  • I - Binh Duong overview 
  • 1 - Location
  • 2 - Weather 
  • 3 - Binh Duong map
  • II - Top places to visit
  • 1 - Thien Hau Temple
  • 2 - Dau Tieng Lake 
  • 3 - Phu Cuong Church
  • 4 - Phu An Bamboo Village
  • 5 - Lai Thieu Orchard 
  • 6 - Lacquer Village
  • 7 - Wooden-clog Village
  • 8 - Phu My Golf Course
  • 9 - Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Area 
  • 10 - Thuy Chau Eco-tourism Area 
  • III - Top resorts & hotels 
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Source: Lotussia 

The population of Binh Duong Province is 2,455,865 people (2019). There are about 15 ethnic groups, in which, the King people account for the largest population, followed by the Hoa people, Khmer people,... This province also has an urbanization rate of 80.17% - the highest urbanization rate in Vietnam.

I - An overview of Binh Duong Province

1 - Where is Binh Duong Vietnam?

Binh Duong Vietnam

Saigon to Binh Duong road map - Source: Internet

This is a province in the Southeast of Vietnam, the North borders Binh Phuoc Province, the South borders Ho Chi Minh City, the East borders Dong Nai Province, the West borders Tay Ninh Province, and Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Dau Mot City is the central city of this province. 

2 - How is Binh Duong weather all year round?

Binh Duong province
Khmer people - Source: Qdnd

The weather in Binh Duong is quite pleasant all year round thanks to its relatively flat topography and rich river system. The climate is divided into two seasons: the rainy season (May - November) and the dry season (December - April) with the average annual rainfall being about 1,800 - 2000mm and the average temperature being 26.5oC. The best time to come here is in the dry season. 

3 - Binh Duong map

II - What are the best places to visit in Binh Duong Vietnam? 

This province is an ideal destination for landscape sightseeing. It is famous for many tourist sites, and cultural attractions. Some of the most outstanding attractions in this province can be mentioned as Thien Hau Temple, Dau Tieng Lake, the Dai Nam Tourist Site, Thuy Chau Tourist Site, Lai Thieu Fruit Garden,…

1 - Thien Hau Temple - top attractions in Binh Duong Province 

The entire temple has a unique Chinese-style architecture consisting of three blocks. In front of the temple yard hang 12 large lanterns representing the 12 months of the year and there is a large cauldron. The roof in front of the main hall is covered with yin and yang tiles with embossed embankments, decorated with two dragon paintings, paintings of carp turning into dragons. On both sides are the statues of "Mrs. Moon", the statues of literature mandarins & military mandarins. In Thien Hau Temple in Binh Duong Vietnam, there is a statue of Thien Hau, many statues of other gods, along with many pairs of wood panels written in Chinese characters.

Thien Hau temple Festival is the largest cultural festival and is held annually on the full moon day of January in the lunar month with many attractive events and programs.

- Location: No.4 Nguyen Du Street, Thu Dau Mot City Binh Duong Province Vietnam

2 - Dau Tieng Lake 

Dau Tieng Lake is the largest artificial hydropower lake in Vietnam. It has many large and small oases, clear and blue water with a very romantic scene. Dau Tieng Lake is a nice place to admire the sunset, have a camp, and relax on the boat. 

- Location: the district of Phu Giao and Ben Cat, Binh Duong Vietnam

3 - Phu Cuong Church

Phu Cuong cathedral in Binh Duong
Phu Cuong Cathedral - Source: Giaophanphucuong

Phu Cuong Church is a unique and impressive Gothic style architecture. The glass surface, lines, and stylized motifs are very unique and delicate. The dome and spire are also harmoniously combined, full of the sensuality of a mosque. The inner sanctuary dome is 41m high, and the outer dome is curved, creating the main highlight for the whole church.

- Mass time: 5am, 7am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm on Sunday and 5am, 5:30pm on weekdays

- Location: No.394 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City Binh Duong Province Vietnam

4 - Phu An Bamboo Village

Phu An Bamboo Village Eco-Museum is considered the largest and earliest natural bamboo conservation area in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Phu An Bamboo Village is designed with two independent zones: the bamboo museum and the research area. The bamboo museum (outdoor) performs the task of preserving and preserving. In Phu An Bamboo Village in Binh Duong Province, there are currently over 1,500 bamboo bushes of 17 varieties, with more than 300 samples of bamboo collected throughout the South and the North, accounting for nearly 90% of bamboo varieties in Vietnam, creating a unique collection of green bamboo. In 2010, Phu An Bamboo Village was awarded the Equator Prize by the United Nations for biodiversity, becoming one of only 21 villages in the world to be awarded this award. 

- Location: Phu An Commune, Ben Cat District

5 - Lai Thieu Orchard in Binh Duong Vietnam 

Lai Thieu orchard Binh Duong city
Lai Thieu orchard - Source: Internet

Covering an area of ​​up to 1,200ha, Lai Thieu Orchard spreads over 6 wards  & communes in Thuan An District. From May to August is the best time to visit when the fruits are ripest in Lai Thieu. Free entrance fee, instead, the garden owner will charge for the amount of fruit you pick and the activities you participate in. 

Coming to Lai Thieu Orchards in Binh Duong Province Vietnam, there are abundant of interesting things to do, such as visiting & learning how to grow trees at the fruit garden; experiencing the feeling of sitting on a boat down the water and watching the natural scenery on both sides, hand-harvesting and enjoying fresh tropical fruits such as longan, rambutan, bon bon, jackfruit, durian, and mangosteen… 

Some fruit gardens in Lai Thieu:

- Ba Tam Garden: No.83 Hung Tho Street, Hung Dinh Commune, Thuan An district

- Lai Thieu Fruit Garden 99: No.99 Hung Tho Street, Hung Dinh Commune, Thuan An District.

6 - Lacquer Village

Binh Duong Province is a famous lacquer making place in Vietnam, in which Tuong Binh Hiep Lacquer Village is a recognized national intangible cultural heritage. Formed in the 18th century, through many generations, the Tuong Binh Hiep Lacquer Village still retains the traditional beauty, sophistication and elegance in lacquer products. The craft village produces a variety of lacquer products, from art paintings to lacquer products for use and decoration such as vases, jars, plates, bracelets, boxes...

- Address: Tuong Binh Hiep Ward, Thu Dau Mot City

7 - Wooden-clog Village

Traditional clog craft in Binh Duong has formed and developed up to now for more than 100 years. Cogs here include: carpentry clogs, painted clogs, lacquer clogs. The material for making clogs is usually light porous wood, easy to cut and shape, such as jackfruit, mango, coconut, agarwood, pine, etc.

To make a pair of clogs, you have to go through many stages: sawing blocks of wood from a tree; dividing into small sizes; rough grinding and then shaping the clog; then polishing, sanding and spray-painting; basing and strapping or decorative painting.

- Location: The Wooden-clog Village in Binh Duong Vietnam is mainly located in Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot City and Binh Nham Ward, Thuan An District

8 - Phu My Golf Course

Golf course in Binh Duong Vietnam
Source: Golftimes

Phu My Golf Course - Twin Doves Golf Club is the first golf course in the South of Vietnam established under the operating system "Club exclusively for members" with all excellent services and benefits. That is why the services here are also more worthy.

With a total area of 165 hectares, designed with 3 separate courtyards combined with beautiful natural landscape.

Not only a golf course, this is also a modern resort complex with a system of 5-star hotel, restaurants, conference centers and international standards. 

- Address: No.368 Tran Ngoc Len street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province Vietnam

- Opening hours: 

+ From Monday - Wednesday: 5:20am - 7:20pm

+ From Thursday - Saturday: 5:20am - 11pm; Sunday: 5am  - 8pm

- Contact: (0650) 3 860 333

- Golf charge: from $20 - 135 / person.

9 - Dai Nam Van Hien Tourist Area 

Built-in 1999, this large complex tourist site covers a total area of 710ha. A natural complex is created with sea, lake, river, mountain, walls, temple. The resort and entertainment services offer you lots of fun and interesting experiences. Visiting the open zoo, exploring the artificial sea and amusement park with outdoor games are the best things to do with kids. 

- Address: Hiep An Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Vietnam

- Website:

- Opening hours: 

+ Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

+ Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 6pm

- Contact: (02743) 845 878 

- Ticket price: 

+ Adult: 120,000 - 400,000 VND / combo for 3-12 games ($5.2  - 17.2)

+ Child: 100,000 - 200,000 VND / combo for 3-12 games ($4.3 - 8.6)

10 - Thuy Chau Eco-tourism Area 

Thuy Chau Ecotourism Area is always one of the ideal places for recreational activities  & picnics. With an area of more than 18ha, even though it is just an artificial landscape, forests, rivers and streams, artificial waterfalls at Thuy Chau Eco-tourism Area in Binh Duong Province Vietnam will help you relax and immerse yourself in a fresh natural space. The resort provides a full range of dining and entertainment services such as swimming, camping, and  barbecue parties. 

- Address: 55 DT743C Binh Thang Ward, Di An City

- Contact: 0965 10 15 10 / 0948 447 262

- Website:

III - Top resorts & hotels in Binh Duong Vietnam

The Mira Hotel


The mira Hotel Binh Duong Vietnam
 The Mira Hotel - Source: Themirahote

- Address: No.555B Binh Duong Avenue, Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city

- Room rate: 730,000 - 1,493,000 VND / night ($31.5 - 64.4)

- Contact: 02583 521 000 - 0905 199 831 - 0903 564 090

Phuong Nam Resort

- Address: No.15/12 Vinh Phu Street, Thuan An City

- Room rate: 1,200,000 VND / night ($52)

- Contact: 0274 3785 777 

- Email:

Becamex Hotel Thu Dau Mot


Becamex hotel Binh Duong Vietnam
Becamex Hotel Thu Dau Mot - Source: Agoda

- Address: No.230 Binh Duong Avenue, Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot City

- Room rate: 1,139,000 - 1,042,000VND / night ($44 - 49)

- Contact: (0274)-2221333 

- Email:

 Citadines Central Hotel


Hotel in Binh Duong Vietnam
Citadines Central Hotel - Source: Booking

- Address: No.328C Binh Duong Avenue, Hung Loc Quarter, Hung Dinh Ward, Thu Dau Mot City

- Room rate: 889,000 - 1,050,000VND / night ($38 - 45) 

- Contact: 0274 3799 711 - Email:

Binh Duong Vietnam is an interesting destination that harmoniously combines modern tourist areas and eco-tourism. Hopefully the above Binh Duong tour guide will bring a lot of new information and travel ideas for you.

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